- News from Thailand – April 30, 2013

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News from Thailand – April 30, 2013

Suspension 204x300 Thailand News from Thailand April 30, 2013 The collapsed bridge over the Pasak River in Ayutthaya is improperly repaired last year, concludes the Engineering Institute of Thailand after an inspection. In the repair, only the vertical cables adjusted, but not the main cables, whereby there is an imbalance occurs.

Four officials of the office of the Attorney General arrived on site yesterday to investigate the tragedy. Four people were killed and 45 people were injured. The wounded each receive 3,000 baht from the Thai Red Cross Society and the relatives of the dead get a provisional allowance of 25,000 baht from the authorities of Ayutthaya.

– As mentioned in the message â € ~ voltage rises further in Constitutional Hofa € ™, Prime Minister Yingluck yesterday for its unusually strong argument, in which she criticized the current constitution. Yingluck spoke at the Conference on the Community of Democracies in Ulan Bator (Mongolia ‘). The controversial constitution was written after the military coup of 2006 and contains in its â € ~ mechanisms that the rights and freedom of the people beperkenâ € ™.

striking in her speech was the defense of her brother Thaksin, who lives in exile in Dubai. â € ~ The military coup against my brother was a slap in the face for Thailandâ € ™ s international credibility and the case. Many people who do not know me, saying: Why complain? It is normal that governments come and go. When my family and I were the only ones who suffer, I can ignore it. But that’s not the case. Projects and PROGRAMS € ™ s that have begun by the government of my brother and arose from the desire of the people, geschrapt.â € ™

Yingluck also looked back on the red shirt protests in April and May 2010. She mentioned that a fight to win freedom. â € ~ Many innocent people have been shot by snipers. The movement was crushed and the leaders put in prison or were forced to flee abroad. Themselves are now much political victims gevangen.â € ™

peace meeting requirements 5 News from Thailand April 30, 2013 – Hassan Taib get a month’s time to prove that he really the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) represents the number of violent crimes emissions. in the South This said the Thai delegation Paradorn Pattanatabut after the second peace talk between Thailand and BRN, yesterday in Kuala Lumpur. The third meeting is scheduled for June 13.


Paradorn was the talk â € ~ very stressfullâ € ™ after the BRN on YouTube a list of five demands had uploaded. Thailand can not accept those requirements. Paradorn has asked Hassan whether he really the rebels in the South can hold, which Hassan confirmed in hand. But Senator Anusart Suwangmongkol from Pattani says most people have never heard of. Hassan The requirements are also not supported by them.

Observers call the BRN requirements of a slap in the face of the government. Sunai Phasuk, adviser to Human Rights Watch, says the BRN is out on separatism, while the government claims that the calls do not conflict with the Constitution. According Sunai Hassan would have been forced to call to participate, although the BRN-pipe is against the peace plan.

by Malaysian authorities

Opposition leader Abhisit says the tone of BRN unfriendly and does not contribute to building trust. â € ~ When we choose harsh words to respond, the peace process affected. If we do not respond, it means that we can doen.â € ™


– 96 members of the Peopleâ € ™ s Alliance for Democracy (PAD yellow shirts) came to court yesterday to attend the occupation of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports in December 2008 the first session. They are prosecuted for terrorism and violation of the emergency regulation. But the meeting was postponed to July 29 because not all defendants have a lawyer. On terrorism is punishable by death.

– finally Is there salvation for drought-stricken Northeast? The Department of Water Resources is 19 water mage ment carry out pilot projects in the basin of the Khon, Chi and Moon River. A feasibility study has been completed.

projects in 13 counties consist of the construction of pipelines, reservoirs, increasing the capacity of reservoirs and dredging of rivers and canals. The projects include an amount of 3.8 billion baht involved. The agricultural area by taking the better irrigation increased by 72 842 rai. The Northeast has 75.68 million rai of farmland, of which 8.12 million rai is irrigated.

– A separate scholarship scheme for students of vocational separate from the existing program One District One Scholarship is a desire of the Vocational Education Commission. Most students fail to achieve the purpose.


So far this year, only 137 of the 20,000 applicants (Mathayom 6 students) come through the written test in total. They are then interviewed. The lucky ones get a scholarship for study abroad. Per district is à © à © n scholarship. In total there are 1,856 scholarships to forgive.

– On June 1, the BTS, the overground metro, expensive. Now does a ticket cost between 15 and 40 baht, which is 15 and 42 baht. The Smart Pass for adults is 2 baht per trip more expensive for students 1 baht.

– The Ban Mae Surin refugee camp in Mae Hong Son is a 3-year-old Karen girl was killed and four people injured by falling trees during a tropical storm yesterday. Same camp was partly laid on March 22 in the shaft.

– Our life is not improved by increasing the minimum daily wage to 300 baht, says half of the workers in a poll by the Bangkok University. Were surveyed 1,052 workers aged 18 and over in Bangkok and surrounding provinces. 45.9 percent saw no improvement, 44.2 percent and 9.9 percent see that it says it got worse from there. Give the naysayers as a reason the higher cost of living or the lack of a benefit when they have no work.

– More than a hundred Thai tour guides have yesterday in the town of Phuket isolated «ist that foreign tour guides get a kick their ass, because this work may be done only by Thais. On Phuket 300 Chinese working as tour guide. The protesters handed a petition with their demands to the vice-governor of Phuket. They say illegal Thai tour guides to be addressed, but Chinese are left untouched. If nothing happens, they come back next month. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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