News from Thailand – August 2, 2013

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News from Thailand – August 2, 2013


In protest against the way oil company PTT Global Chemical Plc (PTTGC) oil spill has dealt, going seven winners of the Green World prize award their return.

One of the winners, Rangsit Kanjamavanit, president of Lana Bird and Nature Conservation Club, made his decision Wednesday on his Facebook page known. Both the award and the prize money of 100,000 baht which he received in 2007, go back.

Rangsit writes Comita ©, which has granted and to respect, Chairman and former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun him the price but he wants no part of PTTA € ™ s green propaganda. [PTT is the parent company of PTTCG.] Â € ~ Personally I like me as much dissociate «ing of the selfish and irresponsible organisatie.â € ™

may occur accidentally,

Oil leaks he writes further, but it is evident that PTT, through its subsidiary PTTGC, has not taken before the accident.

full responsibility

Rangsit and Khemthong, artist and environmental campaigner, deliver their prize today at the headquarters of PTT. Khemthong let know not to return the money because he has already spent. Khemthong received the prize in 2003.

– The Supreme Court agrees with the court that the investigation into the Tak Bai incident by the provincial court of Songkhla not need to be redone. 34 families of the 78 dead who have fallen in 2004, which prompted a petition. According to them, the study shows not who their loved ones has slain during the protest for the Tak Bai police station.

court in Bangkok, which rejected the petition, argued that the court of Songkhla same jurisdiction as her, so could not take the action against the investigation pending. The Supreme Court has now adopted this reasoning.

The court of Songkhla suggested then that the 78 people who were arrested and the police in trucks are removed, are stitched during transport to a military camp in Pattani. According to the relatives, the court had clearly indicate the circumstances that led to their death. They want to know how the victims died and who killed them.

The victims were then piled into trucks and layers hours in that attitude. The survey does not refer, as said Yaena Salaemae, copulation ¶ Coordinator for the 38 survivors.

The government has earmarked 7.5 million baht per person [?] allocated as compensation to the relatives, but have not seen anything yet. 52 wounded Of these five disabled.

– The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has his planned visit to the South of Thailand canceled. The trip would not fit into his agenda, said a source, but another source says that the visit has shifted to the end of Ramadan on Thursday. Originally Najib would come tomorrow. Prime Minister Yingluck would meet him.

Despite the cease-fire the violence went through yesterday. In Than To (Yala), two officers of the border police were killed in a bomb attack, when they were patrolling.

Bannang Sata (Yala), five soldiers in a vehicle injured when a bomb exploded.

Rangae (Narathiwat) also a roadside bomb exploded and injured à © à © n of the seven army rangers patrolling.

same story in Sai Buri (Pattani). Again a patrol here, twelve rangers. EA © n ranger was injured.

Rueso (Narathiwat) police were tipped off that a bomb would be on the Sai Road Phitan placed. When police went to check, she found a bomb crater on. Apparently the insurgents detonated the bomb, when they found out that the police were informed.


the familiar banners with the text that the army should disappear from the South. 15 were found.

This time

And among students and teachers of the school in Ban Taopoon Bannang Sata (Yala) is good at the shock after the attack on a village volunteer on Wednesday, for only twenty five hundred students showed up yesterday.

– A few hours before a team of the Narcotics Suppression Team (NST) raided the apartment of drug lord Waritnon Roengkamol, his wife and two other women there money bags removed. This is apparent from camera images from the elevator of the condominium. The woman is summoned for questioning.

Waritnon was slain Tuesday after police chased his car. The raid on the apartment police found two sealed deposit boxes , cash, weapons, ammunition and drugs.

– For the fifteenth time a request Somyot Preuksakasemsuk refused to release on bail. The Supreme Court says his crime (treason) seriously to justify. Release Moreover, the court did not consider it impossible that he would flee. His sentence of 10 years Somyot is former editor of the journal Voice of Taksin . He was convicted on the basis of two articles.

– Phayao yesterday hit by two light earthquakes with a magnitude of 3.7 and 2.5 on the Richter scale. Damage and casualties are not reported.

– In the field of the PAO (municipality) in Phuket yesterday afternoon a homemade bomb exploded. The bomb was hidden in a bin and damaged a van and two autoâ € ™ s. No one was injured.

– The three musicians, responsible for the death of a 51-year-old American in Krabi, were arrested. The American died in hospital after he had risen. A stab wound His home was injured.


say Carter would have jumped on stage and started to sing, but he refused to make room for other customers who wanted to sing. place later The men had an argument and Carter would have kicked down the tips. The fight was later continued outside with the fatal result for Carter. The three will be prosecuted for manslaughter.

Political News

Free all political prisoners 300x169 News from Thailand August 2, 2013 – Pheu Thai parliamentarians «r Worachai Hema urges Prime Minister Yingluck to dissolve on to parliament when his amnesty proposal to social unrest leads. After termination, the government in peace and clearly explain who will benefit from the amnesty, so that the population can participate in elections following the dissolution.

an informed decisionAccording

Worachai the amnesty proposal as a pretext to create unrest «run, after which the army can intervene. Worachai warns that à © à © n million red shirts ready to fight the army. During a seminar organized by the Thai Journalists Association and Isra News Agency, he asked the soldiers often involved in 2010 in the fighting with the red shirts. Soldiers are not prosecuted.

Controversial «le Worachai proposal is considered by the parliament on August 7 in the first term. Demonstrations at the parliament building are expected from Sunday. The government has declared the Safety Act in force for three districts in Bangkok. The riot has been practiced on Sunday riot control.

Pheu Thai-MP Weng Tojirakarn says the group â € ~ Peopleâ € ™ s Army Against Thaksin Regimeâ € ™ plan is the prime minister, the parliamentary speaker and his two Vice-Presidents to abduct.

Government Pheu Thai Party, the Electoral Council request to dissolve Parliament as party leader Abhisit has called to join the protests. themselves opposition party Democrats According PT state that call equal to the overthrow of the democratically elected government.

Photo: Students dressed in prison clothes, demonstrated yesterday in parliament. The message is clear.


– The ticket booths in the departure lounge of Suvarnabhumi move in the fourth quarter to the fifth floor, where now offices of CAT Telecom. There is over 900 square meters in space that can be seen rising passenger numbers at the airport.

used properly

the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the airport Airports of Thailand has organized a raffle to win a Mercedes-Benz C180 Coupe worth 2.9 million baht. The raffle tickets will be distributed at spending a certain amount in the restaurants and shops. The winner will be announced on September 19 and he / she is allowed to sit behind the wheel of the car during a party on September 26.

– The 100 year old Hua Takhe market in Lat Krabang is still open, although on July 21, seven wooden shops are burned. The market is located on the bank of Khlong Prawet and is especially popular with art lovers. Every first weekend of the month, there are outdoor art classes. DEA market previously burned three times. The worst fire was in 1998, when burned all the shops on the other side of the channel opposite the current art market off. The fire last month was due to short circuit.

– Thai Airways International will be flying within a year of Sendai in Japan. Since July, Thai need a visa to visit Japan. THAI flies already in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Sapporo.

Economic news

– The economic growth in the third quarter is expected to be somewhat larger than in the second quarter. The gradual recovery in the developed countries, especially in the U.S., can help stimulate exports says Mathée Supapongse, director of macroeconomics and monetary policy of the Bank of Thailand. The central bank expects growth in the second quarter lags behind the target of 4 percent per annum.

– The Thai Rice Exporters Association expects rice exports in the second half of this year is recovering due to higher purchases by China, Hong Kong and Singapore. But that does not change the prognosis of the association which 6.5 million tons of rice for the whole year. The Ministry of Commerce is counting on 8.5 million tons.

Last year, Thailand exported 6.95 million tons of rice, making it to third place fell from rice exporting countries.

In the first half of this year, Thailand exported 2.9 million tons, a decrease of 8.4 percent on an annual basis. The rice exporters face a strong competition from other exporters in the world and the slowing global economy.

The second half is better, says Chookiat Ophaswongse, honorary president of the association, because the government has begun to auction off its stock at prices close to market prices. rice Moreover, the second half of a year considered a peak season for rice sales. But not easy. The Rice from India and Vietnam is cheaper and there is a wide range of other cereals, such as wheat and corn.

– There is a good chance that the Master Group Corporation (Asia), better known as MGC, get the dealership of the Aston Martin. Up to now, the cars were delivered from Singapore. MGC is a dealer of Rolls Royce, and BMW and Mini. Aston Martin has recently introduced two new models isolated: the Vanquish © coupe and Volante convertible


Vana Nava waterpark artists impression 300x150 News from Thailand August 2, 2013 – In June, construction began of the Nava Vana Hua Hin park, which will consist of a jungle water park, a hotel with rooms and four hundred a condoproject. The water park is open the second quarter of 2014, hotel and condoâ € ™ s in 2016 and finished in 2017. The park is located near the Intercontinental Hua Hin Resort.

Hua Hin now welcomes three million tourists every year. The director of Proud Real Estate Co., owned by the family Liptapanlop, believes Hua Hin can compete with Cannes and Nice. Located immediately The project will provide an increase in the number of tourists and increase the competitiveness of the country compared to other attractions such as Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Legoland in Malaysia «he.


The new water park is designed by Whitewater West from Canada. The company has already designed five thousand water projects.

– Bang Sue and Chatuchak are from 2014 Bangkokà € ™ s new prime locations for the construction of new subway lines. This predicts Prasert Taedullayasatit, director of Pruksa Real Estate, Thailandâ € ™ s largest developer. Land prices are already starting to rise. Land at Bang Sue took last year 90,000 baht per square meter and now 150,000 baht, and condoâ € ™ s are now priced for 2.09 million baht against 1.62 million baht earlier. Prasert expects the price of land rises above 200,000 baht. The low and middle incomes will then no longer be able to afford.

a condo â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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