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News from Thailand – February 1, 2014

Supoj 300x199 Thailand News from February 1, 2014 It was long ago that the media reported about it â €” to be in November 2011 exactly â € “but now finally has a major corruption case (yet?) completed.

civil court of Supoj Saplom and his family 46.14 million baht in cash and property seized. It has been proven that the former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport â € ~ unusually wealthyâ was € ™.

The case came to light because his house was burgled while he was at the wedding reception of his daughter, and burglars 18 million baht in cash and 10 baht weight steel. That at least is the loot that the police have been able to identify. The burglars have stated that they have seen bulging bags of money, but that they could not get carried away.

Whether the matter further has a tail, such as criminal, is unclear. message Nothing about the prison sentences for burglars.

– Could it finally come: a ban of the carcinogenic chrysotile, the only type of asbestos that may still be used in Thailand but in most countries? Initiated by Narong Sahametapat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry will insist on a total ban.

And there is the action group T-Ban very happy, because trying to get banned. 2 years already the stuff The ministry did not there before: the gezondheidsrisicoâ € ™ s were not proven, according to a study group formed in 2010 by the Ministry


Narong gained the leadership of the group and should continue studying. The report that this entails, goes to industry, commerce, government departments and the Office of Consumer Protection. They are urged to take to meet the needs of the Ministry.


[The message is good again unclear. Is there now a ban on the import and use of asbestos or not? Or is it a recommendation? A plus is at least that the study group has lost its previous president, because he was a staunch opponent of a ban. That was the reason for some members in order to give.] Quits

– is almost certain that the 24 who wanted gaur (Prachuap Khiri Khan) Bob have put in Kui Buri National Park have been felled by the bacterium Clostridium novyi, the so-called â € ~ black diseaseâ € ™ cause. The bacterium has been found in laboratory tests in samples of 15 carcasses. â € ™ s a bad guy, that bacterium, because it leads to instant death.

The bacterium has been found previously in Thailand. International studies it is known that that can lead to the death of cattle, sheep and horses. To be absolutely, definitely going to the National Institute of Animal Health is now conducting research with mice. About three months is more famous.

The message says nothing about the previously suggested poisoning due to a conflict between two department heads. That are temporarily parked on an inactive post.

– The police are going to do something to her image. [I’d say you’d better do something about corruption.] Is a series of short films made with Yes Choey (Sergeant indifferent) in the lead, the life-size agentpop that at some intersections state. In the movies, the doll comes to life and helps the people. He is â € ~ € ™ indifferentâ off. The movies can be seen on YouTube and the websites of the CIB and CSD. Children find the movies at least fun.

Rice farmers Kalasin BAAC pays 300x218 Thailand News from February 1, 2014 – Finally, some farmers in Kalasin received money for their surrendered rice. The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives in the province of the Department of Commerce had received 75 million baht, so she could just ahead. Since the rice harvest began in October, the bank has already paid 12,019 farmers 895 million baht, 25,741 farmers are still waiting for a total of 1.7 billion baht. Probably they are paid by mid-March. How many of those 75 million farmers benefit, the message is not listed.

Kanchanaburi hundred farmers blocked an intersection in the town near the State House. The deputy governor talked with them, but they refused to leave. Only when the province promised to help them, they left. But they come back Wednesday if nothing happens.

Former Democratic MEP Atthawit Suwanphakdi yesterday threatened the government with a legal process if they continue to take out a bridge loan to the farmers to pay. That should not, he says, because the government has resigned. Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong says that the Council of State agrees, but says that this Atthawit only the opinion of the Council of State Secretary-General, not the entire board. Moreover, the letter of authorization signed by the entire board. If Kittiratt continues, he risks imprisonment, warns Atthawit. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Photo homepage: Â White balloons as support for the elections to the Krung Thon bridge in Bangkok


More news in Bangkok Thailand Breaking News and stumbling to the election (Sunday).

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