News from Thailand – April 27, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 27, 2013

red shirt protest Constitutional Court 300x223 News from Thailand April 27, 2013 Four red shirt hotheads threaten to hold a so-called â € ~ € ™ s CitizenA arrests € ™ the judges of the Constitutional Court to . Â The four lead since Monday a demonstration of ZOA € ™ s two hundred red shirts for the building of the Court. Yesterday, the Court filed a report against them for defamation and inciting unrest.

Under the watchful eye of more than 250 agents, at the courthouse are deployed to maintain order the red shirts protest against the decision of the Court to take. petition of a senator in treatment Which asks the Court to rule on whether the parliamentary debate on the proposals to amend four articles of the Constitution is unconstitutional.


The red shirts want the judges to resign. Thursday they handed a petition to the National Anti-Corruption Commission with a request to challenge the judges.

Samart Kaewmeechai, MP for Pheu Thai, trying to achieve the same. by other means He has collected hundreds of signatures from collegaâ € ™ s for impeachment. He will also send an open letter to the Court with a protest against the decision of the Court to take.

the offending application pending

[For those who understand nothing of this: In fact there is a power struggle takes place between the current ruling party (supported by the red shirts) and some independent bodies such as the Constitutional Court. EA © n the amendments limited the power of the Court. The Senator wants to prevent this stabbing.]

– Indonesia «is not yet officially informed of the wishes of the National Security Council (NSC) to push the peace talks between Thailand and rebel group BRN. This has the Indonesian embassy announced. According to the NSC true communication, but there’s been at the operational level contact, says NSC Secretary-General Paradorn Pattanatabut.


Indonesia «is eager to lend a helping hand remains to be seen, because the reports of militants in southern Indonesia« are trained, are bad cases. â € ~ This charge shall certainly not help to solve the complex issue in the southern provinciesâ € ™ says the embassy. Paradorn admits he has no hard evidence for that accusation (voiced by others), but from Thai intelligence reports would show that militants have contacts with Indonesia «.

– And again his dogs rescued from a future as a snack on a plate Vietnamese food. In Tha Uthen (Nakhon Phanom) was a pickup truck with 130 dogs intercepted on his way to a ferry and in Ban Na Lom (same province) police raided a kennel with 550 dogs, the land would also be smuggled. In both cases succeeded not make arrests.

– ZOA € ™ s 150,000 students who are behind on paying off their student loans, have the right in Lampang given the urgent advice to participate in a debt restructuring program of the Student Loan Fund and the Office of Judiciary part. The students are already five times or more behind. In total, they account for 15.3 billion baht in debt.

– The driver was trapped, but had no regard for local residents. They filled what they could find with diesel leaking from the overturned tanker. So fast but The car, loaded with 37,000 liters of diesel, was on a road in Watthana Nakhon (Sa Kaeo) slipped and landed on its side. The driver was appalled by the police and rescue workers and taken to hospital.

– A ranger yesterday in Khun Han (Si Sa Ket), ZOA € ™ s 300 meters from the border, injured when he stepped on a landmine. In other rangers he was patrolling the area. Suspected of being an old mine is, because there are already numerous mines cleared.

– In a raid in twelve buildings in Chon Buri, police and staff of two ministries thousand immigrants, both legal and illegal, were arrested. The migrants come from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Many of them were unable to consult. A work permit or employment They are held until their employer offers evidence.

– Uthen Chartpinyo, former chairman of a committee of the Flood Relief Operations Command, has filed a petition with the Administrative Court. He asked the administrative court to ban 350 billion baht to borrow for water projects the government. These projects are not over transparent and prone to corruption.

Opposition leader Abhisit endorses the complaint. The program is poorly planned and plagued by irregularities. For many projects have not even done a feasibility study, he says. Abhisit think many projects ready to be implemented when the government borrows money to finance.


The decision to borrow 350 billion baht, was controversial from the outset because it was an independent Cabinet decision and has not passed the parliament. Six companies (combinations) have been selected, but the winners are not yet known. By June, the government to borrow.

the money

– Former Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama is not impressed by the judicial steps that will be taken against him. The Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions Division of the Supreme Court decided to take the Preah Vihear-communiqué © case is pending yesterday put forward by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).

Noppadon signed a joint communiqué in 2008 © with Cambodia on the application of the UNESCO World Heritage status for Hindu temple Preah Vihear. The administrative court later ruled that the parliament should have given, which Noppadon had to resign.


NACC accuses Noppadon NUA of dereliction of duty. In July, the case for it.

– During a firefight in Bannang Sata (Yala) between military rangers, border police and local police, and insurgents have slain three insurgents. One of the killed insurgents is suspected to have been involved in the bombing of the deputy governor of Yala on April 5.


– The program for emergency, in April last year introduced, does not work very well. Patient «ingredients that have immediate medical care, in every hospital would be able to go there to receive first aid. A survey of the faculty of medicine Ramathibodi hospital that patient «ingredients poorly informed of their rights and hospitals still questions in breach of the settlement money.

– The World Health Organization and 50 countries have asbestos was banned, but the Ministry of Health in Thailand refuses crysotile cancer, a type of asbestos in Thailand is used to prohibit. According to Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry Charnwit Tharathep there is no conclusive medical evidence of the dangers of asbestos.

In 2010, the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) a ban for 2011 and approved the cabinet that good. But the Ministries of Industry and Health dragging the ban for 2 years by insisting. Studies on more

Thailand is the worldâ € ™ s second largest importer of asbestos, mainly from Russia and Canada. It is used in construction as much insulation and carpeting. Furthermore, it is used in brake linings, clutch plates and heat appliances such as toasters, irons and ovens.

The low numbers of Thai victims as a result of inhaling the fibers gossamer writes the NESDB to inadequate reporting and diagnostics.

Economic news

– Thanks to the appreciation of the baht can be the fuel for electricity rate decreased by 9.8 percent to 5.12 satang per kWh. The reduction applies to the period from May to August. It is for the first time in two years that the rate is reduced. The reduction leads to a slight reduction of the kWh price of 3.79 baht to 3.74 baht.

The reduction is also due to the price reduction of bunker oil and smaller electricity before the Songkran holiday. There is then cut firm because the natural gas supply from Myanmar temporarily reduced due to maintenance work on a production platform. The fuel rate is reviewed every four months.

– Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi denies that he is going to release on shares Siam Makro Plc to compete with â € ™ s land a counter richest man Dhanin Chearavanont of CP All, the operator of the grocery store chain 7-Eleven . Charoen says ZOA € ™ s bid will not fit the financial policy of his companies.

Charoen says not like in a takeover to buy all the shares. He wants a good friend of the shareholders or previous owner, so they can do together. Business in the future So he bought last year a 51 percent stake in Danone yogurt. He hopes that his company BJC is ever hired to distribute.

Danoneâ € ™ s Evian mineral water in Thailand

– Minister Boon Song Teriyapirom (Trade) yesterday for the first time admitted that exports this year, due to the appreciation of the baht, probably less than 5 percent suits instead of the 8-year 9 percent who if target is set. But he still holds a blow to the arm. â € ~ The real impact of the price increase from the second quarter will probably become clear worden.â € ™

target of 8 to 9 percent is based on a baht / dollar rate of 30. Every baht that the price rises, cost the country 200 to 250 billion baht in lost export earnings, says Boon Song.

end of this month the Minister meets with foreign handelsattachà © s to evaluate. the state of the market and the impact of the baht Friday he would meet with the Federation of Thai Industries and the Thai Chamber of Commerce.

– The baht weakened Thursday to above 29 against the dollar, while foreign investors their money out of equities and equity markets retreated for fear of action by the Bank of Thailand to dampen the appreciation of the baht. Thursday was 6.59 billion baht and 1.82 billion baht more sold than bought in equity and equity respectively. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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