News from Thailand – April 25, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 25, 2013

protest against interrogation tadika teacher 300x159 News from Thailand April 25 2013

Protest against detention and interrogation of tadika teacher.

help Indonesia “is invoked in the peace talks between Thailand and rebel group BRN. The Thai delegation Paradorn Pattanatabut, Secretary-General of the National Security Council, has sent a representative to Jakarta to discuss.

the idea

The meetings take place all under the watchful eye of Malaysia «; expansion with Indonesia« is desirable because southern insurgents are trained

presumably in that country.

Monday is the second peace meeting in Kuala Lumpur instead. The number of negotiators on both sides is extended from five to nine. The Thai delegation will strengthen officials of Justice. Members of the Wadah group, which Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung (responsible for security in the South) advise, there are not part of it.

Thailand and Revolusi Barisan Nasional (BRN) in February reached an agreement in principle. Last month, the first meeting took place. According Paradorn other rebel groups did not oppose the peace talks, but what they want their local representatives participate.

– ZOA € ™ s three hundred tadika (kindergarten) teachers and young people demonstrated yesterday in Yala Central Mosque. They demanded the release of Fatimoh Sohman. The 23-year-tadika teacher has been arrested for questioning because her cell phone on January 22, a bomb in Khok Po (Pattani) has been detonated. Her brother has been arrested for questioning. The protesters wanted to offer a petition to the Internal Security Operations Command in Pattani, but they retreated when the locals confronted them with signs that read â € ~ No violenceâ € ™.

Narathiwat yesterday a 28-year-old man arrested. He is suspected of the robbery of a couple on April 1 in Rueso. Ten men then converted a fake checkpoint and kept the couple. The pickup was found four days later in tambom Reang. The man denied any involvement.

GT 200 200x160 News from Thailand April 25 2013 – The conviction of James McCormick in London gets a tail in Thailand. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is considering to do against the Thai services a GT200 or Alpha bought. 6 bomdetector his company Comstrac Co. via Thai agencies declaration Detectors which have long been established that they do not work better than a divining rod.

McCormick has been able to sell, including Pakistan, Lebanon, Mexico and Thailand. device in many countries He earned an estimated 50 million pounds it. The company would have paid in Iraq, where a senior official on trial.


is likely that in Thailand bribes are paid and that the NACC trying to find out. all power With 13 services 1358 bomdetectoren worth 1,137 billion baht purchased.

– The protest against the new rural doctors P4P reward (pay for performance) is entering a new phase, as the Rural Doctors Society (RDS) has accused the Minister of Health Pradit Sinthawanarong now corruption. The minister would have introduced to favor.

private hospitals business system

RDS reasons as follows: The new system doctors leave the public health care, private hospitals which have a wider choice to select medical personnel. [You just have come up.]

RDS also investigates the provision of blood glucose meters to village health volunteers. The supplier of the 80,000 meters have a monopoly because it delivers the strips needed. The RDS will transfer the results of its investigation to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The union of the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) has joined the protest of rural doctors. The union is angry with the Minister because of his comments about alleged corruption in the construction of the vaccine factory in Saraburi GPO. â € ~ Pradita € ™ s indiscretion has the reputation of the GPO ruined. He should have waited before commenting leveren.â € ™

on the results of the study

The Department of Special Investigation (FBI Thai) is currently investigating the construction. The RDS says that the research aims to bring into disrepute the GPO so that private pharmaceutical companies market the drug can take over.

Meanwhile, the Minister aware of any harm. â € ~ Our health policy is transparent. The P4P system is a fair solution for medical professionals. It increases the efficiency «variance by encouraging the staff as well as possible werken.â € ™

– For the third day red shirts yesterday demonstrated for the Constitutional Court. They demand the departure of the nine judges because they interfere with the legislative process. The protesters today go to the Budget Office with the request to freeze. The salary of the judges They also collect signatures for a petition to the National Anti-Corruption Commission, asking to turn off. Judges Police have 150 officers deployed to keep.

the order

– flares, which are not of those little ones – they are afraid fai â € “and that also applies to aviation lanterns can hinder and even put at risk. Recently reached a flare in Udon Thani an altitude of 3,600 meters and near an airport. In Ubon Ratchatani a rocket took 2,700 meters, also at an airport.

Highly dangerous and forbidden, because flares should not be launched within a radius of 8 kilometers to the airport and they can not get higher than 1,500 meters. On offense, warns the Ministry of Transport, is life imprisonment or the death penalty. Lanterns for a radius of 6 kilometers and a ban on them to. 21 hours Local authorities have three days in advance to inform you that flares will be fired or lanterns are being posted.


– An army officer who wishes to remain anonymous [Sissy] sees nothing wrong in striking and stairs of recruits to get them in line. â € ~ It is impossible to speak softly to them and treat them as son them. This is a military camp. We prepare soldiers for deadly situaties.â € ™

The officer said this in response to the videoâ € ™ s of abuse that have recently surfaced and to stop this hazing practices.’s call empty revel contender Prayuth Chan-ocha an end Nevertheless, the man says that the trainers in the video too long continued pedaling.

– The Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions Division of the Supreme Court makes a start with the case of loans totaling 9.9 billion baht, concluded with the State Bank Krung Thai. Those loans were issued to a person who was registered as a defaulter. Involved, a total of 27 people, including former Prime Minister Thaksin and the KTB president, accused of malfeasance , corruption and violation of financial «le legislation.

– In a rubber plantation in Kalasin is a human skeleton found that could date back to the Iron Age. When the skeleton was found pottery dating back to that time, says the Fine Arts Department. There are also jewelry found. There may be more skeletons in the plantation at the time.

Political News

– The rule that spouses, parents or children of MPs and ministers should not take the Senate seat can expire, says the parliamentary committee to look into the proposal to amend Article 115 of the Constitution. The rule was included in the 1997 Constitution, not coincidentally after the military coup of 1996. According to critics, the principle of â € ~ checks and balancesâ € ™ inflicted violence, when the rule expires.

parliament approved all proposals first term good to change. 4 Constitution Articles When it comes back in August recess, the treatment is continued.

– is again sharply by squabbling politicians, although Parliament is in recess. 128 MPs, the Democratic chairman of the Senate asked Somsak Kiatsuranont, Speaker of the House of Representatives, to deprive his status. Member of Parliament Somsak would during a vote on the proposals to amend the Constitution made.

a procedural error

After the signatures are verified senate president sends the request by the National Anti-Corruption Commission. And who sends it, if approved, back to the Senate so that impeachment can begin. [Thai polici have nothing better to do than constantly thwart each other?]

Economic news

– Who the telephone number 1188 of Yellow Pages turn, ends up in jail. Rather, the lady on the other end of the line can be a female detainee. She is in the call center Tele Info Media, based in the Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts in Pathum Thani.

Teleinfo is the first private company that uses prisoners. The project aims to create jobs for prisoners «run. This is done in the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The collaborators can after their time is up, apply for a permanent job.

The company pays a monthly salary of 10,000 baht, half of which goes to the inmate, 35 percent to 15 percent to the prison and the prison guards. A total of 600 persons in information and reservation number. Working [How many prisoners in the call center, indicate the message.]

– The Industrial Works Department calls on the industry to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills is discharged. Although the trend is in the right direction, but the service is still not satisfied.

Between 2006 and 2009 went annually 7 to 10 percent of the industrial waste to landfill in 2010 and 5 percent in 2011, but last year was always paid more than 1 million tons. The service is targeting 200,000 to 500,000 tonnes per year.

The service has launched a project to encourage people to reduce or reuse. waste waste plants Last year received 28 of the 54 companies participating in the project an award because they drained nothing to landfills. This mainly paper and ceramic factories. Many factories in the paper, ethanol and sugar industries «n use their waste as an energy source, some have built power plants to generate


Thailand produces 40 million tons of industrial waste per year, of which 20 million tonnes is made up of scrap metal, paper and wood that is bought and sold in the market. Phongtheb Jaruampornparn, Secretary-General of the IWD says not to deny that many companies waste the waste illegal dumping, especially in provinces such as Samut Prakan, Rayong, Chachoengsao, Prachin Buri and Chon Buri.

– Chinatown gets early next year a new hospital with 59 beds. Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Plc (BGH), are two old buildings to renovate Yaowarat soi 5. Thailandâ € ™ s largest hospital group gambles on wealthy ethnic Chinese and Indians «rs and provides a promising operation given the relatively high purchasing power of Chinese people. The hospital also serves as a test before the group its wings tilts toward China.

– Thai companies are getting for mergers and acquisitions (M & Aâ € ™ s) as a springboard to growth difficult warm. This is evident from the Grand Thornton International Business Report. Globally, nearly 28 percent of companies in the next three years looking to expand, either domestically or abroad, but in Thailand is that only 11 percent â € “also far below the average of 23 percent of the ASEAN countries. Of the 44 countries surveyed are only Estonia, Taiwan and Japan under Thailand.

Furthermore the study shows that only 3 percent of the Thai business expects to sell. their business over the next three years Only Lithuania scored lower. The average for Asean is 9 percent and 8 percent of all businesses.

Director Ian Pascoe of Grant Thornton Thailand says M & Aâ € ™ sa good strategy for growth and expansion. He is given the strong economic growth in Thailand, ASEAN and Asia «worrying that so few Thai companies M & Aâ € ™ s consider as an option for strategic growth.

Many companies, he says, have huge cash reserves that yield little or no return. Business owners would do well to look across borders, especially to emerging markets, to look for growth opportunities. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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