News from Thailand – April 28, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 28, 2013

Today is the ninth anniversary of the Thai army 32 militants in the Krue Se mosque in Pattani shot dead. Tomorrow is the second peace talk between Thailand and rebel group BRN in Kuala Lumpur instead. Friday the army killed three militants in their hideout in Bannang Sata (Yala).

Sunday News from Thailand April 28, 2013 Three reasons why the authorities take into account additional violence this weekend. Two pickup trucks and two autoâ € ™ s would by militants with bombs are equipped and ready to explode to be marketed. Pattani Soldiers, police, local officials and defense volunteers have decorated and roadblocks they search areas of high risk.

The three suspects were shot Friday, were not involved in the bombing of the deputy governor of Yala, evidenced by DNA testing. One of them was involved in the attack on the naval base in Bacho (Narathiwat) on 13 February. Number 2 was sought because he had slain villagers in Bannang Sata (Yala) during a religious ceremony and number 3 is suspected of the death of two paratroopers.

Saturday resulted in the southern violence à © à © n dead and two wounded. In Sai Buri (Pattani) was a ranger shot dead and two rangers were injured. In same district They patrolled with a team on foot when a bomb exploded. After the explosion a brief firefight with militants.


– The U.S. State Department has issued a damning report on the failed policies of Thailand in the field of human rights. It contains a laundry list of things that are no good.

Most attention is paid to the situation in the South. Troops are guilty of excessive force, torture and abuse of suspects, and the guilty be punished. This happens in the provinces where the Emergency Ordinance of 2005, the Internal Security Act and the state of emergency is in force.

also a small selection of the laundry list: crowded and onhygià «technical prisons, arbitrary arrests and detentions, restrictions on freedom of assembly; inadequate protection of refugees, violence and discrimination against women, sexual exploitation of children, trafficking and so on.

– PCC Development and Construction Co., the contractor responsible for the construction of 396 still unfinished police stations, with forged documents may include a total of 579 million baht from the Government Savings Bank. The documents include statements of committees that the construction was completed, and there are signatures of police officers who were not even members of those committees. This has been shown by research of the Department of Special Investigation.

– In the province of Loei, the past four months, 500 people dengue fever incurred. Two persons are deceased. The health authorities are worried about the spread. In the Northeast Loei is the province with the most infections and the fifth nationwide.

– In a side Khura Buri (Phangnga) between a bus and a passenger car, two people were killed and 41 injured. The bus carrying 45 passengers was traveling from Phuket to Bangkok. A Totyota sedan that came from the opposite side, crashed into the bus, so that bumped into a tree.

– The purpose of my reconciliation proposal is to bring Thaksin back. I promised to voters in the Northeast. Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung wound there yesterday no punches during a radio broadcast of the red shirt station Khon Rak Udon Udon Thani.

Chalerm said his proposal not to have submitted to the party, he wants to discuss with the people first. Except Thaksin would anyone accused of political violence in recent years benefit from the proposal. Four other reconciliation proposals are already before Parliament. They are not treated.

Marwin on Facebook 200x200 News from Thailand April 28, 2013 – A prisoner in the prison of Phitsanulok no risk on November 1 after 5 years free come, but there is another one or two years should remain. On Facebook are a Photo € ™ s surfaced, he sits at his feet with chains. That a Photo € ™ s must be made with a mobile phone and cell phones are prohibited in jail. According to the man would a Photo € ™ s with the mobile phone of a friend made. The prison staff has not yet found the corpus delicti.

– Do some against coastal erosion, asking residents of the coastal village of Ban Khun Samut Chin (Samut Prakan) to the government. The chief says that the sea is the relish for 30 years. Wood and concrete barriers have not had the desired effect. According to the geology department of Chulalongkorn University during that period one kilometers of land lost to the sea, or 18,000 rai.

Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi let the next few months studying all the proposed solutions to the coast between Phetchaburi and Chachoengsao. The Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning has prepared a proposal for the construction of a 15 km long dike between Bang Khunthian (Bangkok) and Laem Fa Pha (Samut Prakan). That would Ban Khun Samut Chin of benefit.

Political News

– The tension rises around the demonstration of red shirts outside the building of the Constitutional Court. Prime Minister Yingluck refuses to go to the call of opposition leader Abhisit the red shirts to terminate. Ordering their protest Bea «in And MPs of ruling party Pheu Thai disagree whether they should comply with an order of the Court to give to vote.

their decision to amend four articles of the Constitution hearing an explanation

It’s all about a petition of Sentor Somchai Sawaengkarn to the Court. Which has asked the Court to rule on whether the treatment of these proposals is contrary to the Constitution. When the Court decided to take the petition pending the red shirts Monday swung into action.


oil has thrown on the fire is the declaration of the Court Friday when police against four leaders. They were guilty of defamation and incitement to unrest. The leaders responded by calling on their supporters to keep using a so-called â € ~ € ™ s CitizenA arrests € ™. The nine judges And that Abhisit call irritated again.

Government Pheu Thai Party meets April 30 about whether they will comply with the order of the Court hearing. The Court has the 312 senators and MPs, who voted for the amendment of four articles of the Constitution in the first term assigned to motivate.

their voice

Some advocate a boycott of the request, because the Court to interfere with the legislative process, which is contrary to the principle of separation of powers. But Parliament Speaker Somsak Kiatsuranont and ZOA € ™ s twenty PT-ers are willing to give.

which notes

Meechai Ruchupan, former president of the National Legislative Assembly (the emergency parliament after the military coup) has called for the voters to recognize. the authority of the Court â € ~ The country would end up in total chaos when setting the authority of other institutions not erkennenâ € ™, he writes on his website.

Finance news

– It is almost annoying, but Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) Saturday again sang the same song he sings all times: the baht is too strong, so the economy is likely to slow. He said this during Saturday Yingluckâ € ™ s weekly television program.


Kittiratt holds the current forecast of 4.5 to 5.5 percent economic growth not take into account the appreciation of the baht. If the coin does not stabilize, the economy can still grow slower, does the Minister.

Kittiratt promised not to have transgressed the law, he said to respect the committee responsible for setting the policy rate . Kittiratt was recently accused of pressure on the Bank of Thailand to exercise to decrease. That rate by 1 percentage point According to him, the inflow of foreign capital than decrease, which is held for the appreciation of the baht. Responsible Economists doubt that because foreign investors mainly invest in equity and equity.

– The agricultural exports the first quarter loss of 7.69 billion baht suffered as a result of the appreciation of the baht, says the Agricultural Economics Foresight Center. Especially the export of rice, rubber, tapioca starch and fish suffered from the strong baht. If the rise continues, is also the export of poultry, fruit and other products such as tapioca chips and pellets hit.

– The business community is afraid that exports in the third and fourth quarter of this year decreases due to the strong baht, unless strong measures are taken. According Vallop Vitanakorn, vice chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), exporters in April hit hard. Normal places foreign companies in that month orders for textiles, consumer goods and other core products.


ensure the FTI makes about the impact on supply chain industries «n, which are dependent on exports. Several manufacturers now source their raw materials from foreign sources, allowing local vendors have the worry.

exporters want the policy rate of the central bank is reduced by 1 percent and they require a three-month ban on foreign money inflows that speculation on short-term foreign exchange gains. If necessary, this period should be extended to six months.

– The target of the government for the replacement of fossil fuels with alternative fuels is too high, says the Federation of Thai Industries. The government wants the current demand of 5 million liters of alternative fuel in 2021 put at 40 million liters. Thailand currently uses daily 90 million liters of fuel, of which 5.5 percent is alternative fuel.

target goes out of 9 million liters of ethanol per day, 6 million liters of biodiesel and 25 million gallons of new alternative fuels. New fuels are jatropha , algae, fatty acid ethyl esthers, bio-hydrogenated diesel, liquefied biomass and bio-ethanol buses (ED95) .

ED95, a blend of 95 percent ethanol and 5 percent additives, is deemed commercially viable. With the fuel, which is available in Sweden, it is now a pilot project done. The ethanol is produced from sugar and cassava produced. The other alternative fuels are available only in 10 years, because they require much R & D.

From 5 to 8 June, the Renewable Energy Asia 2013 held in Bitec (Bangkok). Three hundred companies from thirty countries give it an appearance. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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