News from Thailand – April 15, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 15, 2013

Songkran madness 3 News from Thailand April 15, 2013 Bangkok Post pulls today two pagea € ™ s from the hearings on Preah Vihear, which today in The Hague. So there remains little room for other news, perhaps because the editors of the newspaper rather than celebrating Songkran behind their computer typing a story.

– Fewer injuries, fewer accidents but more deaths. That’s three of the so-called â € ~ dangerous daysâ € ™ the score. From Thursday to Saturday, 173 people were killed in traffic and 1526 were injured. Last year there were 144 and 1668 respectively. Two provinces counted most victims: Prachuap Khiri Khan and Kanchanaburi. The total number of deaths and injuries last year was 320 and 3320.

– While Songkran in Bang Sue (Bangkok) was in full swing, was a man among the revelers were killed and seven others injured. There was fired at them by four guys on the motorcycle passed. The fatality, a 25-year old man from Sakon Nakhon, was hit in the head and died on the spot. Among the wounded was a boy of 7 years. The wounded are to Paolo hospital. The police is investigating.

– Teenagers on motorcycle stunts, will face strict police control. Since Songkran Friday began raining complaints on social media on the antisocial behavior of teenagers.

Saturday police arrested 230 teenagers who Sutthisan, Arun Amarin and on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road to the race were. The entered motorcycles have been seized, but after the holidays they are returned. After payment of a fine, though.

– To ensure that universities have to contend with a shortage of teachers with a doctorate, the Ministry of Education over the next 10 years 25,000 scholarships available. The Office of the Higher Education Commission will draw up the criteria, then the government is asked to give the green light. A shortage of qualified teachers is likely because many teachers with a doctorate in the next 10 to 15 years to retire.

– And this best Thailand Blog Readers and â € “readers is all the news that Bangkok Post has to say, at least in the domestic field.

– Finally, two messages from the other English-language newspaper The Nation . A taxi driver, irritated that a drunk passenger was on the point of surrendering his car, the man thrown out of his car, then the two to fight and beat the taxi driver the man in his chest shot. The driver then went away. The police from Bang Sue is looking for him.

– Another incident with a taxi driver. This time it was not shot by the driver, but he is threatened with a firearm. The man had picked up four passengers, one of whom asked what to turn up the air conditioning. That pleased the driver does not, then he them the car dilated. When a passenger made a picture of the car, he pulled a gun out. The picture now circulating on Facebook. According to one of the passengers, the driver said: Go ahead, sue. I’m not worried about. [He should have said it in Thai, I suspect.]

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