News from Thailand – December 12, 2013

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News from Thailand – December 12, 2013


SEA Games 2013 opening ceremony News from Thailand December 12, 2013

Impressive is an understatement to describe. opening ceremony of the SEA Games 2013 in Nay Pyi Taw (Myanmar) Yesterday I looked at the TV recording with open mouth.

Thousands of dancers performed a show with traditional dances and music. They formed a colorful palette that sometimes took the form of the map with the participating countries and then switched back to color. It was all an utter perfection, I have no dancer can catch out that they ran out of sync


But the show was also with the support of China and established as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2008 had already shown: that country is going to massiveness and perfection. China had nice to have handled in the pouch. It provides nearly U.S. $ 33 million technical assistance to the Games, including the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony (I’ll go back to the TV sit).

The Games lasting 22 days, eleven countries taking part. Fought in the major sports, but also in traditional sports such chin lone and vovinam . Myanmar is delighted with the Games, because the last time that the host country, was in 1969. Ended in Thailand’s neighboring country two years ago, the military dictatorship, and since then the country rise.

SEA Games 2013 fireworks News from Thailand December 12, 2013

– Following the posting â € ~ Army does not talk to Suthepâ € ™ some news from the (political) action front


Government Pheu Thai Party says it will not bow to (if any) requirements of the anti-government groups to hold. new elections Our supporters we would lose in droves, said a prominent party member yesterday at a party meeting.

Another suspect that the anti-government movement will insist on a military coup, if it fails to bring the government. overthrown as a last resort At this time, the movement has its hopes on the Constitutional Court and the National Anti-Corruption Commission, but it will never happen, he says, to achieve its goal. Along this path

now begin MPs from opposition party Bhumjaithai about to walk to Pheu Thai. Six decided to migrate or have already given up as members, four of whom were present yesterday at the Pheu Thai meeting. It is expected that the so-called Matchima faction switching within Bhumjaithai.

by action director Suthep Thaugsuban desired Assembly can be installed, says Vicha Mahakhun, member and spokesman for the National Anti-Corruption Commission. That is via a â € ~ executive decreeâ € arrange ™ (Cabinet decision) but both ruzià «nth parties must ever be.

Premier Yingluck yesterday doubted whether Sutheps idea is feasible now that the House of Representatives is dissolved and the government has resigned. The parliament consists only of the Senate.


Vicha the law does not preclude the dismissal of Yingluck and her cabinet, which the PdRC (joint action groups) has isolated «ist. It does not necessarily have to create a political vacuum “run. ¼ m This is unprecedented in the resignation of Thaksin in 2006, which was then followed by a deputy prime minister.

– Opposition Party Bhumjaithai brings in the forthcoming elections 125 candidates in the fray (national list) and occurs in 200 of the 250 constituencies attempting to get

a district seat.

Still unknown is whether the main opposition party Democrats to participate in the elections. The decision on this is Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday will meet the party at the Miracle Grand Hotel in Laksi (Bangkok). On Tuesday and Wednesday meetings parliamentarians state policies on the agenda, as well as the election of the party leader, General Secretary and members.

– With a heavy bombing in Kapho (Pattani), four soldiers were killed and seventeen injured, two seriously. The soldiers were in a military truck that was on its way to an army camp. The force of the explosion, the truck hit a tree and came in one ditch. The soldiers were thrown from the vehicle. The bomb hit a crater 1.5 meters deep.

Muang (Yala) yesterday shot dead a traffic cop. He was taken under fire in his car when he was on his way to work. Again by a passenger of a passing motorcyclist.

– Australia «, Canada and France have joined the countries that have expressed concerns about the political unrest. The Australian Foreign Minister expressed her appreciation for the way in which the authorities responded to the demonstrations. She warned her countrymen to shun. Protest locations

her Canadian colleagues did a two cents. â € ~ Canada is concerned about the ongoing protests in Bangkok and the riska € ™ s violence and instabiliteit.â € ™

France, the situation in Thailand closely monitored, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to know.

Germany, the U.S., New Zealand and China already expressed their concerns. Today briefs Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul the ambassadors of the ASEAN countries on the political situation in Thailand.

– The Ramkhamhaeng University has a center rigged to give priority to students who are victims of political violence help. It will also investigate the clashes between red shirts and students on Sunday, December 1st at the Rajamangala Stadium, where the red shirts held a rally. This revealed three red shirts, a student and a bystander killed, and fifteen people were injured. The university has opened a fund to finance «le support to students.

– Today reports opposition leader Abhisit joined the OM that intends to prosecute the deadly actions of the army in 2010 him. Abhisit was then prime minister. His right Suthep Thaugsuban, who is going to be possible prosecution sends his apologies through his lawyer. He’s too busy with the anti-government protests.

– The Thai Constitution Protection Association wants to know of the Constitutional Court or the PdRC (collaborating protest groups) can form on the basis of the Constitution, People’s Council and People’s Parliament. According to the Government, a People’s Council in conflict with the Constitution.

– Not only buildings on the government complex at Chaeng Wattanaweg been ransacked by protesters, but also a building of the Ministry of Finance «n. Research has shown that after the protesters had Monday off to Government House. The rooms of the Minister, Secretary of State and senior officials have been damaged. Also missing include four iPads, notebook computers 50, 30 smart phones and a motorcycle.

– Demonstrators yesterday the gate of the Interior Ministry officials could not be blocked, causing inside. The PdRC has called on officials not to listen, because it would not be.

legitimate for the government

– The Khao Yai National Park is â € ™ evening at 9 pm close, so that animals can refresh themselves undisturbed to love. That time is indeed the official «le closing time, but until now squeezed monitoring a blind eye. For the safety of visitors, it is better if they stay away. Especially elephants should have nothing snoopers if they make a number. Monkeys have a hand in tents of visitors  to look for food.

– The Business Club for Democracy demands in an open letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign governments provide to former Prime Minister Thaksin, who lives in exile in Dubai no longer travel documents. Thaksin was sentenced to two years in prison in absentia in 2008 for abuse of power in the sale of land to his then wife.

– Monday is the Immigration Office for Foreigners at Chaeng Wattanaweg open again. It is now temporarily located on the fourth floor of World Ladprao.

Economic news

– The private sector is worried that a slowdown in government spending takes its toll on Thailand’s economic growth next year, although the Bank of Thailand still does not have


Tanit Sorat, vice chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, said that in the period leading up to elections, no new expenditure can be done, especially for projects related to the populist policies of Pheu Thai Party government. This will also lead to lower domestic spending.


opposition party Democrats unexpectedly win, they will probably water projects of 350 billion baht and the infrastructure works of 2 billion baht will be deleted. These projects are considered essential for boosting economic growth next year.

In October and November, the government issued 471 billion baht: 18.9 percent less than the original target and 15.2 percent on an annual basis. â € ~ It can be seen that the political conflict that began in October, have influenced ¯ government spending nvloedâ € ™ says Tanit.

E r for early next year have a bright spot. In January, the money spent on election campaigns and â € ~ tens miljardenâ € ™ (words Tanit) are distributed to the poor. And DAA € ™ s weather favorable for the economy.

– I never knew, but elections are beneficial to the domestic car market. A source at the Federation of Thai Industries said that the elections â € ~ € ™ definitelyâ ensure a growing demand for motorcycles and pickup trucks. Why so, unfortunately. Mention the article

the first ten months of this year, 1,123,268 autoâ € ™ s sold 1.8 percent year on year, but there were more autoâ € ™ s production: 2.12 million, 7.1 percent more on an annual basis. By year end, the counter should be. At 2.51 million vehicles â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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