December 31 2012 flood in thailand - News from Thailand – December 31, 2012

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News from Thailand – December 31, 2012

news News from 200x200 Thailand December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

On the third day of the â € ~ € ™ daysâ seven dangerous in traffic accidents 77 people were killed and 536 persons injured. After three days, the count at 148 dead and 1,362 wounded. With eleven deaths, the province Nakhon Pathom top and Chiang Mai has the dubious honor of most injuries to count: 64.

The â € ~ seven dangerous daysâ € ™ name because in this period more accidents than the rest of the year, especially motorcyclists crash and alcohol and excessive speed are the major causes. A comparison with the rest of the year or with the Netherlands on the basis of the population has little meaning. Better would be the number of victims to relate to the number of passenger / kilometers or the number of vehicles, but data are lacking.

– The Thailand Research Development Institute (TDRI), a think tank of academics, by Bangkok Post named â € ~ Person of the yearâ € ™ as a token of appreciation for the contribution it delivers to society. The Institute shall founded in 1984 since this year more often outside include a study of the mortgage system for rice and the 3G auction.

â € ~ The think tank shows that we can agree on the fact that we are talking about important issues that we face, disagree zijnâ € ™, the newspaper said. â € ~ The results of the thinking presented in layman’s language that is easily understood. The studies inform the people about controversial «le issues and enable them on the basis of rational and academic reasons to discuss complicated issues rather than on the basis of emotional vooroordelen.â € ™

TDRI is not entirely uncontroversial. The research is politically motivated, say critics, particularly with respect to the mortgage system. According TDRI the system is a waste of money and does harm to the country’s finances â € ™ «n. The government will be a loss of 300 billion baht to suffer, she predicts, so the debt increases. But the government calls this position predictable because it TDRI the Guaranteed system of the previous (Democratic) government supported. [This is a fallacy known as the argumentum ad hominem does not play ball, but the man.]

Somkiat Tangkitvanich in October moved up from vice president to president of the TDRI, denies that the studies of his institute politically motivated. â € ~ Since TDRI focuses on public policy, it is inevitable that we criticize the policy of any government, and more importantly, we do also based on academic considerations aanbevelingen.â € ™

In the coming years, the TDRI engaged in four study areas: economic reforms, education, anti-corruption policies and fiscal discipline.

– A jailer of the additional security Khao Bin prison in Ratchaburi yesterday by two inmates stabbed to death, after three hours was taken hostage by three inmates. The two, responsible for the death of the custodian, were later shot dead by police.

The keeper had seen the trio an escape attempt by an excavator with a wall to ram. When he tried to stop them, they threatened him with a knife or other sharp objects and took him hostage in a building that was under construction.

Several hundred officers, including riot police surrounded the building, police negotiators tried to persuade the prisoners custodian release. Index Page © n of them said to his willingness to surrender, the other two demanded a free retreat.

The prisoner who had surrendered, was when he left severely beaten by several guards. Shortly after killing the two men left the keeper, after which they were shot by police.

– Ramet Ratanachaweng, lawyer and spokesman for opposition party Democrats, is determined to fight for justice continue. On 17 December he was severely beaten by two men for his apartment in Bang Na, but he let himself be not intimidated, he says from his sickbed. â € ~ I will continue to fight on the basis of laws and facts. I’m not afraid. I will bring them to the cross nagelen.â € ™

Ramet is accustomed to threats because of the work he does for the party. Hence he regularly vehicle changes, to changing sleeping places and good looking if he followed. But on the very day he was too tired and neglected his precautions.


Ramet is the evidence in his case destroyed, including images of places he had visited prior to the attack. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that he represented the Democrats in September a disciplinary investigation has asked the head of the police because of his visit to Thaksin and his agents to call at the headquarters of the Democrats to demonstrate. But Ramet itself explains that link.

Ramet is still being treated in hospital. He has problems with his hearing and balance and get daily physiotherapy.

– Minister Surapong Tovichatchaikul (Foreign Affairs) apparently sees the storm coming. He is now worried about the reaction of the population to the ruling of the International Court of Justice in The Hague on the Cambodia and Thailand claimed 4.6 square kilometers at Hindu temple Preah Vihear. In April, both countries in The Hague an oral explanation, whereupon the Court rulings in October.

Cambodia to the Court stepped when troops from both countries, still under the previous government, at the border clashed. In 1962, the Court awarded the temple to Cambodia matter but did not rule on the surrounding area. If the Court is now the same argument could be used as back then, can Thailand that area on his belly writing.


Minister Surapong see the storm coming, and this explains his concerns. He will inform the provincial governors, so that they in turn their subordinates and the people in their province to inquire.

– Hundreds of police officers with human face, have received a handbook compiled by the Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) and the Royal Thai Police. In 346 pagea € ™ s explain what laws are and how they should be applied.

Thailand is a lot at stake. The country is the U.S. called Tier 2 Watch List countries do too little against trafficking. Sinks to the Tier 3 Watch List, then trade sanctions to be expected. In February, about a decision.

The Thai police is currently focused on the trade of women who end up in prostitution, beggars and foreign workers. Many successes are not recognized. Of 80 to 100 complaints that the police receive monthly, reaches only a small number of the courtroom. According HRDF Secretary Somchai Homlai-or Thailand has a lot of experience with the trafficking in women and children, but the fight against trafficking in workers is inefficià «nt.

– The top tourist destinations are currently flooded with tourists. These toppers are Phru Kadung National Park in Loei, Doi Suthep-Pui National Park in Chiang Mai, Hat Yai in Songkhla and Koh Samui in Surat Thani.

the famous mountain in Phu Kradung sit ZOA € ™ s 5,000 people. No one may even mountain climbing. 5,000 visitors also in Phu Hin Rongkla National Park Phitsunalok. Probably takes that number increased to 10,000.

On the steep road to Wat Doi Suthep Prathat received yesterday some autoâ € ™ s failure, making the route became blocked.

Hat Yai reports that 12,000 hotel rooms are booked. Hat Yai is for visitors from Malaysia «Singapore and a popular place to shop.

Koh Samui expects 100,000 tourists for the Countdown.

– The Air Force will next year and improve its radar system into line with that of the army and the army, which in the future joint missions possible. In 2014, the three systems cooperate fully together.

– An honest taxi driver yesterday on Rama III Road a bag with 3.3 million baht found. Via a radio station and the police the owner could be detected. The containers were with money from a Brinks truck of cases, the door is not properly closed. The driver should the money itself back to the company.

– A bridal shop is yesterday morning in Muang (Pattani) went up in flames. Also a car repair company and a car insurance were damaged. The fire had an hour to get the fire under control. Twenty new wedding dresses and gold ornaments were lost.

– Because she wanted the relationship influenced «terminate after she found out that her lover was married, the man shot his girlfriend and then himself. The body of the 35-year-old woman was found in a pickup truck, which was parked on a temple site on Koh Samui, and the body of the man was outside the temple grounds.

Politics news

– Surprising statement by Prime Minister Yingluck. Amendment of the Constitution is certainly desirable, but is in no hurry. Maybe the referendum, which is now in full discussion, not even by next year. According Yingluck is a new constitution useless, when only the divisions in society strengthened.

also says that the government is determined to continue with the mortgage system for rice, which farmers for their paddy get a price, which is 40 percent above the market price. The system can solve problems of farmers, it stimulates the growth and domestic purchasing power, Yingluck said.

She has the Ministry of Commerce commissioned the corruption in the system to address and she promises that the government will take measures to improve the quality of agricultural products in order to improve the price to stabilize. First, next year agricultural zoning for six major products isolated introduced with the aim to increase incomes. [What that means in practice zoning, is me again not clear.]

– On January 10, Pheu Thai Party government will announce which candidate they nominate for the governor election in Bangkok in February. Pongsapat Pongcharoen, Secretary-General of the Office of the Narcotics Control Board, is widely tipped as lucky. Or unfortunate, because it will not be easy dominance of the Democrats in Bangkok to break, although the government in the middle has gained much sympathy with the tax refund at the purchase of a first car. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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