Nana hotel parking lot girls - Nana Hotel Parking Lot Girls — Bangkok Thailand Night Life

4th of June 2013 15

Nana Hotel Parking Lot Girls — Bangkok Thailand Night Life

CLICK link to see Thai girls in the Nana Hotel parking lot.. NaNa Hotel Parking Lot Girls are a large part of the Sukhumvit area …

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15 great comment(s) for this post

  1. voon100 8:03 am 4/06 of 2013

    Would have gone with her @ 0:31. She looks fun.

  2. PiratesPirate1 8:13 am 4/06 of 2013

    “Bpai duay”
    You hear the girls saying those words.
    It means “I go with you.”

  3. kezzmaniamx 8:51 am 4/06 of 2013

    Dude you should have totally picked up the girl offering the massage!

  4. PiratesPirate1 8:51 am 4/06 of 2013

    Nana Hotel has been my favorite pick up spot for 10 years.

  5. jkcrhdy 9:32 am 4/06 of 2013

    I use the Nana Hotel as my fuck Hotel. Look for Lek in hotel lounge, she will take care of all your needs

  6. josh o 10:14 am 4/06 of 2013

    its amazing how many freelancers patrol soi 4 nana. haha :) picked up a few on my last trip in march haha

  7. indiandaeng 10:58 am 4/06 of 2013

    Want a girl to go with you? Pai Doey Gun Mai Krup

  8. indiandaeng 11:27 am 4/06 of 2013

    Nana Hotel Bar and Disco late at night is nice. Street girls better have ID for Hotel to register. Bar girls have recourse at the bar if rip off or problem.

  9. PiratesPirate1 11:36 am 4/06 of 2013

    I recommend the ibis nana hotel on soi nana, same street where
    this video was recorded. Nana plaza , which has three floor levels
    of bars, is just across the street from nana hotel (very old), where
    this video was filmed.

  10. wetluv4 11:49 am 4/06 of 2013

    What kind of camera do you use?

  11. wetluv4 12:40 pm 4/06 of 2013

    I was in Thailand for my first time in Feb, 2013. I stayed in Pattaya. So many girls , so little time. I was there 2 weeks and barely scratched the surface. So many more girls here. How do you pick just one? I will have to stay in Bangkok next time. Can you recommend a hotel?

  12. easymoneynch 12:44 pm 4/06 of 2013

    Good video!

  13. floaterbuoy1 1:25 pm 4/06 of 2013

    So much fun to “talk” to the girls at Nana. I was just there to practice my Thai. Maybe eat a grasshopper or two. Fun entertaining place.

  14. mattcrowson1 2:23 pm 4/06 of 2013


  15. MonsoonPhilly 3:13 pm 4/06 of 2013

    Sweet video. Killer in HD1080. (Pretty girls deserve to be crystal clear :) Thank you.


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