News from Thailand – April 29, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 29, 2013

outdoor cinema 300x225 News from Thailand April 29 2013 Outdoor Cinemas, especially popular in rural areas of the Northeast, get it hard this year. € ™ s film studios such as Sony Pictures UIP Thailand and Thailand, that the copyright for Hollywood films, distribute from mid this year only digital versions. Some Thai studioâ € ™ s say migrating to digital copies «n.

within 2 year

Outdoor Cinemas hired by organizers of events such as temple festivals and fairs. They are mainly isolated «operated by elderly people who have a small profit with it. A digital projector takes 5-year 10 million baht and that amount is their financial «le capacity far beyond, especially as the popularity of outdoor movies is declining.

major cities and surrounding areas are outside the cinemas already disappeared and small cinemas are struggling. Example Thonburi Rama is about two months close: the cinema is already 5 years loss. â € ~ People prefer to go to a modern cinema in a shopping Malla € ™ says director Sutthipongsa Chuenpakdee.

major cinema operators, such as Major Cineplex and SF Cinema Group, have already switched to digital projectors. Digital movies have a clearer picture and better sound quality and that is what the consumer expects critical nowadays.

– The 18-year-old Ratchanok Intanon yesterday won the final of the India Open Badminton Tournament. They defeated German Juliane Schenk in 45 minutes in two sets and cashed U.S. $ 15,000 in prize money. It is the first time that Ratchanok win a Super Series.

– A police officer of the Bureau Ding Daeng is under fire for allegedly having sex with a woman forced him. He would have threatened to keep her. For drug possession The affair became known thanks to a video clip circulating on the Internet.

the video chase two men agent and accuse him of blackmail. EA calls © n: â € ~ The policeman is a thief, arrest Hema € ™ and â € ~ Why did you take my sister to a hotel â € ™ The clip also shows two agents on a? motorcycle arrive and the pursuers questions bind.

– The detainee Marwin Samphanwong, of whom a Photo € ™ s are put on Facebook (see Thai news yesterday) is temporarily put in solitary confinement pending an investigation. The sharing photos were probably taken with a cell phone. Cell phones are strictly prohibited in prisons to prevent drug trafficking. Prison staff is eagerly looking for the cell phone. The director of the prison in Phitsanulok says jamming equipment will be installed.

– The squat toilet is not prohibited. Deputy Minister Chonlanan Srikaew (Health) says this in response to the confusion that has arisen. Rather let the Ministry know to want to do because it would be for osteoarthritis.

responsible the squat toilet in the spell

Chonlanan says that public buildings at least à © à © should have n zittoilet so there may be still squatting. According to the Public Toilet Development Master Plan 2013-2016, 90 percent of households in 2016 should have.

latest one zittoilet

– The Preah Vihear case keeps the working population, according to a poll by Suan Dusit. To 1,523 people were asked to turn. 5 hot political topics in order of importance 82 percent of respondents put Preah Vihear and border conflict with Cambodia top. Then came the 2 trillion baht projects (78.3 pc), negotiations in the South (74.4 pc), constitutional amendment (71.9 pc) and amnesty proposals (70.5 pc).

– Only 137 of the 20,381 students who have applied for a grant under the One District One Scholarship program have passed the qualification test. The program provides 928 scholarships for overseas study for students from families with an annual income of less than 20,000 baht plus 928 scholarships regardless of income. There is now a second round of selection.

– Still the white elephant not found in Kaeng Krachan National Park (Phetchaburi). The authorities are now twenty Cameraa € ™ s and install an unmanned aircraft (see photo homepage) efforts to trace.


A photographer claims to have seen the animal. on April 10 in a herd He recognized it on the basis of a Photo € ™ s he had made from the herd. The park ranger are sent in order to avoid that poaching catching the animal. A white elephant is a sacred animal and should be paid.

to the king

– The Navy has in Rayong Bay a Cambodian fishing boat with three hundred blocks rosewood intercepted. Rosewood is a protected species. The wood worth 10 million baht was destined for a customer in Vietnam, said the skipper. The crew of the ship is beaten in chains.

– Thailand has three agreements with Mongolia «closed, intended to promote trade and investment between the two countries. Mongolia «also receives support from Thailand to participate in the Cobra Gold multinational military exercises. Participate as observers It was also agreed in many fields, such as biotechnology and medicine, to work.


Premier Yingluck has begun a three-day visit to Mongolia «. Not visited a Thai leader the country. Last year, trade between the two countries for 400 million baht.

– Civil Prime Minister Yingluck networks will ask you to delete the water program of 350 billion baht. They say that work has put the environment at risk, cause damage to residential communities and prone to corruption.

Opponents have also many drawbacks: the population is offside, the plans announced so far missing details and a time schedule, it is unclear who will supervise, alternatives are ignored, there lack studies on the economic value of the waterway projects , and so on.

Wednesday depositing the opponents a complaint with the National Anti-Corruption Commission and if the government does nothing, they go to the administrative court.

A former adviser to the Prime Minister has already stepped to the administrative court with a request to stop the procedure. Friday is the tender for the waterworks place. According to Democratic MEP Ong-art Klampaiboon the tender in violation of the Constitution and the Environmental Quality Protection and Promotion Act because no environmental impact studies are done.

Political News

– Prime Minister Yingluck gets on her head of opposition party Democrats because they were near the building of the Constitutional Court refuses to condemn the red shirt demonstration. Before going to Mongolia «afreisde Saturday, she said the red shirts have the right to demonstrate, as long as they do so peacefully.

Democrats suggest, however, that the protesters threaten the judges. They threaten to hold them. Means of a so-called â € ~ € ™ s CitizenA arrests € ™ The Constitutional Court has made charges against four leaders of defamation and inciting unrest.

See also the relevant notice in News from Thailand yesterday.

Economic news

– Not the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), but a separate organization, the management carry on the construction of the four high-speed lines. â € ~ The new project requires a different technology and management skills other than where the SRT on beschiktâ € ™ says Chula Sukmanop, Director General of the Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning. The project must also meet strict safety requirements and punctuality.

The transport office is now conducting feasibility studies on the Chiang Mai, Nong Khai and Padang Besar lines. The first begins with the construction of the Traca © Bangkok-Phitsanulok. That should be followed by the extension to Chiang Mai in 2021. Done in 2018-2019 The route gets 12 stations. The standard trip takes 3.2 hours, the express service which stops at four stations, 2.4 hours.

Wednesday is a public hearing on the line held in Ayutthaya and then follow the other provinces where the line passes through. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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