News from Thailand – August 28, 2013

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News from Thailand – August 28, 2013

blockade Nakhon Si Thamarat 300x200 News from Thailand August 28, 2013 The protest of the rubber farmers against the collapsed rubber prices yesterday extended with a blockade of the railway in Cha-uat (Nakhon Si Thammarat). The provincial court has issued arrest warrants against six farmers.

Police say they will use and the blockade of highway 41 break, but no violence 1,100 riot police is 20 kilometers from the protest location sent to a place.

According to a police spokesman, the protesting farmers have been joined by â € ~ other groups with political belangenâ € ™ and relbeluste teenagers (see photo homepage). In the district circulated a leaflet signed by residents, stating that the protesters are not locals. Is threatened to remove when they do not leave.

Local leaders do now attempts to negotiate with the peasantry. Them Some kamnans and village chiefs have called them the rail blockade Bea «terminate and come to Hong Nong Khuan intersection. MP for Surat Thani, Suthep Thaugsuban (Democrats), together says the government two years the problem of the declining rubber prices has neglected. He has asked Prime Yingluk the right of farmers to demonstrate respect, as it has done

that with the red shirt protesters -. The ceiling for the levying of excise duty on beer, wine and spirits goes up to 2,000 baht per liter of 100 percent alcohol content. This proposal of the Ministry of Finance «n yesterday approved by the Cabinet.

The current ceiling for beer and wine is 100 baht per liter of 100 percent alcohol or 60 percent of product value, with the highest outcome of these two is taken. For distilled has a ceiling of 400 baht per liter of 100 percent alcohol content of 50 percent of the product value. The Ministry will also change the method for calculating the tax. If base is not the ex-factory price and isolated Imported drinks the CIF price (cost, insurance, freight) taken but the wholesale or retail price. The changes result in a significant increase in the tax revenue. The Department also proposes to set up a fund that receives 1.5 to 2 percent of the excise revenue. The fund will support disabled people by paying their school fees and finance other activities of the Excise Service

-. The first heads to roll in the VAT scandal. Director General of the Tax Sathit Rangkhasiri is transferred to the inactive post of Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance «n. These preliminary temporary transfer penalty applies during the investigation into the fraud, including officials from the tax would be involved. Sathit is replaced “by a current Inspector General of Finance n. Also on the post of Director-General of Customs has appointed a replacement. Who should exist, not. Mentions the message

The Cabinet yesterday approved more appointments and transfers, but they have nothing to do with the fraud. In addition, his ghost enterprises that have VAT recovered. That the State would have cost 4 billion baht

-. The carrier responsible for the loss of two thousand visas for the Thai Embassy in The Hague, has confirmed the loss and is ready for the ad costs 26,000 while turning baht says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Stickers disappeared without trace between Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

In the other visa sticker case shows that staff of the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur has failed to keep, so staff could steal the stickers and sell the stickers in a safe gangs of counterfeiters. It involves a total of 300 stickers disappeared between September last year and July this year. With data in the embassy computer is tampered with to conceal the theft. The stolen visa stickers went to travelers from the Middle East, South Asia «and Africa. Applications from these countries for some time extra harshly. The theft was only discovered on July 20 by Immigration Mukdahan in the control of the passport of a Cameroonian. It is intended that visas are printed from October next year at the embassies and put a picture of the applicant

-. It is not surprising that the Action on Smoking and Health Foundation and the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance unhappy with the recent ruling of the Administrative Court of the health warning on cigarette packs. The magnification of them from 55 to 85 percent of the surface has been postponed in a case brought by Philip Morris.

Both organizations say the tobacco companies hinder public health policy. â € ~ It is in this case not the size of the warning, but to interference with the beleidâ € ™ says Bungon Ritthiphakdee of the Alliance. The two anti-smoking organizations to seek international support for increasing the warning. They have asked a lawyer from Australia «for help. In Australia «is to increase the government succeeded the warning to 80 percent

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-.. I can not remember the newspaper about message, but in the whole country 108 forums held on the factors affecting the development of the country stand in the way. in June and July A summary of the results has gone to the government. She also presented at the reconciliation forum and is in an edition of five thousand copies to interested parties.

The forums were a result of the recommendations of the Truth for Reconciliation Commission, a commission which is still by the previous government set. They were attended by 101,600 people, more than half of them have completed a questionnaire that was distributed at the forums

The answers have ten main causes of the problems completed.. Thus democracy is interpreted differently: Ã © Ã © n political camp focuses on the majority vote in elections, the other calls for a democracy based on â € ~ € ™ fairnessâ. The article also lists other factors, but let me just mention. The article can be found on the website under the title â € ~ Truth Forums report readied for releaseâ € ™

-. Suan Mokkhabalaram The Buddhist Park in Chaiya (Surat Thani) is embroiled in a controversy over recent changes and management of donations. The problems arose after the appointment of a new abbot. A group calling itself Friends of Suan Mokkh calls, cuts the problems on Facebook. The new abbot fog, in their leadership and management skills.

The criticism focuses on changes to the park, the landscape in â € ~ Ã © Ã © n large concrete structuurâ € ™ changing. This implies, contrary to the original intentions of the founder Phra Buddhasa Bhikkhu, which the park as a learning tool used to make clear what Buddhism. One of the changes is the renovation of the Phuttha Thong mountain. This would be done in order to prevent erosion. Furthermore constructed include concrete paths

-. Five hundred small fishermen yesterday at the Provincial House of Rayong higher compensation isolated «ist for the damage of the oil spill last month. The responsible company PTTGC offers 30,000 baht per person if further claims are waived. Eight hundred fishermen have made an application. Find the protesting fishermen no-claim condition is not fair because the leak may have. Term effects

Despite the requirement for higher compensation [and apparently rather than protest at the State House] are fishermen yesterday consultation with the company and the province agreed to the 30,000 baht compensation. The no-claim condition is canceled. â € ~ We have no choice, even though the compensation is not fair Isâ € ™ says Jaturas Eiamworanirand, president of the local association of small fishermen. According to him, the fishermen badly let down by the spill because the price of fish has collapsed.

PTTGC president Bowon Vongsinudom says the fishermen to come when they want a higher compensation by evidence. He expects prices to recover when the environment is cleaned and tourism gets going again

-. Five civilians including three pupils last year in Krong Pinang (Yala) shot dead by police, the provincial court Yala determined yesterday. The five were among a group of eight which was shot when she fled after the agents had to question them. The court found that the agents was not to blame because they had done their job and could not always distinguish between insurgents and civilians.

The parents of the victims had the case filed with the help of the difference Cross-Cultural Foundation and the Muslim Attorney Centre Foundation. According to the lawyer of them, the court case by the prosecutors returned to the police, who decides whether against the officers involved measures

-. Another collision in Chachoengsao, where a minibus is involved. Yesterday a minivan collided against the back of a bus, which made a U-turn. The driver and a passenger were injured. Arrived on Monday nine passengers of a minibus to life, against the back of a parked truck was standing collided

-. The richest minister is Deputy Prime Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana. He has a net worth of 3,085 billion baht. Prime Minister Yingluck accounts for 628.6 million baht in assets and 27 million baht to finance «le obligations. This is clear from the statements that his cabinet members are obliged to the National Anti-Corruption Commission to do. The list is updated because the Cabinet on 30 June of composition is changed

Political News

-. Parliamentary deliberations on the amendments to the Senate in conflict with the Constitution, says Kanit after Nakorn, chairman of the Law Reform Commission (LRC). He expresses this warning in a memo that he presented to Parliament. Yesterday parliament resumed the debate Thursday was demolished

For two changes that would conflict apply:. Banning family members of parliament to ask for the Senate candidate expires and the Senate is no longer half appointed with representatives from different sectors and occupations, but entirely elected.

The chairman of the parliamentary committee that the amendments have viewed, said yesterday that the constitutionality of the proposals is a matter of the Constitutional Court and not the LRC or Kanit. The message mentions nothing about the debate or any access to the Court

Economic news

. – The Kantana Group, a media and entertainment company, is setting up a thousand small cinemas in the country. They are developed in cooperation with local investors. The cinemas have 50 seats, the ticket costs 30 baht

The aim of the so-called community cinema is to combat piracy, as many people in the province is not an expensive movie ticket can afford. . The films are screened, will typically been seen before with the two big boys, Major Cineplex and SF Cinema.

If I understand correctly, the digital signal via a satellite connection protected from a central point sent. Investors in Indonesia «, Malaysia«, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos have also shown interest in the concept of Kantana

-. For the third consecutive month, exports decreased in July, but the Ministry of Commerce is confident that the export attracts the next two months due to higher purchase orders for Christmas and New Year.

In July, exports down by 1.48 percent compared to the same month last year. There was U.S. $ 19.06 billion isolated «exported. Imports rose by 1.08 percent to $ 21.34 billion. Calculated in baht terms, exports fell by 3.41 percent

The first seven months, however, another plus tezien give: 0.6 percent to $ 132.36, plus 3.85 percent for imports. $ 150.42. But in baht terms, exports fell by 3.68 percent.

The moderate July month is attributed by the Department to the weak global demand, especially in China and the U.S.. The euro was last month in recession. Also played a role in the political unrest in the Middle East and Africa. The only markets that grew were Southeast Asia “and South Asia”. TMB Analytics advises exporters to focus (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam)

the rest of the year on the CLMV markets -. Among the four major banks had Kasikornbank (Kbank) the first half of the year most staff turnover: 8.5 percent vs. 7 percent (Siam Commercial Bank), 5 percent (Bangkok Bank) and 1.5 percent (Krungthai Bank). When the fifth largest bank in terms of assets is included, Kbank drops to second place because the Bank of Ayudhya’s turnover amounted to 8.8 percent. High staff turnover ¨ is attributed to the strong competition in banking career res â € “Source:. Bangkok Post

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