News from Thailand – August 25, 2012

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News from Thailand – August 25, 2012

news 200x200 News from Thailand August 25, 2012 Who loves crustaceans, birds like spies or squid will try to outwit, can indulge in the Shell Fish Eating, Bird Watching and Catching Squid Festival in Cha-Am, which will be held September 8 to 16.

Cuttlefish swimming than near the coast, so afraid of seasickness nobody needs to be on the boat. Since this time the refrigerant is in the north of Asia “, attract many birds to Cha-Am there to overwinter. They can be seen in the Takad Plee field and Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park. Lots of stalls selling seafood serve the inner man and music and dancing prevent visitors bored. On 3 September, boat races and a fishing competition held but very wise not simultaneously.

– The Kinga € ™ s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament celebrates its eleventh anniversary of September 12 to 16 in Hua Hin. The tournament starts with a parade through the city, the program further comprises an elephant blessing, buffets for elephants, a baby elephant camp and of course polo matches by â € ~ € ™ teamsâ famous and newcomers. International and Thai celebrities [never heard] have paintings of elephants donated, which will be auctioned for charity during the closing gala dinner.

– Three former ministers of finance «n, the current Minister Kittiratt After -Ranong ears crops because of his remark that sometimes it is â € ~ white Liesa € ™ to tell. â € ~ The Minister of Finance «n does not have the right to have the population to lie and that he does not have to doenâ € ™ says Thanong Bidata, Minister of Finance« n under Prime Minister Thaksin.

Pridiyathorn Devakula, Minister of Finance «n in the Surayud government, is not surprised. â € ~ He always tells leugens.â € ™ More serious than the lie which so much controversy has arisen, is Pridiyathorn the lies about the mortgage system for rice. According Kittiratt the government has suffered no loss, but in reality suffers the government â € ~ huge lossesâ € ™.

Kittiratt gave this week she lied about its export forecast of 15 percent earlier this years. The minister had a white lie told to trust in the economy. Tuesday, the government forecast by 9 percent to. The business then attached little value to Kittirattâ € ™ s rate, since it was already clear that this was an unrealistic prediction.

Kittiratt is not worried about the commotion. â € ~ Those who now criticize me have already had never trust me.â € ™ comrades joined the ranks behind Kittiratt, which does not need to fear for his position. Reportedly, he would still have the full support of former Prime Minister Thaksin and his puppet or sister Yingluck.

– The army leadership has called her reshuffle list submitted by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence. The list contains the names of officers who are promoted or transferred. Minister Sukumpol Suwanatat (Defence) has stressed the need to take account of service and skills. According to the minister, he will not in the list action, the fear wegnemend that officers involved in the crackdown on the red shirt riots in 2010 a push get.

List to the Minister and Prime Minister Yingluck approved . According to a source at the Ministry threatens a conflict between army and government on the appointment of the new permanent secretary of the ministry. The minister said earlier that he was in Hong Kong with former Prime Minister Thaksin about the transfers had been submitted. The preferred candidate of Thaksin is a relative of a Pheu Thai-MEP who has close links with a sister of Thaksin.

– The new Senate president, a Pheu Thai-man puts the deployed attack Suthep Thaugsuban, the strong man in the previous government Anhisit, continued. Monday, the impeachment of Suthep on the agenda. Suthep is under fire because he then as Deputy Prime Minister tried comrades to work to establish the Ministry of Culture.

According to the Anti-Corruption Commission has thereby violated the Constitution and that is a mortal sin in Thailand. Suthep is output when the lane (he is now backbencher), he may not have five years public functions.

Suthep is especially in the red shirt getting picked on because he voorziter of the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES), which oversaw the maintenance of the state of emergency, is held responsible for the deaths and injuries during the red shirt riots in 2010.

– The Order of Battle. So called a two-book with 9,692 names of persons suspected to be part of opposition groups in the South of Thailand. The handbook provides an insight into the organizational structure of these groups and contains the names and addresses of, among others, politicians, headteachers and local religious leaders. Against 866 persons were arrest warrants.

– During a firefight between a unit of officers and soldiers, a rebel slain and another wounded. The firefight took place in a rubber plantation in Ban Kalor (Yala), where five insurgents were hiding. Three managed to escape.

– Sai Mai (Bangkok), the police shot dead an alleged drug dealer when they inspected a building. Police found 1.5 million methamphetamine pills with a street value of 450 million baht. A second suspect was arrested.

Saturday, police found in a minivan 100,000 methamphetamine pills and 2 kilos of crystal methamphetamine. The owner of the van was arrested on 11 June, but he then had only firearms and 12.9 million baht in cash with him. The younger brother of the suspect is caught for drug trafficking in the Klong Prem Central Prison.

Khon Kaen police arrested Friday morning in a bus from Bangkok arrived, two suspects with 2,000 pills.

– 26 detainees suspected from prison in Nakhon Si Thammarat dealing drugs, be transferred to other extra-security prisons. According to the Corrections Department at least 200 prisoners in Southern prisons active in the drug trade. The 26 currently being transferred, are big boys. The department is also prison guards rotate. In the prison of Nakhon Si Thammarat are 5000 prisoners, who are monitored by 160 guards.

– Residents of Ban Lat (Phetchaburi) say that a 2009 built reservoir (cost 48 million baht) no useful because it leaks. In the rainy season operates the reservoir, but in the dry season and it should be. The Royal Irrigation Department has been informed, but does nothing.

– With a GPS app, the police quickly apprehend a thief in the collar that a smartphone and a handbag from a woman had stolen. The app led to a house in Bang Krang (Nonthaburi) and indeed there lived the 30-year-old thief. In his home, police found ten purses.

– Two men to 3 years imprisonment were convicted of treason, were released after they had received amnesty.

– Seven provinces to disaster proclaimed, because there is no drop of rain falls: five in the south and two in the Northeast. 1,590,000 rai of farmland crying out for water. Surin standing crops waste away. Farmers are 660 baht per rai indemnified.

– in Pathum Thani were students from rival vocational again on the fist. Two students were injured, Ã © Ã © n of them are in bad shape. He was several times stabbed with a knife.

– The scores of the Yingluck government are not about to write home about. So the traditional quarter of grandma, they can forget it. Government policy as a whole and Prime Minister Yingluck get a sufficient, but further rains fail. The fight against corruption was the thickest insufficient.

The figures are the result of a survey among 1,200 citizens and 800 businessmen from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. The businessmen are generally more positive about the government than the citizens, but ninety percent of the businessmen do not trust the anti-flood plans of the government. And rightly so.

– Fifteen members of the Thai Rice Exporters Association have influenced their business “ended because the export has collapsed now Thai rice is considerably more expensive than rice from other countries. The association now has 192 members.

– The minimum quantity of tapioca which can be mortgaged, was reduced from 250 to 200 pounds, so that more farmers can benefit from the program. Like the mortgage system for rice is this program funded by the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives.

The program begins in October with a fee for cassava root of 2.50 baht per kilo. Each month there is 50 satang in until in March, when the program ends, 2.75 baht amounts. In March, the highest starch content. Last Wednesday cassava root account for 2.60 to 3 baht per kilo.

The government has 44 billion baht for the program reserved. She thinks to make a profit because the world prices increase. From Indonesia “and China is a greater demand expected. The harvest in Indonesia «suffers from drought. â €” Source: Bangkok Post

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