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News from Thailand – August 31, 2012

news 200x200 News from Thailand August 31, 2012 Wednesdays and Fridays are exciting days for Bangkok. Is the network of canals east and west of the city is able to drain excess water?

The government maintains that day a test where water is now stored in the reservoir Chai Nat and a nearby reservoir is discharged and transported to the Chao Praya river or directly to the Gulf of Thailand. Wednesday comes Bangkok West’s turn, Friday Bangkok East.

According Plodprasop Suraswadi Minister (Science and Technology) have residents not to worry that the overflow channels. Most channels are dredged and water hyacinth is removed. If there are problems, the test is stopped. Prime Minister Yingluck, always good for an encouraging word, assures the residents of Bangkok that they do not suffer from the test will have.

But Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra has his doubts. Between Wednesday and Friday develops possible a storm in the Philippines and Thailand that would able to influence. When channels are still flooded, the city of the helm without the Flood and Water Resources Management Committee, which is responsible for the testing, consulting, he says. On the east side, the situation can become critical. Two canals running through densely populated areas and the repair of the seven dams that were damaged last year, are not yet ready.

Dharmasaroja Smith, former director of the Meteorological Department, is also concerned. The reservoir from which water is extracted, is 40 percent full. He expects that in December and January is not enough water to counterbalance against the intrusion of salt water into the Chao Praya river.

The Stop Global Warming Association believes that the test must be canceled.

– There was warned, but the Ministry of ICT is only now waking up: the tablet pca € ™ s to students of Prathom one go, do not contain any software that blocks pornography. Some of the 800,000 PCa € ™ s already distributed. The Ministry now has 120 million baht in a company hired to do what every useful ICT can do it (like the people who work at the Ministry). Furthermore, those PROGRAMS € ™ s already on the market. Bangkok Post calls it in its editorial of 30 August a waste of taxpayers’ money and an example of the saying: if the horse has bolted, it dampens the pit.

– The man responsible for the death of Farut Thaised, the son of an MP, has indicated. He had hidden in his home province of fear for his safety. As the police already suspected, there was no question of a political murder.

The vehicle in which the suspect was, and the vehicle Farut and five relatives, pulled together several times a week ago at the Khao Yai Wang Nam Khieo Road, which angrily with great light was blinking. According to the defendant, the first shot from Farutâ € ™ s car fired. He shot three times, which Farut in his head was hit and died.

– Militants on Thursday a policeman and owner of a grocery in Yala shot and beheaded. Then they put his body in a pickup truck and set it on fire. Police found his head 5 meters from the car.

Pattani yesterday was a member of the tambon administration organization of Paseyo shot while he rode his motorcycle. He is seriously injured in hospital.

Seven business districts in Pattani are named security zones, which means that the police, soldiers and volunteers are going around the clock patrolling. The city has 320 Pattani Cameraa € ™ s installed, which cost 30 million baht.

– Islam Burapha School in Kalu Wor Nua (Narathiwat), who four years ago was closed for alleged help staff to militants, is open again. The school had 890 pupils before, now there are 163. There must be many isolated improvised because termites have in recent years done credit to materials. Even computers and stuff to do experiments with it, were not safe from the voracious insects. The headmaster calls on the authorities to make money available to for replacing the lost inventory. The school was given permission to reopen because the case now before the court.

– The Australian branch of PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP) accepts its responsibility for a massive oil spill three years ago. For 10 weeks was leaking oil into the sea with a slick of 90,000 square kilometers result, which even reached Indonesian waters. Indonesia «claiming damages of $ 2.4 billion. There is a fine of $ 1.03 million, imposed by the Darwin Magistrates Court, plus cleaning. Pollution, the company A $ 40-50 million cost, estimates the director of PTTEP.

– Thailand may not have won gold medals at the Olympics, the country has a Guinness World Record broken. On the first day of the Thailand Medical Hub Expo 2012 in Nonthaburi kneaded 641 masseuses and an equal number of victims [?] Toward the honorable mention, the record of March 2010 of 526 residents of Daylesford in Australia «behind.

– Gold leaf slices on plate numbers misfortune, is in conflict with the law and it is irresponsible, says Worasak Nopsitthiporn, deputy head of traffic police Bangkok. He calls automibilisten, who have done, on to the gold immediately remove. The scraping of numbers or letters should not.

– And again it is protected rosewood intercepted. Yesterday afternoon was walking in a forest in Khan Han (Si Sa Ket) a group of ten men against the lamp. Nine took off, Ã © Ã © n was held and the wood worth 1 million baht was confiscated. In another action in the border district Kantharalak rosewood was worth 2.9 million baht seized.

– Six injured turtles are the last week on the beach in Phuket and Phangnga ashore. Presumably they clamp seated in fishing nets or they had a hit by a propeller received.

– The real enemies of Thailandâ € ™ s forests are the state and the Forestry Department, wrote in her weekly column Sanitsuda Ekachai Bangkok Post. She cites the example Kanya Pankitiâ € ™ s rubber plantation in Khao Bantad (Trat). No commercial «le plantation with rows of trees without underbrush with chemicals« n is destroyed. Her plantation looks like a jungle with rubber and fruit trees, bamboo and herbs intertwined. An eco-friendly plantation, of which thousands are in national parks.

But they should disappear. The government has allocated 50 million baht and 1,500 armed foresters are ready to expel the small farmers. According Sanitsuda involves ZOA € ™ s 2700 residential communities in forests. The residents have lived here since before the forests were protected area status. According to the 1997 Constitution, they have the right to stay there. But pulling the bosautoriteiten itself not care. The previous government promised communal land certificates to be issued. But that does not help.

Meanwhile, investors have permission to set up large tracts of land for the cultivation of cash crops, forests to make way for dams and mines and the use of chemicals «n in forest areas is no obstacle in the way laid says the columnist.

Economic News

– Gloomy news on exports. In July that went back to 4.46 percent year on year, by 13.7 percent to the EU and to Japan with 4.8 percent. After 7 months, the count is 0.4 percent. To the government’s revised forecast of 9 percent, this would from now on monthly exports have increased by 20 percent.

Sompop Manarungsan, President of the Panyapiwat Institute of Technology, considers a growth of 4 to 6 percent are possible, which would be satisfactory given the eurozone crisis. The Ministry of Commerce retains 15 percent, the government estimates 9 percent, the National Economic and Social Development Board 7.3 percent.

Imports rose last month by 13.7 percent on a yearly basis. Over the past seven months Thailand imported goods worth $ 144 billion (plus 10.5 percent), resulting in a loss on the trade balance of $ 12.1 billion.

The Governor of the Bank of Thailand said yesterday that the central bank is likely to reduce the rentarieven something. Thailand is not spared from the financial downturn in Europe and «le unrest, said Prasarn Trairatvorakul. Exports to the euro zone is normally 10 percent of the total export volume, but has so far declined by 12 percent year on year.

[Would the bank still to pressure the government succumbed to cut interest rates? See previous articles on the monetary policy of the central bank.]

– The Jiffy Mini Mart, known for PTT petrol stations is extended with two formulas: besides Jiffy original comes a Jiffy Jiffy Daily and a Supermarket. They are located at petrol stations and shopping centers. PTT Retail Management, which operates the stores, wants his wings because the profit margin in retail is greater than the margin on fuel. Jiffy Daily coming next year 30, the supermarket a little more. The existing 146 stores being refurbished.

– to 2.27 trillion baht to gather for infrastructure projects in the coming years, also called on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The government wants this purpose an infrastructure fund. The remaining funds from the budget must come from public-private partnerships. Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) made this known yesterday at a seminar. One of the most ambitious projects is the construction of a high speed line.

– The Asian Development Bank (ADB), Thailand has counseled in transport and infrastructure investment in Myanmar to international investors and financiers the confidence that the good comes with the construction of a deep sea port in Dawei (Myanmar) and an industrial estate. For the first phase of the project is $ 8 billion is needed for the entire project and $ 50 billion, but that money is not there yet.

Craig Steffenson, Thailand Director of ADB, said the ADB project wants to see succeed, because it will be beneficial to Thailand, Myanmar and ASEAN as a whole. The project would create 5,000 jobs «run.

– The government will next year the Bangkok Fashion City project, under the Thaksin government was not a success, revitalize. The aim of the project was then a regional fashion hub of Bangkok and eventually a world leader. It was launched in 2003 and in 2006 influenced «terminated.

Minister Pongsvas SVASTI (Industry) wants world class fashion designers from Europe get to Thailand to assist in growing their own talent and developing brands.

The textile and clothing industry has currently difficult because of the increase in the minimum daily wage to 300 baht. The sector is facing a labor shortage, says Sophon Pump Rasit, director of the Office of Industrial Economics. The best way to help the sector, according to him, small and medium-sized undertakings in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam to invest, because the wages are lower.

Thai garment manufactures products according Sophon low quality without any added value. Purpose of Bangkok Fashion City that has changed and make the acceptance of Thai brands in the international arena and promote a fashion center to be.

– Seagate Technology, â € ™ s largest producer of hard disk drives (HDD), promises the years 100 to 200,000,000 baht per year to invest in Thailand. The output will thus increase by 20 percent, the volume of parts and components by 25 to 50 percent. Seagate has two offices in Thailand, one in Samut Prakan, where braces and head stacks [?] Are made, and in Nakhon Ratchasima, where the same products and sliders and drives come. The number of suppliers has been extended to 30 to prevent the supply of parts is disturbed again, like last year during the overstromingen.Thailand accounts for 40 percent of world production of HDDA € ™ s.

– Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc goes under the name Kurobuta meat on the market of Black Berkshire pig. With 180 baht per kilo of meat is much more expensive than ordinary pork, which is 120-125 baht. But for that extra baht you need a quality piece with a delicate texture and a sweet taste.

Thais eat an average 13 pounds pork, which is low compared with the population of Hong Kong each year 69 pounds munch, China 37 kilos and 36 kilos Taiwan.

Last year, 12.3 million pigs reared, of which 95 percent was for domestic consumption. The exports consist of manufactured products, such as ham and bacon. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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