News from Thailand – December 9, 2013

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News from Thailand – December 9, 2013


Yingluck Dec 9 300x199 News from Thailand December 9, 2013 Premier Yingluck has announced this morning in a TV address they dissolve the House of Representatives so that new elections can be held. They will remain as head of the interim government until a new government is.

action leader SuthepThaugsuban dissolution of the House is not enough. The rallyâ € ™ s going until the â € ~ Thaksin regimeâ € ™ root and branch has been eradicated.

– Four teenagers have two motorcycles Saturday night at the government complex at Chaeng Wattana Road tried anti-government protesters with Molotov cocktails and stones to attack. Good luck they did not, because only a Toyota Fortuner from one of the protesters was damaged. There were two bottles found with gasoline.

– In the Northeast, the Peopleâ € ™ s Council of the 20 Northeastern Provinces, an umbrella organization of ten groups, called on its members to continue to strengthen the demonstrations there or in the home province anti-Thaksin activities to Bangkok to organize.

In the province of Pichit go two thousand peasants crossing Pho Sai Ngam on state highway 117 block. They are disappointed in the mortgage system for rice because they have just received. 20 percent of the guaranteed price for their surrendered rice Highway 117 is an important connection between Bangkok and the North.

Chiang Mai yesterday got more than a thousand demonstrators on the bus to Bangkok. It is expected that countless people travel to the capital by car. Today at Chiang Mai University held a demonstration. Three thousand people are expected.

Phayao, a group called Red Shirt opposition party Democrats to dissolve as proof that it is serious about reforming politics.


– Only two foreign embassies have so far accepted the invitation of the government to the actions of the riot police today to observe. The Embassy of Cambodia and Malaysia «pledged to send someone, other embassies resolutely still.

The invitation was made yesterday by Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs), who is in charge of the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (Capo). He embassies also invited to a briefing this morning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some [?] Believe that the presence of foreign observers can be used as an endorsement of the government understood.

Peopleâ € ™ s Democratic Reform Committee, which various anti-government groups together, the foreign media are invited to attend the events. today at

MEP Ong-art Klamplaiboon (Democrats) think Capo should not have to invite, because the situation can become dangerous. diplomats When that happens, the government will be held responsible for that, he says.

– Kanit after Nakorn, chairman of the Law Reform Commission, appeals to the police not to prosecute the anti-government protest leaders. In the article â € ~ When the justice system is used as a political toola € ™ he expresses concern over the arrest warrants against them are / will be issued.

Suthep has already issued an arrest warrant on his pants. He is accused of rebellion because of the occupation of public buildings. Other protest leaders can expect a warrant.

Kanit argues in his article that there is a thin line between an act of rebellion and a political demonstration. Which of the two is applicable depends on the personal faith and attitude of a inidividu.

– Former Prime Minister Thaksin defends himself on his Facebook page against accusations that he is not loyal to the monarchy. He calls the accusations reproach being abused to come to power. By some persons Thaksin said never to have uttered. A bad word about the royal family â € ~ I’m always the victim of a smear campaign and I feel bitter about it. Thai politics is cruel and cold-blooded gevoerd.â € ™

– In January, the procurement takes place a uniform ticket system for the skytrain and subway and one for all types of buses. Ultimately, it is planned that à © partement system applicable to all forms of public transport, including Taxia € ™ s. The Department of Transportation expects that takes the development of the system between 24 and 30 months. [The article does not mention the train, so it is not a public transport pass as in the Netherlands.]

– Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn opens Wednesday and the new fourth Thai-Lao friendship bridge over the Mekong. The bridge connects the district of Chiang Khong in Chiang Rai with Houay Xai in Laos Bokeo province. The bridge has a length of 1.2 km.

– Two schools, one at the Democracy Monument, and another at the Government House, keep the doors closed today due to the expected crowds. Other schools look at the situation today first went on before deciding.


– A woman has been killed and her husband injured when they were shot in Sai Buri (Pattani). They were in a van with 7-Eleven on the way home. The police at the scene found 21 bullet cartridges.

– Air travelers are advised to go there nice traffic in the node will sit for nine marches of anti-government protesters today set off four hours before departure to Suvarnabhumi. It is best to take the Airport Rail. Link The airport is on the second floor, a help center equipped for help and advice to travelers € ™ s hit. Rallyâ by

– 4385 All franchised buses and minibuses from the Transport Co., the state company that interprovincial carriage is to be equipped with GPS next year. Also comes ZOA € ™ s device in 6191 tankers carrying gevaarlijkse substances.

659 private buses of Transport Co. and 2,263 tankers transporting gevaarlijkse substances have GPS. According to the Ministry of Transport is thereby reduced the number of accidents and driver behavior improved.

Between October last year and August this year, the hotline of the Department 24,454 complaints about Taxia € ™ s recorded over 1,222 buses in Bangkok. About 2,803 buses driving license in 1462 and about minivans. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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