News from Thailand – February 16, 2014

16th of February 2014 0

News from Thailand – February 16, 2014


Demonstrations barricade Chaeng Wattanaweg News from Thailand February 16, 2014

Barricade on Chaeng Wattanaweg at the government complex.

home Pramon Sutivong, chairman of the (private) Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand, was fired Friday. More than ten bullets were fired at his house in Yannawa (Bangkok), making a diamond was destroyed and the ceiling of the first floor was damaged (homepage photo).

Pramon Sutivong News from Thailand February 16, 2014 The attack came at a time when a report by the CMPO was leaked, which Pramon accused of financial« le support to be given to the protest movement. Pramon is chairman of the board of Toyota Motor Thailand. He denies any financial «le connection with the protest movement, and suspects that the attack has more to do with his fight against corruption. Since you do not make friends with it in Thailand. According CMPO director Chalerm Yubamrung Pramon would also have an interest in the post of interim prime minister.

â € ~ I have no one with a ConflictA € ™ says Pramon. â € ~ The attack must be related to my anti-corruption work, which relates to politicians and government. It was most likely a threat and not an attack on my leven.â € ™

– Friday found a grenade attack position on the Criminal Court on Ratchadaphisek Road. On the sixth floor, two windows were shattered and the ceiling of a courtroom was partially damaged. Since the court 32 years ago was set up, it’s never been the target of an attack. Police have no access to camera images, because the Cameraa € ™ s in the repair. Chief Judge Thongchai Senamontri would not say anything about the motive of the attack.

– The ex-wife of fugitive ex-premier Thaksin, Potjaman after Pombejra, the beginning of this month in Myanmar famous adstroloog San Zarni Bo of Yangon consulted to ask about a smooth return of Thaksin to Thailand and advice Thaksinâ € ™ s business interests in Myanmar. This writes The Irrawaddy online, but Noppadon Pattama, Thaksinâ € ™ s legal adviser, dubs the message as fantasy. That is to check the books of Immigration.

According to him,

Potjaman and Thaksin would also put together the Kaba Aye Pagoda (World Peace Pagoda) visited a ritual implement that yadaya hot and meant to look. inner peace out By yadaya evil spirits be deterred and weakens one’s enemies. The visit would have sought to promote.

Peace in Thailand

– Why the attempts to evacuate Friday protest locations and why all these threats by CMPO director Chalerm Yubamrung? Protest leader Suriyasai Katasila thinks it’s fine to know. He writes on his Facebook page that Chalerm shows its teeth because he has a conflict with former Prime Minister Thaksin.

Thaksin would Suwat Liptapanlop to slide as the new prime minister to reduce the pressure on the Shinawatra family forward and not like Chalerm, who has a crush on that function. So Chalerm Suwat accused of aiding the protests. Financially And that is why he has taken over the command of the Royal Thai Police, because only the police can break the power of the Shinawatra clan.

Attack Rangae Feb. 15 300x200 News from Thailand February 16, 2014 – Two men who were on their way home, yesterday afternoon in Rangae (Narathiwat) shot. They were taken in their car under attack by an unknown number of gunmen in a passing pickup truck. The attackers were unlucky because an oncoming vehicle, even a pickup truck, hit their car thereby ended up in a ditch. Then they took the legs. The two victims were contractors, so the police think the motive may be a business conflict and not a reprisal from insurgents.

– And again would stress of overdue payments for surrendered a rice farmer became too much. Yesterday was a 49-year-old farmer in Pathum Thani in his house on. After five months, the man still had not seen a penny. His debts had risen to 600,000 baht and he had a mortgage on the family home in Ayutthaya.


payments stagnated in October, seven farmers deceased with six cases according to the relatives of stress as the cause. EA © n farmer died of a heart attack, the others robbed himself of life.

– Yanyong Phuangracht Secretary (Commercial) yesterday visited a rice warehouse in Nakhon Luang (Ayutthaya)


– In Nakhon Ratchasima, one prepares for the dry season. The provincial authorities have set up centers in 32 districts to prepare. Districts have not yet been declared affected area. In four, the situation could be awkward, being extra careful eye kept: Phimai, Khon Buri, Sung Sang and Pak Chong


The governor shall convene a meeting tomorrow with a committee to propose the reduction of the second rice crop in some areas and to encourage farmers to grow crops that require less water. washed guidelines Residents of Chalerm Phrakiat, a district that is not irrigated, have already switched to beans.

The water supply is not at risk in the province, says director Chidchanok Somprasert the Irrigation Office. The five reservoirs in the province are almost full. There is enough water for households, but not for agricultural use.

– How the Electoral Council are daring get to invite foreign diplomats and updates on the elections without my ministry to notify you accordingly bulbous head says an irritated Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs). Before the briefing, the Electoral Council had 54 ambassadors and representatives of 27 international organizations invited. How many of them showed up, no. Indicates the message

Common abbreviations

UDD: United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (red shirts)
Capo: Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (body responsible for implementation of the ISA)
CMPO: Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (responsible body for the State of Emergency since January 22 applies)
ISA: Internal Security Act (emergency law that gives police certain powers, in whole Bangkok force, less stringent than the Emergency Decree – Emergency Ordinance)
DSI: Department of Special Investigation (FBI Thai)
PdRC: People’s Democratic Reform Committee (headed by Suthep Thaugsuban, ex-MP of the opposition party Democrats)
NSPRT: Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand (radical protest group)
Pefot: Â Peopleâ € ™ s Force to Overthrow Thaksinism (ditto)

Bangkok Shutdown

– What I’m concerned protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban year to continue its rally until he and his financiers have no money, said CMPO director Saturday after it failed to clear rally locations. According to Chalerm the support of the residents of Bangkok for Suthep crumbling. The number of protesters on Friday he estimated at 8,200, far less than the tens of thousands who rallyâ € ™ s previously withdrawn.

Chalerm said the police on Chaeng Wattanaweg withdrawn because the protest leader spot, Luang Pu Buddha Issara, had agreed in a conversation today about the accessibility of the government complex. The police is trying to get, so the staff can get back to work and serve the population can get going. Again as many buildings in the complex free Again he reiterated that will be out of the use of force.


Wednesday may [not to be confused with the Government Complex]. return to work in her own office in the House of Government Prime Minister Yingluck The police of Chalerm been commissioned to inspect to make sure that no bombs are the grounds. The Government House is accessible again because the protest venue Makkhawan bridge and surrounding area is cleared. Action group has Pefot who leave voluntarily.

This weekend, Prime Minister Yingluck no obligations. She’s staying at her house at Soi Yothin Pattana 3. The police are waiting, both at the beginning of the street as her home.

– Is an attempt made to clear protest locations? A source at the Royal Thai Police has suspected that because forty compagnieà «n riot police have been mobilized in Bangkok. It calls ZOA € ™ s six to seven thousand agents can not, in his regular rotation of staff, as in the past.

– held Monday protest leader Sonthiyan Chuenruthainaitham yesterday released on bail after paying a bail of 400,000 baht. The Criminal Court refused to extend. Request the DSI for judgment twelve days Sonthiyan must refrain from activities that could cause public disturbance and disorder. Sonthiyan is accused of violating the emergency decree. The DSI shall abide by the decision of the court.

Songthiyan says his work as a journalist will join the satellite TV channel T-News will resume and do not report to a group of plain-clothes agents over the fence of his house in Nakhon Pathom were then climbed the fence to open others. Then his house was searched, where the agents significantly ranted according to his wife.

– The CMPO wants the bank accounts of 58 protest leaders freeze. The emergency regulation provides for this. The CMPO has a panel with representatives from five departments to study.

the measure

Earlier the court lifted the freeze on seven accounts protest leader Seri Wongmontha on. Which did not take place under the Emergency Ordinance. The DSI will abide by the court decision, says DSI chief Tarit Pengdith.

CMPO bends further on the financial «le supply lines of the protest movement. Names of companies and individuals have not yet been announced, although some have already been leaked. The suspects will be invited to submit a statement. By CMPO

The police are still working on 159 criminal cases related to the elections on February 2. Which relate to obstruction of the elections by PdRC core members and supporters. Furthermore, there are 168 cases relating to staff polling stations that gave the towel. The court has already issued 67 arrest warrants.

Economic news

– The MPLA € ™ s commercial «le banks increased by 4.48 percent last year to 266 billion baht. MPLA € ™ s ie non-performing loans are loans in arrears for more than three months. In particular, the auto loans struggled last year with a significant increase 2 percent from 1.4 percent a year earlier, the credit-card MPLA € ™ s went from 2 to 2.6 percent


Because the loan portfolio increased last year, dropped the gross and net NPL as a percentage of total loans from 2.3 to 2.2 percent and from 1.1 to 1 percent.

began to deteriorate in the â € ~ special mention loansâ € ™ loans with a gap of 1 to 3 months. The increase last year was 7.7 percent compared with 6 percent in 2012 to a total of 296 billion baht. In relation to the total credit was here, there were a rise from 2.2 to 2.4 percent

. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Editorial statement

Bangkok Breaking News section is void and will not resume when appropriate.

Bangkok Shutdown and elections in image and sound:

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