News from Thailand – December 3, 2013

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News from Thailand – December 3, 2013


Train derailment Lamphun Thailand News from December 3, 2013

It had a festive ride to be, but it was a farce. Last night the repaired section of the railway line between the station Sila At (Uttaradit) and Chiang Mai was officially put into use, a day after it had gone Traca © open after repair of 75 days.

The train was the governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) and that might just show what a great job was done. But the train, Nakhon Ping Express, derailed shortly after leaving the Lamphun Station. If the devil was playing with the Governor and his staff were in the last car that jumped off the rails. And the end of November it was still going well when they made test rides.

Although the governor had promised it would take when trains would derail the Northern Line again resigned before he came back yesterday. on that promise The derailment was due to a â € ~ human Fouta € ™ and had nothing to do with the work. â € ~ It was the fault of the stationschef of Lamphun, a change had omgezet.â € ™ too fast That man should be thinking about sin, because he is transferred.

After the derailment, the train was directed to a siding to allow another train from Chiang Mai who are forced to wait, could drive. Whether the high rail company has returned to Bangkok, is unclear. Message

Supplementary action news

Demonstration garbage 300x215 Thailand News from December 3, 2013 – The volunteers in the field hospital, which is arranged at the Royal Turf Club, has found that injuries from tear gas Monday were more serious than on Sunday . The victims had yesterday breathing difficulties, she suffered from dizziness, vomiting and coughing had. Volunteers suspect that a heavier type of tear gas was used.

There are also question marks over water that protesters be sprayed wet. Are there chemicals «n added, asking protesters themselves, because the water has a purple color. A photographer from Bangkok Post , which had been a shower, had burns on his arms, which developed into blisters. A doctor was not sure this by chemicals «n came.

In a test of the water is according to the volunteers found that the water has an acidity of PH14, which might indicate the addition of sulfuric acid. They are independent organizations and the Medical Science Department asked to do.

further investigation

According to the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order, which is in charge of the police operations have the tear gas conforms to international rules. Burns would be temporary. At the water would be purple tincture added to identify. Protesters

– The field hospital at the Royal Turf Club in Nang Loeng is staffed by thirty volunteer doctors and nurses. There are also masks and goggles distributed as protection against tear gas. The tear gas is treated with herbal water, made from rank cheud (laurel clock vine) and ya-nang leaves (Tilia Cora triandra).

Sunday were mostly elderly protesters, who were struggling with exhaustion, to the tent. They were given saline injections. Since Sunday are mainly young people.

– The two red shirts, that Saturday night in clashes in Ramkhamhaeng died, also have participated in the protests in 2010. One worked at the church and lived in Bangkok Lat Phrao. His wife’s body yesterday picked up at the Police Forensic Department to be cremated in Ratchaburi. The couple has à à © © s daughter university studies.

The other was accompanied by his parents to the Rajamangala Stadium traveled, where the UDD (red shirts) held a rally. According to his mother, he was active in the red shirt movement. The man was the breadwinner for his parents and a 10 year old brother. He died in hospital after chest compressions had no effect. The parents were given a bill of 50,000 baht.

– Rectors of twelve universities make a call to dissolve the House of Representatives and to set the public the opportunity to rule on reform of the country

her say â € ~ € ™ middelenâ.

Thammasat rector Somkid Lertpaitoon think of a â € ~ € ™ acceptabeleâ interim government and the formation of a neutral board from all sectors, working on reforms in all areas. The Government may, in his refrain to govern resigned and should pave the way for an interim government the way. â € ~ If we do so, we can prime the caliber to the country by the problems leiden.â € ™

Political scientist Sukhum Naulsakul believes government with solutions must come to break the deadlock. He sees little merit in the proposed action leader Suthep Thaugsuban to set. A â € ~ € ™ Volksraadâ That proposal lacks detail, is elusive and probably impossible. A referendum on the need to amend the constitution he considers possible. â € ~ Then the real voice of the people gehoord.â € ™ Dissolution of the House resolves according to him, not all the problems, but may reduce tensions.

The National Human Rights Commission is concerned that the situation leads to increased violence. She asks to refrain from violence and the police on the protesters to protect people and maintain.


– Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs) asked the foreign community, including the UN, to support for democracy in Thailand. He made the call yesterday during a briefing of diplomats. Surapong hopes abroad make its position known on the Thai democracy.

The minister said the government is determined to resolve the situation. peacefully According to him, the army learned of the coup in 2006 that the international community will not accept a coup. Some countries, such as Switzerland, China, England and the U.S. have offered to mediate. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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