News from Thailand – August 13, 2013

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News from Thailand – August 13, 2013

What Kanlayanamit Maha Wihan 300x160 News from Thailand August 13 2013 I wrote earlier on in News from Thailand August 10: the demolition anger of the abbot of Wat Maha Wihan Kanlanyanamit in Thon Buri. Today’s paper sums up what is going already been demolished to make way for a car park and what the abbot further intends place (NB The land is worth gold).

Scrapped include units of monks, a crematorium, an old bell tower, a chedi with the axis of a member of the royal house and a hermit stucco [hermit plaster?], commissioned of King Rama VI. Residents of temple land have also been told that they have to scram.

Chumchon Rak Kanlaya organization, standing against the demolition and eviction resistance, says that 27 of the 89 ancient possessions recorded by the Fine Arts Department and owned by the 188 year old temple, demolished or are going to be.

So far, an order of the Administrative Court and complaints to the Sangha Council, the district office and local police proved ineffective. The residents now have their hopes on the Crime Suppression Division.

– Four army officers yesterday afternoon slightly injured in a bomb attack in Bannang Sata (Yala) (homepage photo). The homemade bomb exploded from 5 to 7 pounds when they were patrolling.

In the province of Pattani it again was spot on: a resident was shot as she drove home on the motorcycle, a village chief was injured when he was shot outside his home and another man was also wounded by a shot to his home .

In a cabin in Raman (Yala), the police arrested a man who was in possession of speed pills, homemade guns, ammunition, fertilizer and two gas cylinders.

– Small fishermen in Prachuap Khiri Khan will today ask the governor of the province to stop illegal fishing in the area of ​​5.4 kilometers off the coast, which may not be fished an end. Trawlers and shell fishermen fishing there with fishing tackle that leaves little to the vulnerable fauna. Fishermen have been countless times protested.

Saturday was one of the protesting fishermen assaulted by a group of shell fishermen. He says previously been threatened with death. The police, the culprits of Saturday detecting and punishing them, promises Akaneh Daengdomyuth, bureau chief Muang. The death threat he did not. Know The police will protect him so that there is no repetition of the murder of an environmental activist in 2004. Who campaigned against a coal-fired power plant.

Thailand Blog reported it: The man suspected of murdering his girlfriend and her mother, was arrested in Sa Kaeo. According Bangkok Post he was in a car en route to Cambodia.

The gruesome murder was captured on a surveillance camera and the images were circulated on the Internet. The suspect has declared the murder in a tantrum over a personal conflict of having committed. The family of the victims have isolated «ist he comes to the cremation rites and makes his excuses. Earlier the women are not cremated.

Police yesterday dared not to bring as many family members were waiting for him to it and she feared for his safety. Instead, a reconstruction took place at the crime scene.

– The foreign ministers of the ASEAN countries meet tomorrow in Hua Hin on how they can cite in preparation for the Asean Economic Community, effective the end of 2015 the tires. Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs) chair the meeting. Topics that are mentioned, are a national insurance against sickness, environmental challenges and the regional smog problem (forest fires and the burning of crop residues). In August meeting of the ministers of China in Beijing and in October an Asean-China summit in Brunei.

– A 50-year-old man had to do in Ayutthaya (called kae bon) and therefore climbed into an electricity pylon something right. Rescuers plucked him from 70 meters where he hanged on a rope. How that happened exactly, is unclear. Unfortunately the message

– A 53-year-old Japanese man has Sunday put an end to his life by jumping down in the Ploenchit Centre of the fifth floor, where the food court is. His lifeless body was found an hour later by the electrician of the building.

– Airports of Thailand (AoT) is considering the taxi stand at Suvarnabhumi to relocate to undeveloped land south of the airport. Minister Chad Chat Sittipunt (Transport) is not a good idea. The new location allows control by AoT difficult. On August 28 takes the AoT-board decision.

– Malaria is on the rise along the Thai-Myanmar border in Kanchanaburi. In the past year were 1,800 people, of which 40 percent Thai, the disease. The health authorities are worried because some patient «ingredients from Myanmar resistant to drugs and seek treatment in Thailand.

Rice news

– The farmers in the North and Northeast find the best, but farmers in the Central Region will undoubtedly protest. The final proposal of the government to maintain the guaranteed price of 15,000 baht per tonne of paddy rice but the mortgage system only apply to the main harvest calls divided reactions.

farmers in the North and Northeast are willing to accept â € “most harvests annually the proposal – provided that representatives of farmers are involved in the control of rice quality and humidity and they can check the millers. Furthermore, the government should help high quality rijstvarià «ties to grow them and reduce.

their production and use of chemicals« n

Protests are expected of farmers in the middle of Thailand, whose fields are irrigated, so they can harvest twice a year. Who will resist tooth and nail against halving the mortgage system, expected Prasit Booncheuy, president of the Thai Rice Farmers Association. â € ~ Farmers from the Northeast will undoubtedly accept the latest proposal from the government because their production is only 4,500 to 5,500 baht per tonne bedragenâ € ™, he.


According to figures from the Thailand Development Research Institute grow 3 of 4 million rice farmers rice annually and 800,000 to 900,000 farmers twice.

– More rice. How big is the rice stock of government? That is a mystery, says a source at the Ministry of Finance «n. On 27 June, two thousand warehouses isolated inspected by the police. The tonnage rolled out, does not match with the figures of Finance «n. There is 1 million tonnes. The inspection report is now in the possession of the government.

– In the fourth installment of the series Special Report on the rice mortgage system calls Chaiporn Phrompan, a farmer with 100 rai of paddy fields, for growing â € ~ safe riceâ € ™, or to fertilize with organic fertilizer the country. His parents used more fertilizer and never made any profit. When Chaiporn the 30 rai of his parents began, he switched to organic manure. The yield was equal, the costs were lower.

According to a study by the Thanyaburi Ratchamongkol Institute of Technology in 2011, the gross profit margin on organically grown rice 61 percent against 54 percent on rice with chemical fertilizer is used.

Chaiporn find that the government support price for paddy should differentiate «run. Farmers who â € ~ safe riceâ € ™ remodeling, would be given 1,000 baht per tonne.


Other interesting facts mentioned in the article:

  • The rice harvest is 50 percent consumed in Thailand, the remainder must be isolated «exported.
  • Of the four million rice farmers have 1 million farmers in 30 to 100 rai of land irrigated in isolated areas. They earn enough, so need not to be subsidized says Nipon Puapongsakorn, fellow at the Thailand Development Research Institute.
  • 40 percent are middle-income farmers and 30 percent are poor farmers. The middle group should be to increase their productivity and R & D to deliver. A higher quality product helped by the government They would have to grow organic rice or special grains, such as rice Sang Yod.
  • yield per rai according Nipon do not go up, as in Vietnam where fertile land is scarce. Thailand has enough land, the problem is lack of labor
  • .

  • income of poor farmers is for only 20 to 30 percent of the farm. Nipon believes government can retrain them better and pick up their children from the agricultural sector. For those who are too old, he proposes a grant or coupons for food and transport.

Political News

– Former Prime Minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh says the amnesty proposal passed last week by parliament should be deleted when calling the political tensions. If withdrawal helps to bring in the country, peace is worth doing. The survival of the nation is more important than laws and even the constitution.

Chavalit will today visit by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Phongthep Thapkanchana Varathep Ratanakorn (PMA € ™ s Office). They are going to participate in the proposed by Prime Minister Yingluck reconciliation forum. Invite share Chavalit has been contacted by telephone by her.

â € ~ It makes no sense to hebbenâ € ™, many laws Chavalit said, â € ~ when the nation can not survive. All Thais should cooperate [with the reform initiative] and they have not come up with all sorts of excuses [to avoid]. Â € ™

After Chavalit has had, both ministers flock to leaders from the private sector and academia. Most older politicians have pledged to participate. In the forum Varathep expected to announce. Names of ten academics who participate next week From the private sector, including representatives wanted the Federation of Thai Industries, Board of Trade of Thailand and Thai Bankersâ € ™ Association.

Gothom Arya, Director of the Research Centre for Peacebuilding of Mahidol University, believes that the forum should operate at least two to three years so that it can work on the creation of national reconciliation.


The first meeting of the reconciliation forum will be held Friday or next week.

Tino Chaste put all amnesty proposals one by one. Klika here.

Economic news

– The foreign trips of Prime Minister Yingluck and international road shows have been held over the past two years, have not been in vain. According to Minister Prasert Boonchaisuk (Industry), they have aroused confidence among foreign investors.

Of the 633 billion baht to investments in the first half are registered for investment advantages, is 140 to 150 billion baht from the countries that Yingluck has visited and where she gave a roadshow.


The number of projects has made an application to the Board of Investment (BoI) took the first six months of this year increased by 5.8 percent to 1,055, according to the BoI. The 633 billion baht meant an increase of 47 percent year on year. This was offset by the foreign direct investment were faintly with 19 projects worth 279 billion baht. In terms of investment value performed the service and infrastructure sectors to the list.

Yingluck visited the last two years at least seventeen landen. To give a successful visit an example. After Yingluckâ € ™ s visit to India invested Apollo Tyres 14.7 billion baht in tires in Thailand and her trip in France resulted in investments by Michelin and VCD / DVD producer.

– From 5 December, Thai television viewers (hopefully) enjoy digital TV. In October begins the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to auction the channels. Each channel will be auctioned in a single day. Some who’s interested have complained that the draft auction rules has changed numerous times, making them hit.


This arrangement is approved last month by the NBTC board and will be published in the Royal Gazette . Then the Information Memorandum published for each channel.

Natee Sukonrat, head of the Broadcasting Committee of the NBTC, said that from December 5th, 60 percent of Thais has access to 30 digital channels. It is expected that digitization is not the same agony as the introduction of 3G, which for years was delayed by procedural wrangling. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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