News from Thailand – December 28, 2012

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News from Thailand – December 28, 2012

news News from 200x200 Thailand December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012

The term â € ~ As the wind blows, blows my rokjeâ € ™ is perfectly applicable to Tarit Pengdith, head of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI, the Thai FBI). He is of the few top officials last year the change of power from Democrats to Pheu Thai has survived.

And now he says three suspects in the visor for the death of Colonel Romklao Thuwatham, on 10 April 2010 at the Democracy Monument by a grenade attack was killed. He dubs them as â € ~ € ™ Forcea unidentified, but in April of this year, said he still has supporters of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD red shirts).

understandable switch, because the red shirts continue but claim they behaved peacefully in 2010. And Tarit is well aware that he rushes to catch when he accuses red shirts. When asked Tarit answered questions from reporters about his switch: â € ~ Did I say that? Give me time to check out what I’ve gezegd.â € ™ And that seems to me the quote of the month.

The three suspects are under Tarit by both the police and red shirts photographed. They fired grenades at the army that tried to dispel the red shirts Din So Road to Democracy Monument occupied. The DSI is the Attorney General asking to make a request to the Criminal Court for arrest warrants against the three to issue.

– 76 specialized police protest against a â € ~ € ™ loterijâ, which could lead them in the South are stationed. On their behalf has Khaisaeng Thawilwong, serving in Khon Kaen doing yesterday handed a protest letter to the headquarters of the Royal Thai Police.

agents speak of a â € ~ € ™ loterijâ because the head of the national police from a group of 4,000 agents randomly 120 names will attract. The South facing with 150 vacancies for specialists and until now have only 30 officers voluntarily reported.

Agents who are obstructive, say not to protest against relocation, but against the selection. Many agents who are eligible, are 40 Ã 50 years old and have families, for which they are responsible. The families are concerned about the dangers that the agents in the South walk, now almost daily attacks in Yala, Narathiwat, Pattani and Songkhla.

On the part of the authorities is little understanding of the action. The police chief says he will exercise coercion if necessary, he has ordered an investigation to determine whether the agents not the conduct of the Police Act and Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung threatened with disciplinary action. He points out that agents in the South earn more than agents elsewhere in the country. â € ~ If you are unhappy, You Should Quita € ™, he says to the 76.

Since 2004 the violence flared up again in the South, are 280 officers were killed and 1,200 were injured.

– The press focuses its reporting too much on the economic aspects of the Asean Economic Community, which end of 2015 becomes effective, and too little on the social, cultural, political and security dimensions. This says the Thai Broadcast Journalists Association in a look back at the past year. The association also warns political organizations which have their own channels form. Political groups exploit regional or local radio and television for their own propaganda purposes, said president Wisut Komwatcharapong.

Furthermore he called yesterday some incidents of the past year in memory, such as the corruption accusation against a well-known TV presenter, a conflict around a reporter from channel 7, not on her mouth fell, and the arrest of a photojournalist during the rally of the Pitak Siam group.

– For the serious assault of a female taxi driver, the police have two suspects (17 and 25) and held them still makes hunting a third suspect (22). One of the men worked Tuesday the neck of the woman with a knife and then they drove her taxi over her. They also stole 4000 baht.

– Reconciliation is the only way to get the country further. These wise words spoke retired General Prem Tinsulanonda and President of the Privy Council, an advisory body to the king, yesterday in his traditional New Year’s speech to military leaders. The military leaders visited him at his home in Si Sao Theves him a happy New Year. According to Prem, who by the red shirts of suspected the military coup of 2006 to have orchestrated, the country is not divided.

â € ~ There is no division, there are only differences. If we consider that differences arising from friendship, the country is at peace. The unfortunate fact is however that some people others who think differently, as wrong and poorly regarded. This is an obstacle to unity in the country bereiken.â € ™

Prior to the visit to Prem visited the military leadership of the Minister of Defence, to him also their New Year wishes to convey. Prime Minister Yingluck Prem has a New Year’s card sent an army source said. She could not be there because they had to Chiang Mai.

– A red shirt prisoner yesterday in the temporary Lak Si prison died. He fainted after he was brought to the hospital, where doctors tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. The man was sentenced to a prison term of 22 years and 6 months for arson in the town of Muang Udon Thani in May 2010. The cause of death is examined.

– The air quality in Bangkok next year will significantly deteriorate, predicts the Pollution Control Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The culprit is the dramatic increase in the number autoâ € ™ s. The prediction is based on measurements of benzene in four places in the city. That is far above the safety standard.

The department and the Department of Energy is trying to do something with the introduction of Euro 4, a gasoline with less benzene, but the authorities have done little to encourage motorists to switch to Euro 4.

The increase in the number autoâ € ™ s is mainly due to the arrangement whereby buyers of a first car tax return. Of the 1.2 million purchased autoâ € ™ s drive half in Bangkok. The scheme will end this year, but buyers may submit an application to the end of March.

– The holiday traffic is today on the last working day before the holiday started. The Highway Police Division advises motorists six outgoing routes from Bangkok to avoid, because there are congestion expected. The police have deployed 8,800 volunteers at 98 rest areas and 76 teams are ready for emergencies. Suvarnabhumi counts between tomorrow and Tuesday at 156,000 passengers every day.

– Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan acquitted of a defamation lawsuit filed by former Prime Minister Abhisit. Jatuporn would Abhisit libelous treated in a speech, but the court said it is normal for politicians to attack each other. The lawyer Abhsit has announced to appeal will go. Abhisit has four returns against Jatuporn done. In two cases he received a suspended prison sentence. The fourth case has yet to occur.

Phuket Airport, a second runway gain, said Minister Chad Chat Sittipunt (Transport), because the current expansion which is underway, will not solve the congestion. The Minister also called for speeding up work. In October last year, has started the expansion, which should be ready in February 2014. Phuket handled 9.1 million passengers annually, but has a capacity of 6.5 million.

– Four leaders PAD (yellow shirts) by the Criminal Court yesterday indicted because of the occupation of the parliament in October 2008 and invades the Government House in August 2008. Both are 15 times postponed. All are free on bail.

The court has a yellow shirt to 34 years imprisonment. Earlier, the court him a suspended sentence of 2 years. The man drove his pickup truck in October 2008 with a group of agents.

– The flood-stricken inhabitants of Narathiwat begin a shortage of food and drinking water to get. Although slightly less rains, are the 13 districts of the province still under 30-60 inches of water. And in six villages come to 80 Ã 120 centimeters. The province is already a week under water.

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani and Phatthalung get from tomorrow until Monday to 10 inches of rain. Residents who live along canals and rivers, it is advised to pack their bags.

– Six heads of national parks are transferred to an inactive post. â € ~ I am not happy with the way they ormed Their jobsâ € ™ says Manophat Huamuangkaew, head of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation.

Manophat in turn gets turned upside down by the Stop Drinking Network of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, because he Oka © is when visitors to national parks during the New Year holiday drink alcohol in â € ~ shelter areasâ € ™. According to the Network is in breach of the law, but Manophat says that monitoring compliance with the ban is difficult with the thousands of visitors are expected.

– It did not help. Drug Baron Nor Kham and three accomplices remain sentenced to death for the murder of thirteen Chinese sailors on the Mekong. The Yunnan Provincial Higher Peopleâ € ™ s Court in China has the judgment of a lower court confirmed a month ago. The lighter sentences against two others remain unchanged.

During the appeal Kham claimed that he had planned the murder neither committed nor the order was given. The Chinese, crew of two freighters, in October 2011 were murdered and their bodies were dumped in the river. Kham said he later heard about the murders.

At an earlier hearing Kham Thai soldiers accused of the murders. The Chinese prosecutor believes that the accusation is partly true: Khama € ™ s gang would have worked with some Thai soldiers defected. Later known Kham debt and now during the occupation he denied again.

Kham and his five accomplices were convicted of murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and hijacking. The three accomplices were sentenced to death, are a Thai, a Lao and stateless. The two others come from Myanmar. They were sentenced to a term of eight years.

Kham was arrested in April and through Laos to China expelled.

– Thai Airways International (THAI) will together with Bangkok Airways and Thai AirAsia joint pilot training set. THAI is facing a shortage of pilots and would solve that by joining forces. According Sorajak Kasemsuvan, President of THAI, it is not good to compete when resources are limited. â € ~ We need to cooperate more, especially now that the competition in the aviation toeneemtâ € ™ he says.

Tassapon Bijleveld, director of Thai AirAsia, has interested, although his company is not short of pilots. When TAA staff recruited, officers applying 26 pilots of THAI, but they did not because they could earn more. In TAA they could more flying hours, making them faster captain could be.

Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, owner of Bangkok Airways, is the ban on hiring foreign pilots the biggest obstacle to the Thai aviation. When the AEC in 2016 becomes effective, Thailand at a disadvantage because the other Asean countries have Thai pilots can recruit, but conversely it can not.

Politics news

– Surprise! The current governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra of Bangkok is still by the Board of opposition party Democrats nominated for governor elections in February. Earlier newspaper reports, his chances are not very overestimated, but the board chose him yesterday with 9 votes in favor, 6 against and 2 abstentions.

governor were 4 candidates in the race, except Sukhumbhand himself a former vice-governor, a former Deputy Prime Minister and Sukhumbhandâ € ™ s main rival Korn Chatikavanij, Minister of Finance «n in Abhisit Cabinet. But according to an earlier post would not even interested in the job, because he has ambitions party leader and prime minister.

– Prime Minister Yingluck has the provincial governors called the public enthusiasm for the referendum on the constitutional amendment. She did that call yesterday during a meeting of the governors in Chiang Mai.

still is gebakkeleid on the referendum. Now do Noppadon Pattama, legal adviser of Thaksin, the proposal for the referendum simultaneously with the article by changing the constitution through parliament. The articles include changes to eligibility, Article 237 and 68. Article 237gaat on lifting poitieke parties and exclusion from political activities for five years of party drivers. Article 68 regulates the competence of the Constitutional Court. Some observers believe that this article does not empower the Court direct a complaint from the people to deal with.

Noppadon says that it is unlikely that Pheu Thai parliamentary debate on the amendment of Article 291 of the Constitution continues. The opposition would be to court action and the proposal would be delayed by one year. Treatment of Article 291 in July by the Constitutional Court stopped. The Court advised when a referendum on the need to amend the Constitution of 2007. By amending Article 291 had Pheu Thai citizen assembly to form the Constitution is revised.

Economic News

– The increase in the minimum daily wage to 300 baht on January 1, costing businesses 18,000 baht per year extra. This math makes Dhurakij Pundit University Research Center. These are based on 240 working days per year. Small and medium companies can not afford that amount, concludes the center based on a survey of 1,344 small and medium enterprises in 21 provinces.

the government proposes therefore a subsidy fund of 143 billion baht in the creation, which for three years the companies are supported. ZOA € ™ s Fund may easily on a large scale and in a short time be formed without complicated administrative procedures. â € ~ This measure is not populistischâ € ™, says director Kiatanantha Lounkaew, â € ~ but rather a form of investment, where the government helps the companies to restructure and extend over a period of three years to passen.â € ™ According to him, ZOA € ™ s support has a positive effect on the whole country and not just for SMEs.

On January 1, the wage measure for 5.3 million employees. Next year, the government’s plan for the center 75 percent of the salary increase should subsidize «ing which 71 billion baht, in 2014, 50 percent and 25 percent in 2015.

The study said 63 percent of respondents have a preference for a wage subsidy. 40 percent of companies said not to be ready for the pay increase. The Research Center estimates that 800 thousand to 1 million of the 2.9 million SCBA € ™ s in trouble. To increase coping proposes 86.6 percent hiring new staff; 74.4 percent reduces long-term investments; 62.3 percent improvement in labor; 56.9 percent increase in prices; 45.6 percent relieve staff and 29.9 percent replaces labor by machines.

SMEs employs 11 million people and accounts for 37 percent of gross domestic product ie 3.8 trillion baht.

– Bangkok Airways spreads its wings. From April she goes twice a day from Bangkok to Krabi and fly four times a week from September to Mandalay. Furthermore, she tries to get permission to the number of flights from Koh Samui to increase from 38 to 50 per day. Bangkok Airways owns the airport of Koh Samui. There is between 6 and 22 hours flown and it wants the society 6 to 23 hours to make.

Of the current 38 to 31 flights operated by Bangkok Airways, the other by Thai Airways, Silk Air from Singapore and Malaysia from Firefly «. Two cities, Taipei and Shanghai, are on the list of Bangkok Airways to be added to the existing destinations Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, the frequency of these flights up: Bangkok-Malà ©, Bangkok-Luang Prabang, Koh Samui, Phuket and Bangkok-Chiang Mai. Next year Bangkok Airways 45 years.

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