News from Thailand – August 20, 2013

20th of August 2013 0

News from Thailand – August 20, 2013


Egypt evacuation 300x159 News from Thailand August 20 2013 With two chartered aircraft of Egypt Air 614 Thai yesterday are isolated from Egypt , «evacuated. In Dubai they stepped on Thai gears over.

The first flight arrived gistermidag, today, the two other. A unit of the Air Force went back empty. It was not necessary because Thais were less than expected back. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there are three hundred Thai students in Egypt. Returned Thais say that the situation in Cairo is very dangerous. The army shoots at all who venture on the street.

– More than 120 billion baht to black money ie 12.6 percent of gross domestic product is laundered in 2011, according to a study by the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) and the International Monetary Fund


The money is for more than half of illegal gambling, and further a laundry list of illegal activities such as printing counterfeit money, copyright piracy, fraud, prostitution, tax evasion, bribery, smuggling, human trafficking and manipulation

Of the 120 billion baht, the AMLO 7 billion baht seized of power. Last year alone, 2.7 billion baht confiscated. The illegal capital consists half of cash and the rest from financial «le instruments or other forms of investments.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental organization set up by the G7, decided to delete a list of countries with a high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. in June Thailand The FATF noted that Thailand has made considerable progress in the fight against money laundering.

Thailand is since 3 years is still on the Tier 2 human trafficking list of the U.S. State Department. AMLO is committed to be.

also deleted them

– Fishermen, shop owners and transporters in Rayong requirements PTTGC, the subsidiary of oil giant PTT Plc, it revises the criteria for reparations after the oil spill July 27. In other words they want to see more money because the oil spill has caused more damage than originally thought


They also ask the company to be formed to soften. long term impact of the spill a fund Chaturat Iamworaniran, president of the local fishermen’s association, points out that not only residents are affected but also the environment. Representatives of residents would have to co-manage the fund.

The company has under Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisarn (Industry) promised the affected fishermen to pay 30,000 baht each from Chaturat but wants PTTGC accurately determine the damage to local businesses to ensure that their concerns are adequately compensated. The fishermen say they currently catch less fish and dead fish wash up on the beach. The number of tourists is also reduced.

– The National Ombudsman calls for a law that makes it impossible for foreigners to own land through straw men. A draft of ZOA € ™ s law (consisting of 40 items) was discussed yesterday at a seminar organized by the Office of the Ombudsman.

The bill provides for the formation of a committee that â € ~ € ™ verborgenâ examines transactions. It also contains an article that people immunity from prosecution if they transfer within a year they hold a legal entity.

Foreigners can now own land by using a number of loopholes, such as setting up a company with a 51:49 percent ratio between Thai and foreign ownership or by marrying. Thai use According to a study by the Office of the Ombudsman is a lot of land on Koh Samui, Phuket and Koh Chang in the hands of foreigners. Foreigners also make himself master of agricultural land by buying or leasen.â € ™ If we do nothing, they once owned everything â € “tourism, housing and landbouwâ € ™, says Ombudsman Siracha Charoenpanij.


Prasong Lertratwisut, a member of the Law Reform Committee, the problem is not so much the lack of legislation, but enforcement of the law. During the seminar, he said it to gegraai country is widespread among Thai investors. A tax measure can counteract. Prasong called for disclosure of land ownership so that the government can levy on land that lies fallow. Tax ZOA € ™ s measure forcing many landowners to sell to avoid having to pay.

load their country

Pirapan Premputi, former Secretary General of AMLO will not require new legislation. Amend the anti-money laundering and improved law enforcement sufficient according to him.

– The Department of Rice has four new rijstvarià «ties developed that are resistant to plant diseases and insects and a higher yield than the existing species. Department Chairit Damrongkiat expect them to be.

popular within three years from domestic consumersAccording

Chairit Kor Khor 55 is good for a yield of 712 kilograms per rai and Kor Khor Phor 3 for 1,415 pounds, the highest yield ever developed in Thailand. Kor Khor Phor 3 grows well in fields with good irrigation, particularly in the Central Plains. The rice can be planted throughout the year. It is operated by the department since 2006. In November started the commercialization of the seed.

– Prime Minister Yingluck yesterday began a three-day visit to Tajikistan and Pakistan. She lives in Tajikistan at the invitation of the President Tajikistaanse the High-Level International Conference on Cooperation in Water. The visit to Pakistan by Thai Prime is the first in 11 years. Yingluck is going to ask you to keep. Thai students in the holes According to some who would come from the South, are given weapons training.

– A Canadian expat who was wanted by the U.S. for fraud with penny shares yesterday arrested by the Thai police in Bangkok. He will be deported to the U.S.. A second Canadian, who is wanted for the same offense, has probably fled Thailand.

two Canadians belong to a group of nine Canadians and Americans who are persecuted. because securities fraud They would thus have ZOA € ™ s $ 140 million earned in 35 countries. Six stand trial in various courts in the U.S., a seventh suspect has been arrested in Canada.

Canadian now held in Thailand has already come with justice in 2011 for fraud involving a call center in touch once. He was released on bail, left the country, but was able to get inside. Later the country

– King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit, who from Bangkok to Hua Hin moved, in good health. This Princess Chulabhorn in the talk show Woody Kert Ma Kui said. Both were nursed in Siriraj Hospital. The princess denied that the royal couple to Hua Hin was left to escape.

political unrest

– It seems that the army leadership are preferred candidates to the post of Commander Naval Forces (as that function is called in the Netherlands) and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence get (Secretary-General or Director General in the Netherlands). That would mean that the preferred candidate of Thaksin is passed round at the annual transfer. That name is known by a controversial video interview of Thaksin with the current Secretary of Defense. On 30 August the Defence Council meets with Prime Minister Yingluck all transfers. How many transfers it is not. Mentions the message

– Army Commander Prayuth Chan-ocha pulls no punches. The demands resistance BRN has made progress in the peace talks are unacceptable. He said this yesterday during a visit to the province of Narathiwat. Sunday ended between Thailand and the BRN agreed cease-fire, although the violence during Ramadan did not stop.

Prayuth thinks that the peace talks should continue but the demands of BRN should it be disconnected. The government has not yet responded.


Charun Ampha, advisor to the National Security Council (which carries the peace talks), three of the five requirements acceptable. But the requirements to be regarded as a liberation movement and the release of the suspects BRN are unacceptable. The other three requirements are: Malaysia «should be considered as a facilitator and not as a mediator, the Melayu Pattanis should also discuss and representatives of ASEAN countries, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and international Ngoa € ™ s permission to receive calls to attend.

– In Muang (Pattani) yesterday shot dead a 34-year-old gym teacher. He was on the motorcycle under fire from insurgents passing. In Cho Airong (Narathiwat) were two soldiers on patrol wounded in a bomb attack. Four other soldiers were not affected.

– A couple that was the murder of the head of the Department of Finance «n and Accounting from the district office Rattanaburi (Surin) suspect has taken their life when their hideout in Nong Phai (Phetchabun) was surrounded by a police team.

The police had called the couple to surrender himself. When she heard two shots, they stormed inside. The woman working at the district office, her husband was a policeman. The pair went there after the murder of 1 million baht off. The body of the victim was found three days later. It was buried behind the house of the accused.

– Today begins the trial of a man from Si Sa Ket against whom it is done because of treason by his older brother declaration. He was arrested in 2010 and has since twice unsuccessfully asked for bail.

According to the indictment, he had made insulting remarks about members of the royal house, while he was watching TV and he had written an offensive word on a CD. The two brothers can been idle for more by the same door, why the older brother had left they ran together.

The company

– Minister Chad Chart Sittipunt (Transport) wants toilets at railway stations and bus stations are free, but the State Railway of Thailand said that the minister or to come, with money on the bridge because the toilets are now managed and cleaned by contractors and count 3 to 5 baht for a toilet. The scheme for free train and bus trips on some routes will be extended by six months.

– A former police inspector has received a life sentence for the murder of two of his subordinates in August 2011. The suspect has confessed and said to be as suffering from a psychiatric disorder. Diagnosed by a psychiatrist The court thought otherwise and left the man shown no remorse during his trial


– For the fourth time the British lawyer Andy Hall yesterday did not show up at a hearing on a defamation lawsuit filed by Natural Fruit Company. The company is angry about a report by Finn Watch which it accused of human rights violations at its plant in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Work there mainly workers from Myanmar. It is suspected that Hall is no longer in Thailand.

Political News

– Banharn Sila-archa, former prime minister and current adviser to opposition party Chartthaipattana,’s opposition party Democrats and the Peopleâ € ™ s Alliance for Democracy (PAD yellow shirts) questions to give up their opposition to the reconciliation forum of Prime Minister Yingluck . This forum is for the first Sunday meeting.

Banharn is at least of the party. Formally, he is in violation because he was a political ban of five years, in December 2008 when his Chart Thai party was dissolved. Banharn says that national reconciliation is urgently needed because the political divides the economy and undermine social stability.

– Today and tomorrow debating parliament on the election and selection of senators. 202 MPs have proposed changes to that procedure and also want to speak. The opposition complains that its speakers get enough talk. It is proposed not to appoint the Senate for half but to choose.

in its entirety

The opposition fears that the neutrality of the Senate an end and that would be disastrous, because the Senate can send home officials and appoint independent institutions (Electoral Council, Constitutional Court, Anti-Corruption Commission).

Finance news

– The economy is the second quarter in a â € ~ € ™ technical recessieâ ended because the gross domestic product two consecutive quarters is reduced by 1.7 (first quarter) and 0.3 percent (second quarter ).

the National Economic and Development Board, the figures rise to reduction of 4.2 to 5.2 percent to 3.8 to 4.3 percent. growth forecast for this year The prognosis of export growth goes back 7.6 to 5 percent. In the first half of the year, exports grew by only 1.2 percent compared to the same period last year. The correction is based on the slower exports, weak domestic demand and possible delays in investments in water and infrastructure.

Kampon Adireksombat, economist at Tisco Securities, expects exports and economic growth in the second half of the year to recover due to the economic recovery in the world. Tisco its forecast for economic growth in 2013 decreased from 4.5 to 4 percent.

– The message reminds me of â € ~ Who will pay? Sweet, sweet Gerritjeâ € ™ or advertising of Zeeland girl â € ~ But not a penny too much hoora € ™. The Ministry of Finance «n says up to 410 billion baht to attract the mortgage system for rice out. If more money is required, the Ministry of Commerce and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) but that pay out of pocket.

A source at the Ministry of Finance «n says that collegaâ € ™ s of Commerce should get along with selling the rice from the government stock, so blame the BAAC (the system for financing) can be repaid. And the bank must regulate its own liquidity to ensure that she has enough money to fund.

the system

according to the source is crucial that the load is limited to those 410 billion baht, otherwise the Department at risk of not achieving.

the deadline of 2017 for a balanced budget

– Despite the sharp increase in household debt is the Bank of Thailand does not intend to take because she is afraid to weaken the already sluggish economy further measures. Strict measures could slow economic growth which is not desirable in view of the weak domestic consumption and ditto global demand, particularly in China.


governor Prasarn Trairatvorakul measures are not necessary to the debt a critical level has not been reached. Nevertheless, the central bank keeps a close eye on the situation. She has the commercial «le banks asked to advertise arrangements encourage reckless spending.


The current household debt is estimated at 8 trillion baht, or 80 percent of gross domestic product. Ideally, the debt amounts to 40 percent, the corporate debt, government and households must be in balance to maintain. Finances «le liquidity [NB That 8 trillion is exclusive informal debts.]

Economists Isa people’s ability to meet decreased due to the first-car program of the government their payment obligations. This is particularly true for the lower income classes.

– Eleven thousand items reduced in price: that does not sound like a fairy tale? If the Ministry of Commerce is not. It has thirteen retail businesses, including the well-known grocery chain 7-Eleven, asked to reduce. Prices of daily necessities from this month to December The companies have 11,300 branches. They take turns lower prices. For example, the Ministry hopes to boost. Lagging spending

The Ministry is also Blue Flag outlets promote the sale of ready-made meals via social media. There are 5,000 such outlets in which a limited number of products are available at discounted price. The Ministry will encourage them to sell. Food at a price of 10 to 35 baht In exchange, they received the ingredient «ingredients at a discounted price. A 5-kilozak rice costs at Blue Flag 85 to 89 baht.

– Thailand should quickly make arrangements for the protection of personal data, legislation says HP Gupta, director backup and recovery systems for EMC Asia Pacific and Japan. The country would be the example of Singapore and Malaysia «to follow already ZOA € ™ s law have.

According to Gupta’s ZOA € ™ s law in order to seal consumers. increasing holes databases containing personal information ZOA € ™ s law is also necessary to intercept data by government and counter. Commercial «le groups Thailand should focus on encryption rules requiring service providers to encrypt to prevent hacking their data says Gupta. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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