News from Thailand – February 13, 2014

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News from Thailand – February 13, 2014

Solar 300x197 News from Thailand February 13, 2014 The installation of solar panels on 400 hospitals and 350 vocational training has been delayed due to the closure of two offices by anti-government protesters.

Without protest the project, which is earmarked 1.3 billion baht, would be in the design and the choice of technology, says Pramual Chan Pong, Director-General of the Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency Department.

The budget was approved by the Cabinet in November. Expected that the panels would be within 12 months. The schools receive modules that generate 30 kW and hospitals modules of 10-20 kW.

– The Constitutional Court has begun examining whether the planned loan of 2 billion baht for infrastructure works in the hook. Yesterday the Court heard financial experts. Democrats opposition party has asked the Court for a ruling. The party believes that the current method of funding outside the budget, the government gives a license to spend the money. At its discretion Corruption could also start lurking and impose a huge financial investment «le burden in the coming years. On February 27, the parties hold their final plea.

Common abbreviations

UDD: United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (red shirts)
Capo: Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (body responsible for implementation of the ISA)
CMPO: Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (responsible body for the State of Emergency since January 22 applies)
ISA: Internal Security Act (emergency law that gives police certain powers, in whole Bangkok force, less stringent than the Emergency Decree – Emergency Ordinance)
DSI: Department of Special Investigation (FBI Thai)
PdRC: People’s Democratic Reform Committee (headed by Suthep Thaugsuban, ex-MP of the opposition party Democrats)
NSPRT: Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand (radical protest group)
Pefot: Â Peopleâ € ™ s Force to Overthrow Thaksinism (ditto)

Bangkok Shutdown

– The CMPO would be cut when the names of institutions and individuals who support the protest movement, known makes ugly in the fingers. Tuesday was the list of 136 names already published, but it CMPO refrained. Five services will investigate further the involvement of those 136.

And that’s a good thing, because it CMPO and the officials concerned could be, if the evidence is insufficient. accused of libel and breach of duty Some names have already been leaked, such as the distribution arm of the Saha Group. The director says that his company has nothing to do with politics. He thinks that the action of  CMPO an intimidation attempt, but he does not expect it comes to serious persecution.


– The government can safely breathe again. The elections of February 2 yesterday not invalidated by the Constitutional Court. The Court rejected a petition by a Democratic Member to the Trash. According to the Democrat elections were contrary to Article 68 of the Constitution, ie they amounted to an attempt by unconstitutional means to gain power


Wirat Kanlayasiri had more strings to his bow. He argued that the elections did not take place one day (as the Constitution demands) because in 28 constituencies in the South could not vote. Candidate in a district of à © à © And he claimed that the state of emergency was in favor of the former ruling party, Pheu Thai.

But the Court swept all the objections of the table. There is no credible evidence that the elections were in breach of Article 68, it held.

Court yesterday also leaned on a petition filed by Pheu Thai spokesman Prompan Nopparit. Which also ended in the trash. In the petition, the Court was asked to rule on whether the anti-government protest leaders have committed. Himself to reprehensible acts a statement However, the Court held that the protest of the PdRC admissible as opposition to government policy, it is not intended by unconstitutional means to take power. And violations of the law, the Court rejected Prompan rightly fall under the jurisdiction of the criminal courts.

– The Electoral Council has asked the government a new Royal Decree to be issued with the date of the elections in the 28 constituencies in the South, which could be at the district candidates not vote on February 2. The Electoral Council is of the opinion that only the government has the power to set a date and not the Electoral Council. The request of the Electoral Council, contained in a letter to the Prime Minister, supported by politicians and academics. If the government refuses, the Electoral Council get to the Constitutional Court.

– The Electoral Council is prepared to establish between the government and the protest movement calls. â € ~ Both parties must now take a step back and things uitpratenâ € ™ said the electoral council president. Someone must act as a mediator who has charisma and sees the chance to talk to both parties gain.

Rice Mortgage System and peasant protest

– When the Constitutional Court are sentencing that lend money to farmers to pay, is not in conflict with the Constitution, an end to the current impasse quickly. That simple solution suggests Ammar Siamwalla, an economist at the Thailand Development Research Institute.

The Court may award sheets because farmers need to be â € “also by a new government. paid anyway So any new commitments, which the Constitution forbids, is no. Simwalla said Tuesday during a seminar with a very long name, dedicated to the current payment problems.

Since the 2013-2014 harvest season in October has begun, is 55 billion baht [another message mentions 61 billion baht] paid to farmers; 120 billion baht has yet to be paid, but the budget is exhausted and the Ministry of Commerce has failed to generate from the sale of rice.

sufficient income

The government has tried to borrow from commercial «le banks, up to now, but that fear legal complications if it turns out that the loan is in conflict with the Constitution. If the Court required by Ammar ruling, they do not stay there to be afraid of, and they can let the money roll.

Another idea to make money on the concerns of the farmers has been launched by end Atchana Waiquamdee, former deputy governor of the Bank of Thailand. He suggests that the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives funds generated by the submitted rice as collateral. But former finance minister «n Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala doubts whether that is feasible because the quality and volume of rice stored in the warehouses is a source of concern.

The Ministry of Commerce is very cautious with announcements can rot if they are not well preserved.

in a few years the volume and rice

Next month begins the second harvest. For now no mortgage system, because the government has to take a decision on that yet, but this can not now because of her caretaker status.

– Ten small rice warehouses have been damaged by fire and flood applications. This Yanyong Phuangrach Secretary (Commerce) announced yesterday. It involves warehouses in the provinces of Uthai Thani, Lop Buri and Phetchabun. The rice that was thereby destroyed, was submitted in 2011 and 2102, the rice last year is not affected


– Farmers from the East, North and Central Plains go marching to Bangkok next Wednesday. Yesterday, representatives from 24 provinces were to agree on a meeting. The protest has to get surrendered rice paid for selected objective, the farmers have no political agenda


Farmers from 20 provinces in the Northeast have their own plan. They go the next few days and then enlist farmers to see what they do. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Editorial statement

Bangkok Breaking News section is void and will not resume when appropriate.

Bangkok Shutdown and elections in image and sound:

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