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News from Thailand – April 26, 2013

Within two weeks get 15 provinces, which suffer from a prolonged drought, a total of 22,800 water tanks of 2,000 liters each. The Government has therefore allocated 300 million baht.

Plodprasop Suraswadi tank with 300x199 News from Thailand April 26 2013 Yesterday Minister Plodprasop just wanted to demonstrate that the tanks do not get broken. He would show that you do not even came through the wall with an electric drill, but demonstration failed miserably, as the picture shows.

– Negotiations for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership start next month in Brunei. Negotiators from sixteen Asian countries stabbing than five days together to determine. Heads the scope of the discussions in the field of goods, services and investment The idea is that a free trade agreement is one of the worldâ € ™ s largest trading blocs.


The Partnership is the Asian response to a U.S. initiative to conclude a dozen countries in Asia «except China. FTA off The Partnership includes the countries Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia «, Laos, Malaysia«, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam, as well as the six main trading partners of these countries, which already exist separate trade agreements: China, Japan , South Korea, Australia «, New Zealand and India.

participating countries live 3.3 billion people, accounting for one third of world trade. Asian FTA gets a smaller size than the American Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This includes rules on intellectual property, reform of public enterprises and regulatory standards . â € ~ It is no gold standard overeenkomstâ € ™ says Sanchita Basu Das of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. Seven of the Partnership countries also talk to the U.S. participation in the TPP. Chile, Canada, Mexico, Peru and the U.S. are the other members of the TPP countries.

– The plan of the National Security Council (NSC) to engage in peace talks between Thailand and the southern rebels Indonesia «falls down well with some idiots


Panitan Wattanayagorn, former Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs during the Abhisit government, supports the idea because many young militants have had. military training in Indonesia « But he believes that Thailand Indonesia «should invite that sits at the talks.

together with Malaysia«

Thawil Pliensri, former Secretary General of the NSC, you should have been. Indonesia «approached in silence The NSC has been making her turn too early known, he says. â € ~ Because the situation is not yet under control, those at the operational level gefrustreerd.â € ™

Sunai Phasuk of Human Rights Watch welcomes the decision, but believes that the government should have the role she allots Indonesia «. a clear idea first In his previous governments have also had contact with Indonesia «. The difference now is that the matter is brought publicity. A frequency of once per month Sunai is not necessary, because little progress was made last month.

During the first interview

– Three border between Thailand and Myanmar will permanently open: the transition between the Three Pagodaâ € ™ s Pass in Kanchanaburi and Phayatongsu in Myanmar, the transition between Ban Pu Nam Ron (Kanchanaburi) and Tiki (Myanmar) and the temporary border post between Sing Korn (Prachuap Khiri Khan) and Mortong in Myanmar.


opening his Prime Minister Yingluck and President Thein Sein of Myanmar has become even yesterday. The aim is to stimulate. Border trade Yingluck spoke with Thein Sein also about the Rohingya refugees and the Dawei project, a collaboration between Thailand and Myanmar to develop a deep sea port and industrial estate in Dawei (Myanmar).

Myanmar promised earlier to help with the repatriation «ring in Thailand arrested Rohingya if they really came from Myanmar and not from Bangladesh this month. Thailands neighbor promised to send that verfià «run. Officials Whether this has already begun, it is not clear from the message.

– The documentary Fah Tam Pan Din Soon (Boundary) across the border conflict between Thailand and Cambodia should still be screened. The ban was lifted on condition that the director 2 seconds turns away background noise. The director has promised that.

It is a scene with the New Year festivities at Ratchaprasong intersection. An announcer says: â € ~ Letâ € ™ s count down to celebrate His Majesty the Kinga € ™ s 84th anniversary.â € ™

Pradit Posew, director of the censorship office, says that the (sub) commission has no jurisdiction to impose a ban only the central censorship committee can. In addition, the director should have the opportunity to defend itself and that has not happened. The Subcommittee had various criticisms, but the central committee saw that yesterday during a viewing different.

– The Japan-Thailand Joint Venture Group has withdrawn from the final stage of the tender for water projects, the program for which the government has allocated 350 billion baht. According to Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi, chairman of the Water and Flood Management Commission, the group wants to act as a consultant rather than as a builder. About two weeks which is known firmaâ € ™ s eligibility for the work.

– Australian war veterans yesterday attended a memorial service and laid flowers at a monument in the Hellfire Pass. The pass was in World War II part of the infamous Death Railway. He was cut by hand by war prisoners from the rocks.

– An agent of the Bureau Thong Lor (Bangkok) is transferred to an inactive post pending a disciplinary investigation. A 18-year-old Laotian woman says kidnapped by him several times to be.


agent who worked as a taxi driver in his spare time, her and her boyfriend picked up in Phutthamonthon. He put the friend’s car and took the woman into an apartment in Samut Prakan. The next morning the woman was released. He said he will murder, when she opened her mouth. Hair The agent is now a fugitive.

– Vocational education suffers from a glaring lack of teachers. Of the 29,494 items are only 11,437 occupied. Thailand currently has 684 760 students in vocational training. The Office of the Vocational Education Commission, the Ministry of Education asked to search. 14,401 teachers If successful, it will cost 3.1 billion baht annually on salaries.

– Cambodia has apologized for ZOA € ™ s thirty gunshots that a drunken Cambodian soldier at the border with Kanthalarak Wednesday has fired. The Thai troops were warned ahead of time, so not escalated.



– to Ban Laem (Petchaburi) has opened a museum dedicated to the salt. There are tools displayed, which are used in the salt production machines and samples of different kinds of salt, such as black and salt flower or salt . An 8-minute video shows the extraction process. Ban Laem employs 36,000 rai of salt pans with an annual output of 400,000 tons per year. It employs 20,000 people. The museum is open daily from 8 to 16 hours. All information is in Thai.

– begins today in Bangkok annual summit of the Pacific Asia Travel Association with the theme â € ~ Embracing the Complete Visitor Economyâ € ™. There are 45 speakers to speak, including the president of Thai Airways International and a former U.S. ambassador to Thailand.

– As of June 3, the number of AirAsia flights from Don Mueang to Wuhan (China) increased from à © à © n to two per day


– On the banks of the Ping River in Chiang Mai is the luxurious resort Sala Lanna Chiang Mai opened. It has 16 rooms, a villa, two restaurants and a bar on the waterfront.

Political News

– Democratic Party leader Abhisit supports the proposals of deputy party leader Alongkorn Ponlaboot to organize the party’s US-style. Along Korn has proposed, starting in Aytutthaya, at the election of candidates for parliamentary election the American system of primaries and follow. Caucuses

At a party meeting on May 4 in Ayutthaya, members can enter parliament as a candidate or nominate others. During a second meeting they have the opportunity to unfold their vision. In the 67 years of its existence, the Democrats never know on hold a parliamentary seat in Ayutthaya dragging.

Economic news

– The Bank of Thailand is willing to take to dampen the appreciation of the baht measures but should also take into account the side effects. Finally, the strong baht benefit importers, says Chatavan Sucharitkul, assistant governor of the central bank.

The first quarter of this year was U.S. $ 4.5 billion (140 billion baht) flowed into the country. The total amounts to 850 billion baht, which means that foreign investors 12.6 percent of the market.

baht this year is the strongest currency in Asia «with an increase of 6 percent against the dollar. The price increase had three phases. In the first phase, the first three weeks of this year, demand for risky assets shot up due to optimism in the U.S.. The second phase was early last month. Shares linked to inflation were especially popular. This also happened a week long April vacation.

Early this year bought new funds short stocks because there were few long-term options. Later the interest for stocks with an average period of 4.7 years.


private industry still insists on strict measures to curb the rise. The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) calls for capital reduction measures and an immediate reduction in the policy rate of 1 percent. Next week the FTI talks with the central bank. According to the FTI bet with the baht.

â € ~ If no measures are taken to beheersenâ € ™, the baht says President Payungsak Chartsutthipol, â € ~ we fear that the appreciation continues and exports will penalize this year. € great ™

– The higher wage costs and labor shortages have Asahi Tec Corporation, a manufacturer of auto parts, to decide in Laos to build a new plant. The Japanese company ATC has four factories in Thailand aluminum and iron casting parts make. They work at full capacity. The new plant will be placed in the Savan-Seno Special Economic Zone in Savannakhet. Next month begins the construction of the new plant. That will offer work to 376 people, mostly from Laos and Vietnam and engineers from Japan and Thailand. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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