News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) – February 10, 2014

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News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) – February 10, 2014

Anand Panyarachun News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) February 10, 2014

On pessimists no shortage in Thailand. Not so long ago, said Nipon Puapongsakorn â € “obviously an expert, that still gives some weight to his prediction â €” that Thailand threatens to go when continuing with the mortgage system for rice.

Pridiyathorn Devakula, former Minister of Finance «n and Governor of the Bank of Thailand, Thailand last week called a â € ~ failed stateâ € ™. According to him, the current government has failed in many areas.

And now reads former (twice!) Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun the alarm and is given plenty of space in the newspaper (front half and almost a whole page with the interview). What does he say?

â € ~ The continuation of the current political impasse leads the country into a recession. By that time, his calls for political and democratic reforms pushed aside. I think we have reached an impasse. I see in the near future, no quick fix. And when this much langer continues, I fear that the economic and financial «le situation in our country even worse wordt.â € ™

Anand points out that in the fourth quarter of last year, a growth of 4.5 to 5 percent for 2014 was predicted. The Bank of Thailand and the Board of Trade now expect growth of 2.5 to 2.8 percent, a percentage that will drop when the instability persists even further. Anand The consequences are recommended:. Unemployment and income, while the purchasing power has already been eroded

â € ~ The poor can not pay for their meals. The farmers are suffering. And well-to-do spend less than they should. We move slowly toward a recession. For me, that at this time the critical issue for Thailand.â € ™

– The threatened with expulsion Indian businessman Satith Sehgal gets a helping hand. A group of businessmen yesterday demonstrated for the Embassy of India and handed over a letter in which the embassy asked the rights and freedom of Satith protect.

Expulsion is an initiative of the CMPO, the body responsible for the emergency. According to the CMPO Sehgal transgressed. Furthermore, he would have kept dubious speeches on the action stages of the anti-government movement and participated in the siege of the Aviation Department.

Sehgal says its activities have on the day that the state of emergency was in force. influenced «terminated He has not received a letter with orders to leave the country. Sehgal has lived for more than 50 years in Thailand. He is chairman of the Thai-India Business Association and in that capacity several trade ministers advised on trade relations between the two countries.

– Plans to go on strike today do not exist, says the president of the union of Thai Airways International (THAI). Everyone just goes to work. In the company are spread by unknown leaflets with the call to order the requirement that the chairman and deputy chairman of the Board should address their bags.

today on strike

Both have an action against the union president and three others filed because they have led a rally for pay raise in January. That they would have done to the staff intimidate, so they do not go snooping in the books of the company for so great THAI performs not.

– A 49-year-old defense volunteer came yesterday in Mayo (Pattani) in a bombing killed. The bomb, which was placed in his rubber plantation hit a crater 70 inches deep. The body of the man was severely maimed.

Made an earlier post reported an increase in violence related to the weakness of the government, this notice announces a decrease. That would have to do with the arrest and death of many core members of the resistance movement, and with the heavy rains and flooding in the South.

– The photo also (and also the way to Thailand Blog) was in the paper: the man his gun in a popcorn bag hid and fired from there. That happened during the firefight at the district office of Lak Si on 1 February, the day before the election. Protest Leader Issara Somchai think that man is a soldier.

His explanation is consistent with what action leader Suthep Thaugsuban said earlier, namely that the man was not a guardian of the protest movement, as some think. Police have the man not yet identified. One of a Photo € ™ s he pulled his balaclava, so that his face is clearly visible.

Issara had gone with a group of protesters to Lak Si, after they heard that a group of red shirts would try the protesters who besieged the office, to dislodge. When Issaraâ € ™ s group arrived, they were attacked with gunfire, pingpong bombs and firecrackers. Peace returned after soldiers had come to the people who had fled the district office, to evacuate. In the firefight six people were injured.

– 50 percent of respondents in a survey conducted by E-Saan Centre (Khon Kaen University) believes that the parliament and the new government could be due to the political struggles and the risk that formed the elections of February 2 be declared invalid. 33 percent believes that this is possible, but it may take longer than three months.

– Making â € ~ € ™ selfieâ a Photo € ™ s (self-portraits) is not without riska € ™ s, warns Panpimol Wipulakorn, Deputy Director General of the Department of Mental Health. Especially teenagers create a Photo € ™ s and put them online in hopes to score. Many Likes Remain omitted, then this may be detrimental to their self-esteem. To avoid selfie addiction Panpimol recommends more time in the â € ~ € ™ echteâ world to bring and maintain. More face-to-face contacts

– The protest location Chaeng Wattana is additionally secured after it is bombarded with M79 grenades for the second time. The protest leader in this location, the monk Luang Pu Buddha Issara, undeterred, he is not going to leave despite a request by action director Suthep Thaugsuban


to the location grenades were thrown on Thursday and Saturday on Saturday were two people injured. Police and the army have around more checkpoints equipped.

– Shopkeepers in Nakhon Sawan oppose the construction of a tunnel under the Dechatiwong intersection in Muang. They hung banners in protest lyrics. According to them, the tunnel does not solve the traffic problem and keeps those customers not to go shopping nearby. The money for the tunnel, 800 million.The baht, could be the construction of a new ring road. According to them better spent According to authorities helps to prevent the tunnel. Traffic congestion on seven nearby intersections

– Although it is public transport from Bangkok heavily burdened by debt, wants the free buses to run on some routes. The company has also suffered from Bangkok Shutdown, the rallyâ cost the company € ™ s daily 2.7 million baht in lost revenue. The free bus service would initially end on March 31.

– Not much news from the election front. The Electoral Council will send a letter to Prime Minister Yingluck’s invitation for an interview on the date of re-election in 28 constituencies in the South, where a district candidate failed because participants had foiled. Their registration in December The Electoral Council wants the government enacts a new KB. Or legally in the hook, should be evaluated.

Deputy Prime Minister Phongthep Thepkanchana and former government party itself Pheu Thai consider it unlikely that the government agrees with the proposal by the Electoral Council. Opposition Democrats Party believes that the Electoral Council, the hot potato but should move up to the Constitutional Court. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Editorial statement

Bangkok Breaking News section is void and will not resume when appropriate.

Bangkok Shutdown and elections in image and sound:

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