News from Thailand – December 6, 2013

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News from Thailand – December 6, 2013


Demonstration Democracy Monument 300x200 Thailand News from December 6, 2013 spokesman Major General Piya Uthayo of the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (Capo) may remain, but he does get support a PR team led by General Jarumporn Suramanee, adviser to the Royal Thai Police.

He is now under guardianship Lieutenant General Kamrob Panyakaew, head of the Office of Forensic Science, in the PR team is responsible for the organization of press conferences. According to the newspaper’s Kamron a friend of Thaksin and Jarumporn is considered by Thaksin and the government as the best police strategist, able to bring.’s Anti-government network discredit

Piya is under fire from some members of government because it would bring. government policy is not good about the limelight Because, as is that in wars and conflicts, they are fought on two fronts: on the streets and in the media. Or, as a famous expression: in war, truth is the first casualty


A source at the police say they worry about the situation after December 5 â € ~ probably because more violence in Bangkok at the head will stekenâ € ™. According to this mysterious Deep Throat many executives support the police Thaksin. â € ~ They do not like the Democratic Party, because it has never supported the police. They see that party as their vijand.â € ™

The source has another great revelation. Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnok as head of the Capo replaced by Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs) because he was too lenient and was ready to join the protesters.


Surapong made yesterday after a meeting of Capo known that the police will be asked to apply for those who have Suthep arrest warrants on â € ~ € ™ samengespannenâ to bring the government. collapse First, the leadership of Blue Sky’s turn, the satellite TV channel of the opposition party Democrats.

– Action Leader Suthep Thaugsuban says the anti-government protests resume today à © n isolated ntensifeerd. The focus will be on the occupying government installations [?]  € ~ € ™ crippleâ to the government. Suthep called on his supporters in the country to occupy, so that officials can not go.

to work again County Homes

– The proposed action leader Suthep Thaugsuban to replace the current government with a â € ~ Volksraadâ € ™ â € ~ many calls vragenâ € ™, says a military officer, to the anti-government protests participates and is Anucha late call. The newspaper binds only as the conclusion that anti-government protesters have (plural) doubts about the establishment of ZOA € ™ s advice and notify the head â € ~ Protesters voice council doubtsâ € ™.

â € ~ Suthep should with a clear answer about how the council is formed. And the Democratic Party should not get involved in the selection of board members. All political parties must be reformed to voorkomenâ € ™ further conflict, said the officer.

Suthep Tuesday unfolded his plans. He wants an interim prime minister does not â € ~ € ™ benoemdâ by the king, as previously reported, but â € ~ € ™ endorsedâ (attached). The People’s Council should be supported by people from all walks of life. Chosen That should do for include amending the constitution proposals. Academics have Suthepâ € ™ s â € ~ plan a utopieâ € ™ and â € ~ insult called democracies € ™.

Anucha think the confusion about Suthepâ € ™ sa proposal will have the number of protesters no effect. That, he says, share the same goal, namely to overthrow the government Yingluck. A businessman from Chon Buri think that the Assembly can solve the political problems of the country and a woman from Pathum Thani said that the House of Representatives is not functioning properly. And those three people are considered representative by the newspaper for the protesters. Well, we believe that, then.

– The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD red shirts) holds a rally Tuesday in Ayutthaya in support of the Government and as a protest against the anti-government protesters. The location is far from Bangkok is chosen to avoid the fights on Saturday in Ramkhamhaeng, where four people were killed.


red shirt leader and Pheu Thai lawmaker Weng Tojirakarn Suthep is â € ~ € ™ insaneâ if he thinks that Article 7 of the Constitution, the appointment of an approved by the king interim prime minister and an interim government as possible. Impossible, says Pheu Thai spokesman Prompong Nopparit, because according to the constitution, the prime minister elected by parliament. â € ~ As far as I know, people’s councils exist only in communist landen.â € ™ Prompong said Prime Minister Yingluck does not intend to resign, nor will dissolve. the House of Representatives

– Dusit Zoo suffer from the demonstrations. The visitor barn collapsed by half, says director Banyat Insuwan. The zoo has the misfortune of being in front of the parliament building is heavily guarded to prevent it from being occupied.

by protesters

area applies the Internal Security Act, from the very beginning when that law was still valid for three districts. The roads around the parliament building, the Government House were closed and riot police used the zoo to blow out. The parking lot of the zoo is full of police vehicles.

normally collects the zoo month 10 to 13 million baht to entrance fees, but in November the counter was stabbing at 4 million baht. The number of visitors dropped from several hundred thousand to less than one hundred thousand.

Director Banyat hopes the government will compensate him for the loss. Two thousand animals must finally be fed every day. Banyat asks the police to clear the parking lot and elsewhere to exhale. EA © n advantage this time, as compared to 2010 during the red shirt riots, there have to be isolated “no animals evacuated.

– In Phu Kradueng Loei is a national park ranger trampled to death by an elephant. That happened at a landfill ZOA € ™ s kilometers north of the visitor center. The Ranger deposit as waste in the forest is collected every day. Elephant possible was angry because he was interrupted during meals. Elephants can have short fuses.

– Hundreds of residents of Narathiwat and Phatthalung fled flooding caused by five days of continuous monsoon rains

in the South of Thailand.

Narathiwat are thirteen districts under water. The heaviest rainfall was measured in Waeng and Sri Sakhon 223 millimeters. Sungai Kolok rivers and Bang Nara have burst their banks. In six villages, the water 1 meter high.

Waeng is the water in four tambons 50 to 60 cm high. Sixteen roads are flooded, but they are still passable.

Phatthalung worsened water of the mountain floods in Banthad Kong Ra, Si Nakharin, Tamot and Pa Bon. Houses, rice fields, rubber plantations and orchards were destroyed. The next few days will be more flooding expected.

– Environmentalists have at Wat Mae Rewa in Mae Wong National Park in Nakhon Sawan monks robes tied around trees, intended to protect against the evil plans of the government to the Mae Wong dam construction, making the forest would be submerged trees walk.

– are in full support of the Council of University Presidents of Thailand (cupt) on the political crisis is rejected a petition signed 135 teachers from different universities in the country. The cupt suggested earlier for the House of Representatives to dissolve and an interim government of national unity to form.

dissident teachers say that this proposal has not come. following thorough discussions and consultations with teachers They find that cupt should be and academic freedom, and differences must be respected.

politically neutral

– During a hearing on the planned waterworks in Prachin Buri yesterday ZOA € ™ s eight hundred demonstrators protesting against plans by whistling. The issues of the construction of dikes in three villages. The protesters say they are informed about the hearing late. Some opponents were evil way, when the hearing went anyway.

the waterworks in 36 provinces, the government has pulled out the amount of 350 billion baht. They include various hydraulic structures, such as the construction of water reservoirs, waterways and dikes. There remain two hearings: in Bangkok and Chanthaburi


– Keep the red shirts on December 10, a mass rally in Ayutthaya as endorsement of the Government and as a protest against the anti-government protesters and their leader Suthep Thaugsuban. Purposely chosen a location far outside Bangkok to prevent the violence Saturday in Ramkhamhaeng. Repetition In addition, four people were killed.

On December 10th is commemorated on that date in 1932, the absolute monarchy werda replace the constitutional monarchy and Thailand (then Siam) got its first constitution.

Economic news

– The Food and Agriculture Organization (FA) expects rice stock of Thailand increases next year by 17 percent to 24 million tons, even when exports are 26 percent herstelt to 8.5 million tonnes. The government continues to face the financial result “le consequences of its policy to buy. Rice at above-market prices for farmers

The FAO expects rice prices will drop because the government is trying to bring the stock back and global supply increases further. When the supply of Thai rice rising on the world market, this is at the expense of other rice producing countries, says the FAO. In particular, India is most at risk. India is this year’s biggest rice exporter.

The FAO has evidence that the government is willing to accept, although buyers sind July few have shown interest in the 1.1 million tonnes that Thailand has offered great losses. That willingness weighs heavily on market sentiment.

– The Countdown at Central World and those in Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani, Hat Yai and Chiang Mai were going. Early this month showed the Khao San Road Business Association know that the New Year Countdown may be canceled if the protests continue. The street attracts significantly fewer visitors than usual.

Political tensions also have implications for the MICE industry. Ten percent of the events in December has been canceled and many more have been postponed until next year. CMO Plc, a leading organizer, says that some concerts and fairs that were scheduled for this month have been postponed until next year. Also, press conferences and marketing campaigns are canceled.

The consequences are less severe than in the year 2011 during the floods as venues for major events such as Bitec and Impact Muang Thong Thani, on the edge of or outside the city.

– Popular holiday destinations in Bangkok, such as Hua Hin and Cha-am, will be between 5 and 10 December show a great activity because people just want to relax and to forget the recent political turmoil expected the Thai Hotels Association. The THA estimates that the hotel occupancy rate this month at 80 to 85 percent true, as many as the same month last year. Which will be on even 90 percent. Hua Hin and Cha-am Tourists who are not able to find accommodation are advised to move to Pran Buri or Muang Prachuap Khiri Khan where sufficient hotel rooms are available.

– The Energy Conservation Fund attracts four billion baht from to support public who install solar panels. Of this amount, 1.8 billion is earmarked for local services, 927 million baht for hospitals and 1.09 billion baht for universities and beroepsopleidingen. installation begin next year. The generated electricity is only for personal use and can not be delivered to the grid. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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