News from Thailand – February 28, 2013

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News from Thailand – February 28, 2013

Politiebureaus1 300x159 News from Thailand 28 February 2013 Finally, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI, the Thai FBI) ​​found a stick to the dog store. In this case, former Prime Minister Abhisit and Deputy Prime Minister Suthep, two men which DSI has long hunts.

DSI think both can be prosecuted for dereliction of duty in the case of the unfinished construction of 396 police stations and 163 police flats.

DSI bases this on the decision of the Government Somchai Wongsawat to the Royal Thai Police (RTP) to carry out the contract. The RTP was also its regional offices authorize the construction in their region to spend. Suthep however, later changed to the proposal of the then chief of the regional procurement in a central procurement, making PCC Development and Construction Co. working in the guard could drag. This change resulted in delays.

The contractor however spent the work to subcontractors â € “contrary to the contract, cashed payments, but paid the subcontractors are not or only partially. Result: that stopped working last year still.

According to the DSI have Abhisit and Suthep by their action violated Article 157 of the Penal Code and can be prosecuted basis. The contractor will be charged with fraud because he has committed breach of contract and the subcontractor has not paid. (Photo insert: Â DSI head Tarit Pengdith)

– With a bit of luck today in Malaysia «first peace agreement signed between Thailand and southern resistance. This is no end to the violence in the South, because the BRN group has nothing to say about the cells that are active. Who want to temporarily not negotiate.

peace agreement during a visit by Prime Minister Yingluck to Malaysia «signed by Paradorn Pattanatabutr, Secretary-General of the National Security Council (NSC). He refused to say who the other signature, but according to a source that would be Yaba ASAE, ASAE Toyib private secretary, deputy secretary-general of the Barisan Nasional Revolusi (BRN). Paradon says not to ensure that the agreement is successful, but â € ~ it is better than the South to brandenâ € ™.

Before Paradorn yesterday to Malaysia «afreisde, various rebel groups approached him for an interview, he says. â € ~ I’m verify “whether they actually run in Malaysia« their base, and whether calls are possible before I continue. And I’ll Malaysia «to cooperate questions. We estimate that less than a thousand supporters of the insurgency in Malaysia «zijn.â € ™ According to the army were in the South of Thailand nine thousand militants are active.

Thailand set as a precondition for talks with insurgent groups that separation is not spoken about. â € ~ It’s against our grondwetâ € ™ said Paradorn. However, one can consider the establishment of a â € ~ special bestuurszoneâ € ™. Â â € ~ The NSC viewing the details, and whether in breach of the Constitution. Because everything must be based on the rule of law and grondwet.â € ™

The Malaysian prime minister, according Paradorn an anti-rebel collaboration want to create, not only Thailand but also in other countries in Asia “. Paradorn expects about to sign an agreement with his Malaysian counterpart.

– The government yesterday in principle agreed on a master plan for infrastructure investment plus take out loans for a total amount of 2.2 trillion baht. Since this amount is only enough to finance major transport routes, over the next seven years again 2000000000000 recover for the other plans, says Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n). That money is removed from the regular budget and would not have to be borrowed.

infrastructure projects include the construction of four high-speed railway lines and ten in Bangkok and surrounding area. The Ministry of Finance «n organizes from Thursday until March 10 public hearings and presentations about the plans. Are expected to master plus financing proposal in late March at the parliament.

According to the Ministry of Transportation reduce the project, when implemented, the logistics costs from 15.2 to 13.2 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Thailand will result in more competitive. In Singapore, they amount to 9 percent of GDP in Malaysia «13 percent. The projects would GDP give an injection of 1 percent, there are 500,000 jobs created by «erd and inflation increases annually by 0.16 percent.

2.2 trillion baht each year in tranches of 300 billion baht spent. The debt would therefore be limited to 50 percent of GDP, 10 percent below the rate Thailand as maximum applies.

– The lecturer of Thammasat University who is involved in the case Sathian is not a suspect, but a witness said Vicha Mahakhun of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). He covers only money held in custody on behalf of the wife and daughter of the former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Sathian  Permthong.

The NACC is investigating the â € ~ € ™ ongebruikelijkeâ wealth Sathian. On his account has been paid 10 million baht, the accounts of his wife and daughter 100 million baht and both ladies possess the necessary land. That’s all by the NACC frozen in anticipation of the further proceedings.

Professor Chan Sombat Thor Wong, now retired, took money twice in custody at the request of mother and daughter. The first 18 million, the second time through a check from a company in his name 27 million baht. If statement were â € ~ € ™ problemenâ given. The couple asked the 18 million after a few days to a piece of land to buy and asked for permission to use his name as a business partner. The 27 million profit would be that the wife had made by selling the land to a company.

Sombat parked the money on four accounts of the spaarcoà ¶ cooperative of college and fell 15-16 times sums. They were now almost empty, but the NACC in the accounts is 11,900,000 baht found and also frozen.

Sombat let know all his academic functions to resign to support his moral responsibility to show. He said not to have known that the money was obtained legally or illegally. If he had known that he would come through in trouble, he would have refused the money to save. Today gives Sombat at the NACC an explanation of the matter.

– Environmental Activist Prajob Naowa-Opas is Monday afternoon in Chachoengsao murdered in cold blood while he was waiting at a garage to repair his pickup truck. An assassin stepped out of his car, walked up to him and fired four bullets at him. Then he went with an accomplice in his car off. Bystanders witnessed the execution, because as we may call the murder anyway.

Prajob was headman of Moo 14 tambon Nong Haen, district Phanom Sarakham. The police suspect that the murder motive a business conflict, because Prajob a waste company was founded, or an act of revenge for his campaign against factories in Phanom Sarakham and Plaeng Yao chemical waste dump. That is dumped on higher ground, trickles down, making waterways and lakes are polluted.

According to the regional office of the Ministry of Health are water and farmland contaminated with various toxic substances such as phenol in concentrations thirty times the safety limit. The Department of Special Investigation decided in August to investigate the matter.

Prajob knew that his life was in danger, and he therefore had two firearms with him in his pickup truck. Police had warned he was a target, but he had not asked for protection.

Human Rights Watch called upon the authorities quickly to find the perpetrator. â € ~ The murder is yet another example of the fundamental failure of Thai authorities to protect activists who risk their lives, while their habitat verdedigenâ € ™ said Brad Adams, Asia director «HRW.

– In the exam on 13 January at two thousand teaching assistants to recruit on a large scale fraud. The Ministry of Education, the Department of Special Investigation asked to do research.

According to a committee that was set up to investigate complaints of fraud, the examination papers one day before the exam leaked. She also discovered that many examinees using mobiles the answers received. In a number of cases showed candidates to be replaced by someone else. The graduates are already in the classroom.

The next examination round in April. Then strict precautions taken. Incidentally exhibits a strong fraud agreement with the fraud in the police exam last year. That examination had to be done.

– Korn Chatikavanij, deputy leader of the Democratic Party, is convinced that Sukhumbhand Paribatra on March 3, re-elected as governor of Bangkok. He draws hope from the call of some non-bound critics, who among urban residents to have penetrated to Pheu Thai Party government to avoid. Speak the polls against each other now: Ã © Ã © n poll shows the Pheu Thai candidate a lead of 16 percentage points; another poll only 1 percentage point.

Korn think that the voters will choose again for the Democrats, as they have done in the past three elections. He has promised to resign if Sukhumbhand loses, but he thinks that it does not come.

– The Kaeng Khoi II power plant in Saraburi, water may escape from the Pasak River. The Central Administrative Court yesterday a request from residents to ban rejected.

Twenty-six residents were in March 2007 to administrative courts stepped. She complained that there was not enough water left for domestic and agricultural use. Thus, the farmers said the second rice harvest because of the water shortage to omit. The residents had also requested that the building permit invalid, but that request was rejected.

– 1612 houses in seven districts of Narathiwat are the last three days of heavy rains flooded. 6508 residents sitting with hands in her hair. In Sungai Kolok water reached a height of 60-80 cm, 130 residents were isolated «evacuated. In all districts are 24 roads impassable and four schools are closed.

Water San Kala Kiri mountain led to an increase in the water level of the Sungai Kolok River by approximately 1.2 meters. The river took its banks, causing five residential communities were flooded.

In five tambons Songkhla fish 320 rai of rice fields for two days under water. The harvest can be considered lost. Most farmers were by the speed with which the land flooded, robberies and had not taken precautions.

According to figures from the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department camps Yala, Phatthalung, Narathiwat and Songkhla with floods. ZOA € ™ s 100,000 people in 26,713 households have been duped. The provinces south of Nakhon Si Thammarat for 60 percent hit by thunderstorms, but in some places it remains in heavy rain.

– Police and Navy have yesterday at three sites in Phangnga and Phuket raids looking for evidence of illegal sand mining in protected forests. The house of a member of the provincial council of two companies in Phuket and Phangnga were visited. Documents, records and computers have been seized.

– The Anti-Money Laundering Office is looking for the masterminds behind unlawful use of 3,000 rai in national park Sirinat (Phuket). The Department of Special Investigation said earlier that there are 14 hotels and holiday parks illegally erected. A similar situation occurs in Khao After Yak, opposite the naval base of Phangnga. That’s the 15 rai.

– Prime Minister Yingluck yesterday a petition against the ivory trade of the World Wildlife Fund be accepted. The petition, signed by 500,000 people in Thailand and abroad, was presented by Stuart Chapman, conservation director of WWFâ € ™ s Greater Mekong Programme. The World Wildlife Fund Thailand called the â € ~ largest unregulated ivory markets in the worldâ € ™.

– Is the draw of the lottery tampered? Yes, find 62 percent (of respondents who buy clasp) in a poll of 1,256 people under Nida. They say the same â € ~ doublesâ € ™ and â € ~ € ™ triplesâ, such as 22 and 222, too often win. Others say that politics in the game, because winning numbers match the numbers on license plates of autoâ € ™ s Prime Minister Yingluck which uses.


– Photographer Sithikorn Wongwudthianun writes in the heading Think Box Bangkok Post there is no objection to when bags and suitcases at the entrance of MRT stations would be seriously checked. â € ~ If the MRT took security seriously, I wouldnâ € ™ t mind spending 30 seconds or so for them to check my stuff.â € ™ But that rarely happens, the securityman or â € “woman at the electronic gate appears as a flashlight in your purse or your gestures by walking, which also occurs, and that’s it.

About the Airport Rail Link (ARL), he is not very enthusiastic. The timetable is not true, because the trains rarely arrive on time. With the exception of Suvarnabhumi and Phaya Thai stations are located at odd places, but the most annoying is the situation at Makkasan, the only station where you can change to the underground (MRT). You have to lug your suitcase with 700 meters and a railway crossing. In June last year, a woman is run over by a train. â € ~ This could have been avoided if there had been a skywalk between the ARL and MRT station.â € ™

Financial news

debt crisis News from Thailand 28 February 2013

– Thailand is heading off on a debt crisis? The question seems to answer it. Somchai Jitsuchon, research director of the Thailand Development Research Institute, calculates that Thailand, with an economic growth of 4 percent or less per year, debt-GDP ratio reached 80 percent, making the country loses its creditworthiness. The calculation assumes that the Government continues its plans without generating more income for that huge expenses.

With an economic growth of 6 percent in the next 10 to 15 years begin the debt-GDP (gross domestic product) to lower and stabilize that. But that is far from certain, Somchai wrote in an op story Bangkok Post.

order to be prepared for the worst, Thailand should thus TDRI effective and intelligent investments, more income to acquire (higher taxes on high incomes, elimination of various exemptions) and some expensive populist regimes deleted, as the precious rice mortgage system.

Economic News

– For autoâ 1,250,000 € ™ s, in the context of the first car scheme of government purchases, an amount of 678 billion baht borrowed. JMT Network Services, a collection agency, counts itself rich with loans that can not be repaid. She estimates that this year to 13 billion baht goes. Of the company wants to buy 3 billion in loans.

There is apparently good money to debt, because the company has revised its growth forecast from 15 to 25-30 percent for that first car loans. Earnings growth is estimated at 50 percent. The collection comes this year with 10 billion baht upwards due to a larger number of problematic debts.

In 2012 JMT made a net profit of 109.83 million baht, 64 percent more than the year before.

The first car program ended early this year. Buyers of a first car get back the consumption of persons autoâ € ™ s up to 1500 cc and pickup trucks with a maximum price of 1 million baht. The maximum refund is 100,000 baht. This amount will be paid one year after purchase. The owner, the car 5 years to keep possession.

– The number of closures in the fourth quarter by 26.6 percent skyrocketed, which the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) worries about the number of redundancies. In the fourth quarter 7221 companies closed the doors against 5,703 in the same period last year, when Thailand was hit by floods.

â € ~ The figures are quite high when compared with the 2500-3000 business closures in the same period over the past nine jaarâ € ™ says Suwanee Khamman, Deputy Secretary-General of the NESDB. He expects that the impact of the increase in the minimum daily wage to 300 baht per 1 January in the first quarter will be exposed. According to a study by the NESDB, the operating result on average by 6.4 percent.

The unemployment rate in the fourth quarter, 0.48 percent (190,245 people) of the total workforce of 39.3 million workers against 0.63 percent (245,887) a year earlier. The NESDB urges the Government to take measures to the fate of redundant workers to soften.

total household debt rose in the fourth quarter increased to 2.9 trillion baht (plus 21.6 percent). Loans for autoâ € ™ s, motorcycles and personal loans shot up by 33.9 and 29.4 percent. The number NPLA € ™ s (non-performing loans) increased.

In 2011, savings amounted to only 5.3 percent of gross domestic product. 45 percent of the 9.09 million households will have no chance to save.

– Industrial Bang Chan in eastern Bangkok in April the most vulnerable in terms of power. On April 5 and April 8 to 10, the power is failure. This says Veerapong Chaiperm, governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). The rural elektriciteitsbedrjf Egat think except Bang Chan also Lat Phrao and Ratchadaphisek Road to experience a blackout.

Bang Chan are 81 factories, most of the food. Veerapong calls on them to produce the critical days to adjust. Then the situation is manageable. Tuesday met with representatives of the IEAT three hundred companies about possible power outages. This is due to the closing half week of two natural gas fields of Myanmar for maintenance, so the supply decreases. Thailands power plants for 70 percent dependent on natural gas. – Source: Bangkok Post

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