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News from Thailand – August 29, 2013


blockade Nakhon Si Thammarat Aug 28 300x200 News from Thailand August 29 2013 The government does not bend to the demands of the protesters rubber farmers. Yesterday negotiated the Minister of Agriculture five hours with rubber farmers from across the country, but more than a subsidy on fertilizer and an arrangement for a loan was not there for them.

farmers seemed to form no united front because ten left the consultation when the minister refused to pay. a guaranteed price of 92 baht per kilo Veerasak Sinthuwong of the Network of Thai Rubber Farmers said they are determined from next Tuesday throughout the country to block.


Highway 41 and the railroad in Cha-uat (Nakhon Si Thammarat) are still blocked. Pensri Boon Thong, head of a group of village leaders, has called on the demonstrators to the blockade to an end. According to him, most did not come from Cha-uat but from neighboring province Patthalung. There they only demonstrate find them.

The district says it can be to Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat hospital, seriously ill patient «ingredients as a result of the blockade but not transported now be referred to. less well-equipped hospital Patthalung The director and pharmacist of the Cha-uat hospital spent yesterday visited the governor of the province and asked him to pave the way for patient transport.


Provincial Tourism Association says having to worry about the image of the province with tourists and the provincial department of the Federation of Thai Industries says that business has been a loss of nearly 100 million baht ago.

– The increase of excise duties on alcohol and another calculation method, which the government gave the green light Tuesday, mainly aims to eliminate misstatements by the producers, so they required to pay less excise an end. The new calculation method takes the retail price or wholesale basis and not as factory price. This explanation gave Secretary Tanusak Lek-Uthai (Finance «n) yesterday.

The increase does not apply to the medical and industrial use of alcohol. The minister does not think the market is hoarding before the new rules take effect. This increases their storage costs also may be some products did not last long, he


– Work to do for the Department of Special Investigation (DSI, the Thai FBI). The service is purchasing the GT200 bomdetector and issuing false identity as â € ~ € ™ Casea special investigations. Both cases are under the DSI serious and complicated.

In Thailand, thirteen services bought 1,300 copies of the bomdetector. They were supplied by the British company Comstrac Co.. Its owner was convicted earlier this year in London to 3 years imprisonment. The Thai army has the most bought.

ID case plays in Mae Taeng (Chiang Mai). To any person, whose name was removed from the population are given identity. According to the DSI have 850 stateless persons between 2009 and 2012 ZOA € ™ s got ID. The relevant officials uplift before large sums in bribes, says Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnok. â € ~ A crime like this can be considered a threat to national veiligheid.â € ™

– A special army unit yesterday a rebel camp on the Budo mountain range in Bacho (Narathiwat) rolled and ammunition and military gear seized. The army was tipped off that there are twenty rebels were, but they were already gone. Since March last year, the army eleven camps in the area found.

the Yaring-Cho Airong road in Cho Airong (Narathiwat) yesterday hundred Malaysian flags are found. Presumably they were a vehicle cases. According to a source like insurgents on National Day of Malaysia «Saturday the Malaysian flag hoisting in Pattani, Yala and Malaysia«.

Legerattachà © s of nineteen countries yesterday visited the Region 4 Forward Command of Isoc (Internal Security Operations Command) in camp Sirindhorn (Pattani). The aim of the visit was to inform policy in the South.


– Two Chinese tourists were killed when a speedboat in the Bali Hai cape (Pattaya) collided with a long-tail boat is at anchor. Seven other Chinese tourists and the driver of the boat were injured. The speedboat was twenty Chinese way from the mainland to Koh Lan Pattaya. The boat hit the anchor chain or rather the anchor rope.

– They had 100 million baht of gold and jewelry stolen from a gold shop in Nai Maung (Ubon Ratchatani), but they have not had a lot of fun because shortly after the robber and his girlfriend were arrested. The pair was â € ™ early morning invaded the store, was the owner, his wife and staff under threat of a firearm locked in a bedroom on the first floor and had emptied the safe


– Foreigners with a visa for Myanmar can now at six locations across the border. Yesterday is that with a small ceremony celebrated in the border between Mae Sai and Tachilek. The six sites are three border crossings by land (Mae Sai in Chiang Rai, Mae Sot in Tak and Muang Ranong) and three items in the airports of Yangon, Mandaly and Nay Pyi Taw.

– The Ministry of Justice is considering legalizing in the hope that the plant will replace the use of methamphetamine krathom . The Central Institute of Forensic Science and the Office of the Narcotics Control Board have been instructed to perform there. To a study According to some experts, the plant is less than Caffea ruin.

krathom In the past, used for the treatment of dysentery, diarrhea and abdominal pain. It was also used in some dishes. Since 1979 krathom considered drug.

– The Ministry of Health is appealing against the judgment of the Central Administrative Court in the case which has been brought by Philip Morris. The court ruled Friday that the new rules requiring manufacturers to improve the health warning of 55 to 85 percent to suspend on cigarette until the Ministry comes with better support.

According to the Ministry have been three tobacco manufacturers dummy packets submitted that meet the new requirements. They also have already adapted their production. They should reverse the change again. Due to the decision of the administrative court

thousand participants at the 21th International Union for Health Promotion and Education conference in Pattaya have signed a petition in support of the new regime. Said the president of the conference that a â € ~ key and efficiency «nte investment in volksgezondheidâ € ™.

– The investor day of the National Science and Technology Development Agency three products are presented, based on scientific research. It is a portable device that alpha-toxin contamination of food can be determined, a device that patient «ingredients helps the condition of their wrists, elbows and forearms improve and an herbal medicine that smokers can get rid of their addiction. The investor day will be held on September 12 at Centara Grand CentralWorld during the annual science fair.

Political News

– When the number of senators will be expanded from 150 to 200, the boundaries of the constituencies to be revised, is opposition leader Abhisit. He said this yesterday during the parliamentary debate on the amendment to the Senate. Abhisit suggested Thailandâ € ™ s divided into 40 constituencies. 77 counties Then five senators elected. Per district Constituencies that are larger than the provincial constituencies, represent the population according Abhisit better.

Abhisit insisted that the Senate has a different role than the House of Representatives. â € ~ Senators must be independent zijnâ € ™ said Abhisit. That the Senate currently consists of appointed senators for half [the Pheu Thai government wants to put a stop to make], according Abhisit does not necessarily mean that the Senate is undemocratic.

Suthep Thaugsuban, the second man of the Democrats and MP for Surat Thani, pointed out that Thailandâ € ™ s electoral system long been plagued by fraud and vote buying. To avoid interference by politicians, it is good that the Senate consists of both elected and appointed senators.

Last night Parliament voted overwhelmingly for the amendment.

– A survey of the National Institute of Development Administration under 1,249 people showed that 63.6 percent of respondents believe that all senators should be elected. Only 25 percent of the current distribution. 65 percent believe that relatives of senators would not be allowed for election [wants this rule PT deleted].
painting of Princess Soamsawali 300x250 News from Thailand August 29 2013

Cultural news

– Five hundred paintings by amateurs and professionals, including two of Princess Soamsawali (illustration), can be admired in the Montien Hotel on Surawong Road in Bangkok until September 8. They are the 18th Charity Art Exhibition: A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on the occasion of her 81st birthday. The paintings can also be purchased, the proceeds earmarked for the Thai Red Cross. On weekends, painting workshops tote bag [schoolbags?] Given by members of the 96 Independent Artist Group.

Visa News

– One year visa is not, as hitherto, transferred to a new passport after the old passport has expired. In other words: make sure when applying for a visa year that your passport is valid for at least one year. Expires a passport before, then also the year visa expires and a new year visa requested. The new rule applies since 13 augustus. (Source: TTR Weekly , August 28, 2013)

Economic news

– ecowagens manufacturers are worried that the market is glutted now the Government intends to proceed with Phase 2 of the program. They find that the second phase is to quickly gelanceerd. Manufacturers in the first phase have been expanding their production to 100,000 cars in 2015, which was a condition to get.

a license

The first phase include Mitsubishi (since 2012), Honda (2011), Toyota (second half of this year), Nissan (2010) and Suzuki (2012) part with a combined annual production of 585,000 cars. There are seven models delivered, both on the domestic and export markets.

The first phase was launched in 2007. The Board of Investment bent Wednesday on the criteria for the second phase. Each manufacturer is obliged to invest in the production of small, clean autoâ € ™ s. 6.5 billion baht A ecowagen must not exceed 100 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide emissions from existing models 120 grams. The excise duty is 14 per cent against normal 17 percent and 12 percent for cars on E85.

– The Bank of Thailand is studying a plan to its excess foreign reserves in a New Opportunity Fund to transfer to increase to strengthen the balance sheet profit. When the fund is coming, it is managed by a separate organization, but it could also be managed.

by the bank

The establishment of the fund is one of the attempts by the bank to bring its balance sheet in order after a loss of 531 billion baht ago, mainly due to stabilization of exchange rates. The establishment of ZOA € ™ s fund is already tussled years between government and bank. In early 2011 the then Minister of Finance «n all to study.

To strengthen the balance sheet considering the bank continued the gradual opening of capital accounts, a reduction of foreign reserves and allow the baht more in line to move. with market forces

On August 16 of Thailand’s foreign reserves totaled $ 172 billion, with a net forward position [?] of $ 23.6 billion.

– The SET index has plummeted Tuesday to 1293.97 points, its lowest after almost continuously falling prices in May (1643.40) and the longest period since 1998 when the prices fall. The baht tumbled to the lowest point in three years in response to concerns about a military attack by the U.S. on Syria «. The baht-dollar exchange rate is now 32.15 / 20. The prices on other markets in South East Asia “and the Middle East declined.

Panic Selling followed considering the communication from President Obama that he is the Syrian government accountable for the use of chemical weapons and military retaliation.

Krungsri Asset Management expects the SET is the rest of the year will move between 1,200 and 1,650 points with a downward trend when the domestic political riska € ™ s escalate. Shares with a maturity of one to three years remain the best investment despite the sharp fall, says Chatrapee Tantixalerm of Krungsri. Prapas Tonbipulsak, chief investment among its key prà © the low price-earnings ratio.

– The Thai Smile begins to fail in the tourism sector, revealed a study by the Center for International Trade Studies at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. The future of Thailand as a tourist destination can only remain competitive and promising, when the smile comes back and in the development of railways will be invested.

The study recommends the Government and stakeholders to work more incentives to attract foreign visitors and promote. more complete packages from It is often argued, the government should promote

also the command of the English language and languages ​​of neighboring countries.

Thailand can not sit back often as Singapore and Malaysia «currently trying to increase their income from tourism. Of all Southeast Asian countries Malaysia «attracts the most tourists: 25 million. Thailand attracts 22.3 million tourists, 15 million Singapore, Indonesia «8 million, 6.8 million Vietnam, the Philippines 4.4 million, 3.5 million, Cambodia, Laos 3 million, Myanmar and Brunei 600,000 250,000 </. p>

tourism accounts for 9.8 percent of Thailandâ € ™ s gross domestic product or 1.1 trillion baht. It is expected the share over seven years to 11.3 percent or 1.65 trillion baht.


– Seventy percent of students with a student loan has a repayment arrears and I want the government off. Students can sign up between November and March for a scheme where 3.5 percent of the debt is canceled and overdue interest is halved, when they pay off the debt in à © à © n times or when the debt repayment periods, provided they have a good payment history. [This seems to conflict with each other.]

Students can take out a student loan since 1996. 2.8 million students have done. 666,000 of them neatly solve their debt on time and in total 1.48 million students with a debt of 136 billion baht 58.4 billion baht have a backlog. Of the latter category are 104,000 cases settled out of court and 572,000 cases are in court. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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