News from Thailand – August 5, 2013

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News from Thailand – August 5, 2013

Ao Phrao almost clean 300x194 News from Thailand August 5 2013 The sea off the beach at Ao Phrao Koh Samet area is almost clean, says Governor Wichit Chartpaisit of Rayong.

Divers have this fixed for 70 percent of the affected area. Next week the beach and holiday open again, but swimming remains banned pending water inspections.

556 people have complaints about the oil spill: 238 fishermen and 317 hoteliers and restaurateurs. The damage to the tourism industry and related businesses is estimated at 100 million baht. © EA one person claims to have received health problems. Some complainants have been on August 12 a compensatory payment. Saturday is a religious ritual held that apologies be made to â € ~ sacred thingsâ € ™ according to the popular belief.

Noppadon Srisuk, director of the Marine and Coastal Resources Department, says divers have found. no casualties among the fauna The only thing they are interrupted by coral mucus is secreted as a result of stress.

– Controversial «le amnesty proposal Pheu Thai parliamentarians« r Worachai Hema is not removed from the parliamentary agenda, says Noppadon Pattama, legal adviser to former Prime Minister Thaksin. That the party leadership decided yesterday.

Prior Worachai

​​had proposed to remove from the agenda and a Cabinet decision making. those meeting He says to have the concerns of the opponents of the government and opposition party Democrats to take away. Done Who distrust the proposal and think it has former Prime Minister Thaksin amnesty.


Worachaiâ € ™ s proposal on 7 and 8 August debated in Parliament. Worachai says the amnesty in his proposal does not apply to the protest leaders and those who have given to use force.

command in 2010

– It continues to struggle with the cease-fire that has been agreed between Thailand and resistance BRN. The National Security Council (NSC), which account BRN peace talks since February, denies the claim BRN she has violated.

the agreement, which applies to the Ramadan,

In a letter to the BRN, the NSC wrote that the attacks in the South have yet to dissipate despite the peace agreement. The authorities consider violence as the work of insurgents. [I make a stab at the translation.] Both parties must work together to find out which groups are truly responsible for [transit] violence. According to NSC Secretary-General Paradorn Pattanatabut violence has the confidence of the population in the dialogue seriously affected.

The NSC will propose a date for the next call only after the end of Ramadan on August 18. Paradorn said the NSC more resistance groups have asked to be allowed to slide, but for the moment the government did not want to know.

– In the province of Yala yesterday a soldier shot in the leg. He was shot from a group of four men dressed in Muslim women’s clothing, on motorcycles. The soldier was part of a patrol of eight soldiers, also on motorcycles. Between the soldiers and the men took a brief firefight place.

Also in Yala, an assistant village head shot dead in his house. The police think he is the victim of a political conflict, but a link to the southern violence is not excluded.

rice in figures 300x250 News from Thailand August 5 2013 – The key question is: is the mortgage system for rice need? The agricultural sector accounts for only 8.6 percent of gross domestic product, 38.2 percent of the population (25 million people) is working in and of them are 4.8 million households (18 million people) rice farmers <. / p>

In the third installment of the series Special Report on the mortgage system, the authors ask the question because the economy is increasingly shifting from agriculture to industry and services. The question is relevant because the subsidy given to farmers, a heavy drain on the budget does and because the system is plagued by corruption.

¯ The system was introduced in 1970 isolated when there was an oversupply of rice. Farmers could jeopardize their rice, which they had money to pay off debts. Short term When the rice price rose, they could buy and sell the rice back on the market. The government Tinsulanonda suggested the guaranteed price fixed at 80 percent of the market as support against falling rice price. But the Yingluck government has guaranteed price 40 percent above the market determined, so that the system only acts as a subsidy tap.

Ammar Siamwalla, an economist at the Thailand Development Research Institute, says that the current system is not necessary and no effective means to help the poor. Not all rice farmers need. Finances «le support Twenty percent of the richest rice farmers produce 42 percent of the total rice supply in the market and will benefit most from it. The 2.59 million poorest farmers produce enough to make.

of the system use

â € ~ The rice farmers as the poorest group of people consider, as they were in the past, is now too romantic view. The rice cultivation in Thailand has changed dramatically. Many rice farmers grow other crops now. In areas where it rains they only six months a year, rice cultivation, so they grow other crops or go to Bangkok or other cities to work. And many children of rice farmers have a good education and have good jobs.

The view that this existence is in need of subsidies, is distorted. Humanitarian aid to the poor is needed, but that has nothing to do with subsidizing «ing of productenâ € ™ says Ammar.

The rest of the article I mention, because it is not about the system as such, but about the planned reduction in the guaranteed price, about production costs and the humidity of rice. Furthermore, proponents of the system come to speak with the obvious arguments.

– The Municipality of Bangkok prefers a bus over a monorail to connect with Sam Yan Siam Square. According to Deputy Governor Amorn Kitchawengkul the distance is too short and the construction of a mini-BRT bus system easier. For this is only required. Separate lane The Traffic and Transportation Department was asked to hire to consider the proposed amendment and compare.

the two transport consultants

other monorail route remains on the wish list. The construction begins with the Traca © Vacharapol-Lat Phrao-Rama IX Road Thong Lor (gray line).

– A 4-year-old boy has been killed and his mother and grandmother were seriously injured when their pickup truck at an unmanned railway crossing in Ubon Ratchatani was struck by a train. The mother was driving. Further details are lacking. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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