News from Thailand – August 30, 2012

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News from Thailand – August 30, 2012

news 200x200 News from Thailand August 30, 2012 Oh, those poor Ploy anyway. She is just accused of tax fraud. The popular actress Chermarn Boonyasak was yesterday during a press conference in tears, she gave an explanation.

Not she, her accountant was the culprit, but the error had been corrected. They deplored the heavy words to have used the tax, but which served to protect her manager who was accused of embezzlement. The affair was discussed on web press with sneering remarks about the high fees paid artists gain. â € ~ hundred thousand baht for 1 or 2 hours work. And then they try to evade taxes or less to dragenâ € ™, someone wrote.

– Odd coincidence. Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Chatree Thatti was posted on Monday for punishment and a day later, his son (23) Pheemdet, who studied in Canada, in a traffic accident killed.

father, as Permanent Secretary Sathian Phoemthongin and Director General of the Secretariat Pinpas Sariwas Department on the grounds that he and the others had dared criticize the preferred candidate of the Minister of Defence for the succession of the Secretary.

debit card went Wednesday with flowers and incense to the Minister to be expanded to make excuses for his rebellion. The trio would have leaked the succession issue as Secretary Sathian prefer Chatree had as his successor. Sathian retire next month. But bean came to what you deserve, because the minister hit back with the punishment transfers and he came yesterday after Pinpasâ € ™ genuflection not go back on his decision.

The succession of the Permanent Secretary is part of the annual reshuffle, a transfer round for army officers. The list must still be approved by the Minister and the Prime Minister. Then remains only the signature of the king.

– We have only a few warning shots fired with blank cartridges to deter protesters. This was the defense yesterday of two snipers who were heard by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) about their role on 15 May 2010 during the red shirt riots. They were stationed at Lumpini Boxing Stadium and Soi Ngamduplee / Rama IV. The two soldiers are seen on a video that holds the DSI.

The DSI is currently investigating the death of 91 soldiers and protesters in April and May 2010. See also the comments of Bangkok Post.

– When the (last) Abhisit government was in power, was DSI chief Tarit Pengdith under fire because he would be pro-government, and now the government Pheu Thai in power, he gets the same reproach. It is not unusual, Bangkok Post wrote in its editorial of August 29, that a state servant is behaving as bamboo and meebuigt with the prevailing political winds.

But Tarit is head of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI ), a police force modeled on the example of the FBI, known as competent, credible, incorruptible and non-political. â € ~ It is therefore discouraging to note that the service itself through politics allows leiden.â € ™

The paper draws this conclusion following the interrogation of Abhisit this week and then Vice Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban about their role in fighting the red shirt riots in April and May last year. â € ~ There can be no doubt that both can be helpful in investigating the violence, arson and killing. But many other people too. The political and street leaders of the red shirts in 2010 played a key â € “maybe a criminele.â € ™

The quarrel between Tarit and army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha is significant. The DSI has accused the army of killing red shirts, but a serious study of red shirts that security forces killed, has not yet taken place. When the DSI expands its investigation, the respect for both the law unit in general and the DSI harmed, is BPA € ™ s conclusion.

– The government has the death penalty for persons under 18 years and lifelong abolished for minors reduced to 50 years. The decision is a result of promises that Thailand has done during its candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council.

– The network of canals in the east and west of Bangkok will be tested next week in preparation for the water from the North, which is expected in early October. According Plodprasop Suraswadi Minister (Science and Technology), all channels dredged and is a warning system operational.

The Ministry of Agriculture has the government yesterday presented a study for water management in the basin of the Yom River. The study is based on nine workshops with input from residents and lists four options for water control. One is the construction of the controversial “le Kaen Sua Ten Dam in Phrae. According to the Ministry, the inhabitants of that last one preferred option.

The World Wildlife Fund warned yesterday that construction of the dam constitutes a threat to tigers, because part of the Mae Klong Lan Wong-forest underwater afterwards. In the area are a tiger with two cubs, boar and deer spotted.

– The abbot of Wat Suthiwatawararam (Ratchaburi) was arrested yesterday because he was 10 rai government land illegally taken possession to make durian cultivation. According to the monk, he bought the land legally, he could do no proof.

– A train from Surat Thani on his way to Sungai Kolok (Narathiwat) was Tuesday attacked by southern militants. Index Page © n defense volunteer was killed in this life and another was seriously injured. Meanwhile soldiers patrolling along the railway in Cho Airong, Rangae and Rueso (Narathiwat). Possibly the attack retaliation for the death of a militant. That was Saturday at the Cho Airong station shot.

– More than 20,000 rai of 237,000 rai which the peat and forest Kuan Bitch counts , was illegally put into use to make oil palm plantations to build. This says Domrang Pidech, head of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation after a visit to the area.


raging since early March in various places difficult to fight fires, with 12,000 rai in flames is gone. The fires are lit to land for agricultural purposes to make them suitable.

Eleven hundred employees of National Parks are used for controlling fires, with the lack of rain it is not difficult. There are also problems with the supply of water. The next three months is the dry season in the south, so the situation may be even worse.

– A delegation of MEP «rs this week visiting Thailand. Yesterday they met representatives of citizen groups. Who expressed their concerns about the FTA between Thailand and the EU negotiated, particularly in relation to drugs and alcohol.

– In an undercover operation, two employees of Khao Yai National Park and five suspects arrested for the felling of protected rosewood in Sa Kaeo province. Eleven logs, firearms and ammunition were seized.

– Before we go into the economic news, two messages from Taiwan. The Environment Minister has summoned the male population no longer standing, but sitting to urinate. This keeps the toilet at least clean. He himself is also going to do and that suits him fine. A joker asked the minister and the president on the Internet to the TV a demonstration.

The second message is rather macabre. The mother (53) of a man who suffered from diabetes and was deceased, a week in his home located without being forward looking back. When the police found the body, swarming with maggots.

Economic News

– The first of 35 metro trains, manufactured by Siemens AG, on Tuesday arrived. They are used at the beginning of October Sukhumvitlijn of the BTS (above ground subway) trains and extend from three to four trains. The remaining € ~ â € ™ bakkenâ be delivered in July 2013. The extension increases the capacity of 30,000 passengers per hour.

operator Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc has five trains in China with four trainsets ordered. These are the Silomlijn used when Wong Wian Yai extension-Bang Wa finished. The first two stations on the tracà © of 5.3 km will open late this year, the other two mid-2013.

currently carries the BTS average of 600,000 passengers per day. Peaked in March that number to 715,000. Earlier this year the tracà © On Nut-Bearing there with an additional range of 120,000 to 130,000 passengers per day. Next year the rates will probably go up.

– Central Retail Corporation (CRC), â € ™ s largest detailhandelsconglomoraat, the 713 branches of grocery Family Mart exploit. Two other candidates were defeated. Family Mart is Thailandâ € ™ s second largest grocery chain after 7-Eleven.

CRCA daughter’s Central Food Retail Co. operates Tops Supermarket, Tops Market, Tops Daily Food Hall and mini mart. A market analyst expects Tops Daily (252 stores) is renamed the Family Mart.

Parent company CRC operates department stores Central and Zen, Robinson, Supersports, HomeWorks, Thai Watsadu, B2S, Office Depot and PowerBuy.

– Airports of Thailand, the manager of Don Mueang, today announced or King Power as the highest bidder a duty-free shop at the airport gets, and the Mall Group, a catering area. Market analysts find the offer of the Mall Group is very high, given that only budget airlines using the airport (go) make.

They take effect on October 1 when AirAsia with three companies to Don Mueang moves. Now only fly Nok Air and Orient Thai from the old airport. It is still unclear how the existing tenants, such as Burger King and Mapat be fitted.

– Free internet with a speed of 2Mbps in Pattaya in 2015 for the entire city and next year in 80 percent of the city. Thank True Internet there but, over the next three years is investing 100 million baht in a Wi-Fi network. After Pattaya are other cities at the turn.

Who wants to make use of free WiFi Pattaya must register and legitimize (Thai: ID card; foreigners passport). The limit is 5 hours per month. At present, on the beach of Wifi TO (Telephone Organization of Thailand) are available at a rate of 256 kbps, and the province has 1,000 WiFi hotspots. That number doubled within two years.

– Work on the expansion of the airport of Phuket can start next month, when Airports of Thailand (AoT) today the contractor chooses. Five companies make a bid for the job accounting for 5.7 billion baht. AoT wants the extension is located within 30 months instead of the planned 36 months.

AoT is under pressure due to the strong growth in the number of passengers: 8.4 million.The last year, while capacity 6 5 million. This year 10 million travelers expect and then 15 to 18 percent each year. The growth consists largely of Russian and Chinese tourists Pattaya Phuket swap. Also in India, the tourist flow increased.

airport gets a new passenger terminal with a capacity of 6 million passengers per year, 10 additional platforms above the current 15 and a parking garage with 1,000 places. International flights from the new terminal and use of existing domestic flights. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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