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News from Thailand – April 16, 2013

Preah Vihear Court and two delegations News from Thailand April 16, 2013 Cambodia Thailand has accused his troops not to have withdrawn from the area of ​​Hindu temple Preah Vihear.:

argued the Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong yesterday on the first day of the hearing of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Preah Vihear-zaak. addition Namhong accused Thailand of them repeatedly Cambodian positions at and in the vicinity of the temple have been attacked.

The first accusation Cambodia relies on the judgment of the Court in 1962, which was awarded the temple to Cambodia. The Court ordered his soldiers to Thailand to withdraw from the temple and â € ~ € ™ vicinityâ. Cambodia reasons that also display the area of ​​4.6 square kilometers was intended, that is disputed by both countries. But Thailand notes that the Court at that time only the temple to Cambodia upheld and said nothing about the border between the two countries.

An interesting argument that insert Thailand now, is whether it is still reasonable to assume the so-called Dangrek card, a card that the early 20th century by two French officers is drawn. This map locates the temple on Cambodian territory, but contains errors such as the International Training Centre for Aerial Survey in Delft already adopted. According to Thailand, the border conflict is exacerbated when the Court this card continues to use as a reference point. â € ~ inaccuracies and contradictions will undoubtedly arise when that card is projected on a modern map of the existing landschapâ € ™, allows the defense of Thailand.

Soon the history in brief. In 1962, the ICJ rejected the temple to Cambodia to Thailand with the main argument that a long time had not opposed the (buggy) Dangrek card, named after the mountain range which the temple stands. In 2008, UNESCO granted the World Heritage status to the temple. In February 2011, fighting broke between Cambodian and Thai soldiers and Cambodia in April asked the ICJ judgment from 1962 to â € ~ € ™ herinterpreterenâ.

Wednesday and Friday gives a verbal explanation Thailand, Cambodia Thursday comes again to the word. The verdict is expected in six months.

On the picture the Court in session and the two delegations: left Cambodia, Thailand right.

– Border residents and nationalist groups go tomorrow to the Thai-Cambodian border to protest against what they see as the interference of the International Court of Justice in the border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. According to them, the Court has no jurisdiction in the matter to make a statement.

The rally is supported by the Si Sa Asoke community, a border village or group of activists and member of the conservative Buddhist Santi Asoke sect. The residents provide the demonstrators of shelter and food. Santi Asoke played a similar role during the protests of the yellow shirts in 2008, when the Government House was occupied 183 days.

– The number of fatalities after four of the seven dangerous daysâ â € ~ € ™ is Sunday risen to 218 and the number of injured to 2,020. Last year in the first four days 210 persons killed and 2,288 people were injured. There were far fewer accidents rather than last year: 1.897 to 2.134. The two provinces with the highest number of deaths remain unchanged Kanchanaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan (all eleven).

– Three Tunisia «rs, who had come to Thailand for Songkran in their battle to save, saw another chance to skim and debit cards with fake bank accounts to plunder. They would thus have captured 10 million baht, money that is partly used to buy luxury goods and further exchanged for euroâ € ™ s. The police has 70 fake credit cards with PIN seized, 6,000 euros, 134.000 baht and equipment.

– On the beach of Wong Amart North Pattaya yesterday in the body of the 66-year-old Swiss found, who was missing since Sunday. According to his wife, he was swept away by high waves when both were swimming.

– Let Lin Ping for a while in Thailand remain. Apparently the government, as well as many Thai, a fan of the Zoo in Chiang Mai born panda, because that request she made to China. Lin Ping was two pandaâ € ™ s birth, in 2003 for a period of 10 years by the zoo were borrowed. On 27 May, Lin Ping, a private TV channel has [or had, it is not clear to me] 4 years. Then she would have to leave Thailand in October followed by her parents. The zoo will also take longer.

– Two officials by drunken revelers yesterday in Muang (Chiang Mai) was beaten. The officials, who with others campaign against alcohol abuse conducted, by their assailants lured an alley where she received a beating.

– Between Thursday and Sunday, 142 persons were arrested for violation of the alcohol policy, says Porntep Siriwanarangsun, head of the Department of Disease Control. Most of the arrests took place on Silom and Khao San in Bangkok. Alcohol was sold by teenagers, but they were not in possession of a license.

– The pressure on the government increases to the National Savings Fund established by law in operation. The law was already in 2011 during the reign Abhisit adopted, but the current government falls. People working in the informal sector through the fund’s pension. A network [no name] insists in a letter to Prime Minister Yingluck and Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) to the fund immediately activate. That was in May last year to happen.

– The proposal of the municipal police of Bangkok to the closing time of entertainment to extend to four hours, do not get all hands on each other. The Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB), this proposal to the Ministry of Interior. The proposal anticipates the launch of the Asean Economic Community the end of 2015. The extended hours, more tourists and foreigners to Thailand to Bangkok and special features.

A bar owner in Din Daeng says: â € ~ If my bar can remain open until 4 am, I can earn more money for my family and employees voeden.â € ™ Another bar owner does not, however, that many difference, he is not going to stay open longer. Most customers usually go home at 2 am, he said.

Surasit Sinlapa-ngam, director of the Donâ € ™ t Drive Drunk Foundation, is against renewal. Bars and nightclubs are according to him at a reasonable time to close to traffic accidents and to help reduce crime. â € ~ After the start of the AEC, there are plenty of other ways to welcome foreigners and tourists. A better approach is to improve Thailandâ € ™ s tourist attractions and promoting Thai cultuur.â € ™

Stand Beel Jit Bhumisak and creator Sunti Pichetchaiyakul 162x300 News from Thailand April 16, 2013 – On May 5, the statue unveiled the socialist intellectual Jit Bhumisak. It will be placed at the site in Ban Nong Kung (Sakon Nakhon), where he was on 5 May 1966 by villagers was shot. The statue is an initiative of the Jit Bhumisak Foundation.

Jit â € ~ s (1930) famous work is Chom After Sakdina Thai (The Real Face of Thai Feudalism), a Marxist history of the Thai society. In 1957 he was arrested. He spent six years in prison in 1965 and was a member of the Communist Party of Thailand. When he was 35 years old, an angry mob killed him and put his body on fire. Links georià «oriented Thai compare him with Che Guevara.

In the picture the bronze statue and sculptor Sunti Pichetchaiyakul.

– PCC Development and Construction Co., the contractor responsible for the construction of 396 police stations, threatening to administrative court, when the National Police Office breaks the contract with her. According to a consultant of PCC, the company contractually entitled to an extension of 600 days.

to the procurement and construction does the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) research. The construction was stopped last year because the subcontractors to whom the work was outsourced, were not paid. The DSI suspects the Contractor of fraud and obfuscation.

– Within two months takes place the tender for the purchase of 3,183 buses for the municipal transport from Bangkok (BMTA owned). The buses will run on NGV (natural gas for vehicles, natural gas), so the fuel costs of the heavily loss-making BMTA-run decline. According to observers is not clear whether the government’s budget allocated also provides maintenance and repair costs. The Ministry of Transport says that the process is transparent and that no detail is hidden.

Economic News

– Taiwan expects that the number of Thai tourists this year will increase by 10 percent to 107,483 against 97,712 last year. Recently the Taiwan Tourism Bureau organized a trip for 38 travel agents and the media. This kind of â € ~ € ™ familiarisation tripsâ will also be organized for Malaysia «, Vietnam and Australia” and all that to attract more tourists.


Charoen Wangananont, consultant and former president of the Thai Travel Agents Association, made twenty years ago tourism growing strongly, but it started the last 10 years to sink the island because his focus shifted to industrial « le development.

Now the damage will overtake Taiwan (under the slogan Time for Taiwan) are much improved tourist destinations and see Thai travel agents there again bread in order to sell package tours to Taiwan. To Thai tempt to travel to the island, Taiwan should vooral tourist products such as shopping destinations and promote temples to join the Thai lifestyle.

– It will be at least 3 years before the insurance for natural disasters back to the old level of the floods in 2011. After the flood, they shot up to 12 to 15 percent because insurers had lost their confidence in the anti-flood systems of Thailand.

Meanwhile premiums dropped to 1 percent of the sum insured in areas with a low risk, 2-3 percent for areas that are flooded and more than 3 percent for the provinces of Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom and Bangkok , the five provinces hardest hit. Before the floods, contributions 0.5 percent for households, 1 percent for small and medium businesses and 1.25 percent for large firms.

In 2011, about 150 million rai of land flooded and 12 million people were affected. The World Bank estimated the damage at 1.44 trillion baht. In March 2012 put Thailand National Catastrophe Insurance Fund, but its role is not clear to me from the article. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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