News from Thailand – April 18, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 18, 2013

Preah Vihear South Isan Land Protection Network 2 300x200 News from Thailand April 18, 2013 If Colonel Sanya Kiatsarn keeps his word, waving Thai flag on a hill in the disputed 4.6 square kilometers at Hindu temple Preah Vihear .:

The protesters, who yesterday wanted to enter the area (see the message â € ~ Preah Vihear in The Hague: Thailand beats terugâ € ™), handed the flag to Sanya, second commander of the task force of the Second Army Corps Suranee , with the request to place as a symbolic gesture that the area belongs to Thailand the flag. Sanya promised.

Suriyasai Katasila, copulation ¶ Coordinator of the Green Politics Group, criticizes the government on his Facebook page that the protesters were stopped. According to him, Cambodia now argue that the area Cambodian territory because Thais are stopped from entering the area. Secondly, its population encouraged Cambodia to establish, without any opposition from Thailand.

in the border area

The situation at the border is as normal and military reinforcements have not been reported.

– is also demonstrated elsewhere. When Lam Ta Klong reservoir in Nakhon Ratchasima since April 9 by the Thai Patriots Network. The protesters fight the jurisdiction of the ICJ in the case and say the 4.6 square kilometers Thai territory.

Rally leader Chaiwat Sinsuwong calls on the government to withdraw. the hearing in The Hague back According to him, 1.5 million people have already put their names to a petition objecting to the hearing. The network is planning to go to the Government to set up.

under pressure to Bangkok

– The Navy has Tuesday 455 tourists from the island of Koh Ta Chai met who could not return because of the storm. The patrol vessel HTMS Pattani they are brought back to the coast of Khura Buri (Phangnga), because the ferry was discontinued. Also, 28 tourists and divers rescued after their boat â € ™ in the afternoon for the island had capsized and sunk.

Hat Jao Mai National Park in Trang has closed its beaches. The park is located in the district of Si Kao and consists of several islands and beaches, as Pakmeng Beach, Hat Yao (Long Beach), Koh Mook, Koh Kradan, Koh Wan and Koh Chuek and Morakot Cave.

The Meteorological Department has warned of heavy rains in the southern part of the Central Plains, East and upper South. Waves 2 feet crashing on the coast of parts of the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea. Songkhla should beware of landslides and floods.

– The image remains unchanged after six of the seven so-called â € ~ dangerous daysa € ™ is the number of fatalities slightly above that of last year and the number of victims is less. From 11 to 16 April were 285 people die in traffic (previous year 282) and 2,783 people were injured (3,059). The Roi Et province has moved to the provinces with the most fatalities: eleven persons came to life, as in Kanchanaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan


– The bomb blast in Boston for the municipality Bangkok (BMA) reason for the surveillance in places where many tourists come to sharpen. This applies, for Sanam Luang, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Siam Paragon and the Royal Pavilion Nahajetsadabadin.

Not only does the BMA those places with bewakingscameraâ € ™ s better in the holes, but the police are instructed to tighten security. The U.S. embassy and consulate received additional monitoring.

Spokesman Dithaporn Sasasamit of the Internal Security Operations Command (known as ISOC) says Isoc will analyze what the U.S. has done. following the explosions The U.S. method could be applied, in the South of Thailand it.


– Two weeks she lay in a coma, died yesterday, the three-year old toddler, who five hours in a hot school van was abandoned by staff at a kindergarten in Samut Prakan. She was swollen brain hospitalized. The police, the two teachers that the child left behind, continue.

– An alleged drug trafficker was yesterday at Rangsit University shot in an undercover operation by the police. When the agent, posing as a buyer, his identity was known, the dealer pulled a gun appeared, but the agent was not a little faster.

car sat apart from the dealer, two students, but were not injured. They are heard by the police. According to the two they had nothing to do with drug trafficking, but the man had given them a lift to the dormitory.

– The school uniform can be expensive, says the Department of Internal Trade, which provides for that the increase in the minimum wage as explanation. Next week the department consults with sellers of school uniforms. The rate is unchanged. For a long time The Ministry of Education provides cheap uniforms to students from poor families.

– At the age of 83 is Srifa Mahawan deceased, author of, among other Khao Nok Na (Outside the Rice Paddy) and Prasart Mued (Dark Castle). The author used several pseudonyms, such Srifa Ladawan, Chun Lada Phakdiphumin and Seefa. Who used them for novels about social injustices. In 1961 Mahawan given the title National Artist.

– Until the end of the year a bus ticket on the route and Ratchapruek Sathorn in Bangkok Thonburi does not cost 10 baht only 5 baht. The reduction is one of the election promises of the re-elected governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra. The aim is to entice the car for the bus exchange.


in 2010 was already a similar test done and when the number of passengers rose to 20,000 per day, but after Bea «termination of the trial dropped to 16,000.

– In a pileup on Phahon Yothin Road (Bangkok), six people were injured. Seventeen vehicles popped on each other due to the heavy rain and slippery road surface. The traffic became congested partment time. EA © n bus driver was trapped, rescue workers used heavy equipment to free

the man.

– Contractor PCC and the Royal Thai Police do against each declaration. The contractor because the contract for the construction of 396 police stations will end at «terminated and the police because the contractor has defaulted the agencies to deliver in time. Last year laid the subcontractors work quietly because they were not paid. ZOA € ™ s 12 percent of the work is not done.

The contractor alleges that the police have released too late to construction sites, the police would have been too slow to pay. The Department of Special Investigation does the research case, suspects the Contractor of fraud and price increases.

– Saturday the parliament in recess until August. Pheu Thai Party government yesterday decided to treat the amnesty proposals Worachai (one of eight proposals submitted by red shirt MPs led by Worachai Hema) accelerated or when parliament meets again. During the PT meeting former Prime Minister Thaksin spoke via Skype to the present and we can guess what he said.

The proposal provides amnesty for all persons between September 2006 (military coup) and May 2011 (end of red shirt protests) for political offenses are sued or put in prison. The other seven proposals not be provisionally discussion. Worachai says his proposal aims to help those who are already caught three years.

innocent people

– 67 percent of respondents in a poll by Deep South Watch and the Centre for Conflict Studies and Cultural Diversity has confidence in the peace talks between Thailand and BRN rebel group, which started last month. 871 persons were interviewed in 187 sub-districts in the South, which may be considered for parties.


of the survey show that the southerners are more concerned about drugs and unemployment.

– Miscommunication and lack of cooperation more difficult to combat violence in the South, says Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung. He said this yesterday after his first visit to the region last week. According to Chalerm, many officials in confusion about the chain of command.


last year opened a new command center in Bangkok for operations in the South coà ¶ ordinate. The opposition protested against it at the time because the center the work of other services another thinly would redo. But according to the central government would just lead to more efficiency «variance and promote unity among the different services.

But even Chalerm must admit that this goal has not been reached. Services still working at cross purposes. â € ~ The center has failed to create unity «run. But if this problem is solved, the situation improves. The center can still be an effective coà ¶ Coordinator for security functioneren.â € ™

– The enrollment of new students in vocational training remains below the target. For vocational certificate level 148 223 candidates have signed up and the higher vocational certificate level 66 464. The target was 188 956 and 128 687 students respectively. The Office of the Vocational Education Commission (Ovec) has following the disappointing notification called the population to change its stance. Appeal against slop pipes End of this month is a late registration place.

Figures from Ovec show that 16 percent of the 400,000 students their studies for various reasons has ceased as a negative attitude towards technical schools, financial «le problems and a personal distaste for courses in 2012. The first year has most dropouts. [NB The latter is no different in the Netherlands.]

– A new Department of Rail Transport (DRT) will take over the responsibilities of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) in the field of investment and regulation. This was presented yesterday at a meeting at the Ministry of Transport. The SRT would only trains may continue to drive and track construction.

new construction reduces the debt burden of the SRT, because the SRT do not need to cough. longer investment The DRT, the SRT hire railroads to build. The technical staff of the SRT, ZOA € ™ s thousand men, remains employed by the SRT and is not transferred to the DRT. According Wichean Potephosree, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, it takes a year to set up.

the DRT

Economic News

Took jai 300x199 News from Thailand April 18, 2013 – Of the six to seven thousand stores participating in the so-called Took Jai – program, there remain about 4600 probably now the government removes the monthly subsidy of 9,000 baht. A problem for the stores is that they are now on the products that are sold through the program should pick up at one of the 58 Makro Stores.


Took Jai (not to be confused with the Blue Flag program that operates through grants) was early last year by the government isolated introduced to reduce the cost of for people to soften. living on low incomes Retailers who participate, have a corner in their store with ZOA € ™ s 20 products: rice, eggs, cooking oil, sugar, etc., in short, the daily necessities. They are sold at prices 20 percent below the retail price.

Though the government stops the subsidy totaling 1.32 billion baht a year, do not stop there. program The Public Warehouse Organization (PWO) takes over, what is obvious, because the Took Jai stores are a great distribution channel for the packaged rice PWO. Last year the PWO sold through this channel 600,000 to 700,000 tons, a gain of 200 to 300 million baht.

Trantip Thumrongchot, a grocery in Ekamai has probably stop it. Self pick up the ordered goods can be tricky, as they did not for the staff. But even without the Took Jai products she goes through, although it does provide an additional revenue of 20 percent. Finally, her shop has been around 40 years. She says it wants to upgrade and renovate so they come on the same level as the 7-Eleven.


– Thai companies do not be wise to borrow in overseas markets, a lot of money taking advantage of low interest rates, says governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul of the Bank of Thailand. More and more medium and large companies that done, lured by rentarieven against the 0 percent to lie in recent months. But if they cost the inclusion of currency protection and the risk of changes in the exchange rate, they could borrow, as well as domestic sure the baht weakened, says Prasarn.

the destination of foreign capital has recently been a shift. At the beginning of 2012 [an error to the newspaper, because of the strong appreciation dates from this year] went to short stocks, causing the price of the baht rose. Now foreign investors focus more on long-term shares with terms of four years. Most new investors are pension funds. They choose Thai equities because they assess the Thai economy as attractive instead of being on short-term profits. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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