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20th of September 2013 5

New Year 2013 Phuket Patong Beach Thailand

Crazy New Years Eve in Patong. Lots of firework, crazy people, just fun. Too bad that the sound of the camera ist way to compressed. Use your imagination. Th…

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  1. Free-ExpatSurfer 8:35 am 20/09 of 2013

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  2. borromeo50 9:21 am 20/09 of 2013

    @ 3:11… when someone is so sexy, beautiful and exotic, not sure details like gender really matter… Who the heck needs to know you’ve slept with a ladyboy while on vacation??

  3. appasonata2 9:25 am 20/09 of 2013

    اهم شي الاماراتيين loooool

  4. Theer Ra 9:42 am 20/09 of 2013


  5. Kennie MusicLovers 9:57 am 20/09 of 2013

    You got yours stolen…I have 2 friends that lost their wallets ,cellphones and a video camera…..ass luck….the works of Thai bar girls…they onlt screwed up farangs,,,their money with blow jobs…Rememeber…Just Fuck and Forget and Go Home ! don’t believe their stories too much !


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