Na ranong gathering 2013 - News from Thailand – April 20, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 20, 2013

minivan News from Thailand April 20 2013 The installation of radio frequency identification (RFID) on motorways and toll roads, the number of violations of the speed limit by minibuses significantly reduced, says the Department of Land Transport (DLT). In the first month, after the equipment was installed, the number of violations was 800, but then dropped it to 100 Ã 200 per month.

DLT writes that decrease to the heavy fines handed out. Drivers who went for the first time in error, were fined 5,000 baht, 10,000 baht recidivists and 10 vans repealed the authorization. Moreover, the drivers through a concession by the BMTA-run (municipality Bangkok) or the Transport Co. drive, another received an additional fine. Between April 1 last year and 17 March 3562 drivers caught speeding and 1,148 have been fined.

The DLT accidents are often the result of the poor state of the road and the van. Roads with sharp turns and dangerous intersections are a problem for inexperienced drivers and poorly maintained buses can easily cause an accident.

transport authorities are trying to improve by placing warning signs and â € “lights and the installation of guardrails and crash breakers at dangerous spots on roads and elevated highways.

road conditions

– The Constitutional Court says to take, which protested against the amendment of Article 68 of the Constitution a petition pending jurisdiction. The Court has been accused of interfering with the legislative process, but the Court sees it differently.

The case revolves around the legislative proposals currently before parliament, to change. 4 articles of the constitution Article 68 provides that citizens can submit. Directly to the Court a complaint Government Pheu Thai Party want to slide between the Attorney General.

The petition asks to review. senator Somchai Sawaengkarn the Court the legality of the amendment Pheu Thai MPs and senators have issued a statement Thursday in which they disapprove the decision of the Court to take the petition into consideration. A legal team of the party considers whether the Court can be sued for abuse of its powers. The parliamentarians «rs and senators will also try to challenge.

the judges of the Court

– There is no doubt who drags tomorrow midterm elections in three constituencies of Chiang Mai the parliamentary seat in the waiting. And the winner is undoubtedly Yaowapa Wongsawat, ruling party candidate for Pheu Thai and sister of former Prime Minister Thaksin. Moreover, she comes from San Kamphaeng, one of the three (political) constituency districts 3, and she is also a favorite in Doi Saket. They expected to win a majority of ZOA € ™ s one hundred thousand votes.

Yaowapa had to run (at least in public) because they had a political ban of five years when Thaksinâ € ™ s Thai Rak Thai party was disbanded for electoral fraud. with its political thumbs 5 years She follows Kasem Nimmonrat, who due to health would have given up his seat. But political observers think that he has given for Yaowapa his seat so that they can be prepared to follow her sister Yingluck Yingluck was for one reason or another to abandon the field.

Kasem followed in June last year in mid-term elections on Chinnicha Wongsawat, a daughter of Yaowapa. Chinnicha then had to resign because she had done.

a false declaration of assets

Detective Yarang 300x187 News from Thailand April 20 2013 – A police detective yesterday in Yarang (Pattani) shot while he was on gathering information. He was in his car attacked by four men on two motorcycles. The car of the victim then collided adrift against a tree.

district Thung Yang Daeng (also Pattani) was a former 45-year-old village head shot. Police found his body at a mosque, where he was headed. Two men on a motorcycle took him under fire.

district Bannang Sata militants opened fire on a military outpost. One soldier was slightly injured. The post with eight soldiers were under fire from a rubber plantation opposite the post. After a firefight ZOA € ™ s 10 minutes the attackers fled.

– The houseboats in the Sakae Krang River in Muang (Uthai Thani) no longer float. There is so little water in the river that the houseboats are now on the banks of the river. The low water level is a disaster for the residents, who are from fishing.

dependent for their livelihood

– The head of Kaeng Krachan National Park, the Department of Special Investigation (FBI Thai) asked to investigate the shot elephants in the park an investigation. Chaiwat Limlikhit-aksorn suspect that senior officials stateless people pay to shoot elephants so they can sell.

the body parts on the black market

Two weeks ago, in the park a pregnant elephant found dead. The chest of the animal was removed. The discovery of the animal was for the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation reason to set up research into the functioning of Chaiwat.

a commission

Kasetsart University yesterday held a seminar entitled â € ~ Who Killed the Kaeng Krachan Elephants? â € ™. Since park head Chaiwat in 2008 was, six elephants slain;. The past two months two

– Two pockets with human body parts are found Thursday in a dry channel Manorom (Chai Nat). Residents who had seen a dog with a body in its beak, warned the police. The head of the victim was not found. Possibly it is a foreigner, but police have not confirmed that.

– The value and appeal of Thai natural textiles can be done by applying a nanotechnology coating significantly increase, says the Ministry of Science and Technology. To promote it, the Ministry through the National Nanotechnology Centre â € ™ s land opens first coating center. It is located in Phrae Technical College.

no coincidence there, because the Phrae province is known for its indigo blue mor hom fabrics and shirts. However, the color fades easily and the tissue is not very durable. A nano-surface gives the fabric a silky effect, makes it somewhat water resistant and has anti-bacterial «le and anti-fungal properties. The coating survives 20 washes.

– For the first time in eight years, the BTS ticket expensive. Now takes a ride on the overground metro average of 24 baht. With how much the fare is raised is not yet known, but the maximum is from 40 to 56 baht.

Finance news

â € “The bullet is through the church. Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) has finally admitted that he Prasarn Trairatvorakul governor of the Bank of Thailand has lost rather than rich.

The reason has long been an open secret: the central bank refuses called policy rate to reduce fear to fuel inflation. Kittiratt wants policy rate or lowering , because he feels the hot breath on his neck exporters who complain about the expensive baht. Moreover, the growth forecast of the Ministry of Finance «n in danger. According to the minister would reduce interest rates put an end to the influx of foreign capital, which he considers responsible for the rise.

Economists and former finance minister «n fight Korn Chatikavanij Kittirattâ € ™ s vision. Even if the interest rate should decline, foreign capital inflows remains the country, because that goes largely to the equity and equity market. According to Korn, the Thai policy rate not extremely high. â € ~ Many other countries in the region have higher rates policy than Thailand. A reduction in the policy rate is not the solution to the appreciation of the bahtâ € ™, he.


Kittiratt does all longer every effort monetary policy of the central bank to influence. At present the policy rate (which the banks derive their interest rates) 2.75 percent, the minister wants to get from one percent. In financial «le circles Kittirattâ € ™ s political interference rejected. Moreover, it is not even easy to dismiss. Governor of the central bank That is only possible if he violates the law or is guilty of misconduct or gross negligence.

Kittiratt made his controversial «le verdict Thursday during a discussion with Korn on Thailand’s future economy. Prasarn was unavailable for comment. He was appointed in 2010 for a term of 5 years,

– Thailandâ € ™ s car production and â € “was not disappointing sales in March. Production increased by 34.3 percent year on year and sales by 14.4 percent. In March 256 231 autoâ € ™ s rolled off the assembly line and the first three months of this year 721 460, 44.5 percent more than the same period last year. In March, 156 951 autoâ € ™ s domestic sold and 102 742 were isolated «exported.

– The figures are not final, because some farmers have their rice even though the deadline of submitting the mortgage system for the main harvest was on 31 March. Until April 4 is 13.402 million tons of rice handed which 185.83 billion baht, paid by the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, the system for financing.

the main harvest an amount of 240 billion baht set aside for 15 million tonnes of paddy (brown rice). Expected to buy the government of the second harvest 7 million tonnes at a cost of 105 billion baht. Earlier this month it started.

The government is afraid that will be because farmers irrigated in ten provinces in isolated areas in lower central Thailand three harvests. over budget Presumably, the third pick by the end of September of the country, when the mortgage system ends. There is also some concern about farmers who change the name of the tenant of the rice field and thus abuse the mortgage system.

– The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) is concerned about the planned construction of four high-speed lines. It asks whether there is enough passengers and is concerned about the subsidy burden, the government will have to bear. Of the total amount of 2 billion baht that the government wants to borrow the next seven years is 900 billion baht for the high-speed lines. The rest of the amount is earmarked for regular railways, seaports, roads and customs posts.

TDRI believes that parliament needs more powers to control expenditure. Also calls for the disclosure of details of the planned projects, feasibility studies and audits will be done afterwards. For à © partement of the four planned lines is a feasibility study already started.

– The great economic profit is the construction of high-speed lines worth, say Minister Chad Chat Sittipunt (Transport) in response to a warning from the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) (see post above). Thursday said TDRI researcher Sumet Ongkittikul that the high-speed lines will never be.

cover costs

This concern is shared by Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n). Kittiratt the National Economic and Social Development Board asked to make. A cost benefit analysis If the construction is not worth the investment, the government had better fund other projects, says Kittiratt.

But his colleague Chad Chat thinks otherwise. The government has announced its intention to build, those lines in parliament so they are obliged to do so. Chad Chat notes that are the proceeds of the ticket sales. Never covered the cost of railways But the construction of railways leading to urbanization, the development of business and residential communities and jobs, making the tax revenues of the government increase. â € ~ The economic benefits are much greater than the proceeds from the kaartverkoop.â € ™


Sumet lead the high-speed lines to a huge debt. High-speed lines elsewhere in the world to carry the first year at least 3 million passengers, would any prospect of cost recovery are. But the lines that the government wants to build, at least 9 million passengers withdraw because of the high construction costs, warns Sumet. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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