News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) – February 22, 2014

22nd of February 2014 0

News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) – February 22, 2014


Bangkok Chao Phraya River News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) February 22, 2014 In numerous places, the salt content of the Chao Phraya river is too high. Revealed by an inspection tour in the district Rat Burana (Bangkok). The salinity was up to 1.5 grams per liter may amount to, but at the weir in the Khlong Rat Burana 12.6 grams was measured and the Khlong Srisurat 6.2 grams. In other places, the concentration is too high, due to the reduced water flow from the north.

– The bullet is through the church. The Indian businessman and chairman of the India-Thai Business Association Satish Sehgal has to leave the country. The Interior Ministry advises that the CMPO. Sehgal would have violated the Emergency Ordinance. The decision made Monday in a second meeting, because during a first meeting was concluded that the evidence was insufficient.

addition to violations of the emergency regulation Sehgal accused of having brought to besiege, including the Department of Civil Aviation. government buildings, the national security He would also have intimidated officials isolated.

Sehgalâ € ™ s lawyer calls the allegations â € ~ totally onjuistâ € ™. â € ~ Sehgal has never been the law overtreden.â € ™ lawyer finds it significant that the ministry decision was two days before the civil court ruled on the need for regulation. The court scrapped various measures taken in the context of the regulation such as the ban on assembly. When CMPO gives the green light for the deportation, Sehgal goes to court. His family has lived for 50 years in Thailand.

– In a shootout with officers of the border police and a special army unit yesterday Raman (Yala) an alleged rebel slain. That happened during a raid before dawn in a village. The victim was suspected of attempted murder and the organization of a rebel group.

Thursday night is the driver of an inter-provincial bus injured. He was in Sai Buri (Pattani) in a drive-by shooting under fire.

– Thai Airways International (THAI), last year a net loss of 13 billion baht ago. Of this, 3 billion baht attributed to management problems, 5 to 6 billion baht in foreign exchange losses and five billion baht depreciation.

expected that the company will continue this year in the red. The first half of the year, the loss, because the Chinese government has placed on the so-called â € ~ zero-dollar Toursâ € ™. Clamped This has led to a reduction in the number of Chinese visitors. Play on the reduced purchasing power of tourists from Europe and the ongoing political conflicts involved.

Board yesterday the resignation of chairman Ampon Kittiampon approved and the Vice President put on his chair. According Ampon has his resignation has nothing to do with pressure from the anti-government movement or loss of society, but he has served two terms on sitting and regulatory resign. Ampon, also Secretary-General of the Ministry of Transport, will remain as a member of the board of directors.

– The profession of conductor’s on a city bus in Bangkok is not very healthy. The ladies are suffering from many diseases, ranging «Office of dizziness to cancer, according to a study by the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation.

women need about 43 percent work, 94 percent suffer from stress due to the heavy traffic, 91 percent complain of sore muscles and inflammation, gastritis has 81 percent, 80 percent and 73 percent cystitis digestive problems. One problem is that lack of toilets at endpoints, which forced some wear diapers. See also the whole article â € ~ Women fall ill working on the busesâ € ™.

Common abbreviations

UDD: United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (red shirts)
Capo: Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (body responsible for implementation of the ISA)
CMPO: Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (responsible body for the State of Emergency since January 22 applies)
ISA: Internal Security Act (emergency law that gives police certain powers, in whole Bangkok force, less stringent than the Emergency Decree – Emergency Ordinance)
DSI: Department of Special Investigation (FBI Thai)
PdRC: People’s Democratic Reform Committee (headed by Suthep Thaugsuban, ex-MP of the opposition party Democrats)
NSPRT: Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand (radical protest group)
Pefot: Â Peopleâ € ™ s Force to Overthrow Thaksinism (ditto)

Bangkok Shutdown

– Two CNN and BBC news flashes of the fighting Tuesday at the Phan Fah bridge between riot police and protesters in the Dhamma Army have led to a fierce debate who threw grenades


Protest Movement PdRC and opposition Democrats claim that a police officer threw a grenade at the protesters. Which would be reflected back and have exploded to the police. PdRC and Democrats conclude that based on the CNN pictures.

They say the BBC images tell a different story, but that would relate to one another explosion. According to these images, protestors would have thrown a grenade to the police. An agent tried to kick it away and was severely wounded in the legs.

spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut of Democrats has CMPO called to respond to the concerns of the population is on the use of lethal weapons by police. However, deputy chief of the municipal police Thitirat Nonghanpitak Bangkok denies that the police have used grenades. Police have only tear gas, rubber bullets and non-lethal stun grenades [?] Used.

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights speaks in a statement issued yesterday its deep concern about the violence that claimed the lives of five people and made 71 wounded. â € ~ Although all the details are not yet clear, it seems that a well-armed group that is associated with the anti-government protests escalate through the use of live ammunition. violence It also seems that the police focus terugschoot.â € ™

– Six people were injured yesterday evening in a grenade blast on the anti-government protest site Ratchaprasong. The grenade exploded while protesters to broadcast Suthepâ € ™ s watched speech in Pathumwan. Police suspect that the grenade from the flyover above the Patunamkruising is thrown. The message does not mention the severity of the injuries.

– The use of the office (OPSD) the Permanent Secretary for Defence (the highest official head of the Department) provides veiligheidsrisicoâ € ™ s and economic opportunities. The office serves as a temporary workspace for Prime Minister Yingluck Government House because it is besieged. Vendors of food and drink to do with the protests at the office good business. Except on Wednesday when the PdRC led by action director Suthep Thaugsuban besieged the building and demanded that she wanted to speak the prime minister. Because banks and offices closed early in the neighborhood, was selling at. Residents of flats near broke down.

An official of the OPSD says they are nervous. â € ~ We have to wait until the protesters are gone, before going home kunnen.â € ™ find a coffee seller that the prime minister a new workspace should look â € ~ to negative consequences for ordinary people like me vermijdenâ € ™.

– The Peopleâ € ™ s Army and Energy Reform Network (PAERN), whose leaders were released on bail, will report it to the authorities because their protest site at the Department of Energy and the headquarters of state oil company PTT Plc Tuesday was cleared. They refer to the judgment of the Civil Court Wednesday. The Court ordered that the emergency regulation intact, but deleted include the prohibition of assembly and banned the CMPO to end protests.


Paern leader Rawee Mashamadol say they were unarmed, offered no resistance, and yet they were handcuffed. The police were at the protest venue weapons have been found, but the Paern lawyer points out that making the formatted records do not mention it. Paern is determined to â € ~ some Daga € ™ to the location to return.

Last night the strokes Paern protesters down at the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency. Rubber and oil palm farmers and rice farmers from the Northeast joined them.

– Demonstrators from the PdRC department Nonthaburi gathered yesterday at the Ministry of Health. They have learned that Minister Pradit Sintawanarong nevertheless works, although the protesters have isolated «ist he would stop. â € ~ If he shows up again, we’ll hunt him everywhere, like Suthepâ € ™ s hunting the Premiera € ™ said protest leader Rachane Trakulviang.

– Demonstrators yesterday employees of the Customs Department is forced to leave the building. Had been told that Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) was within the protesters. The message consists only of a picture caption, and further does not contain details.

Emergency Ordinance

– The Way Forward, the CMPO want to know from legal experts and academics, now that the civil court Wednesday a line has passed through a number of measures that were taken in the context of the emergency regulation. The CMPO also will appeal the verdict. The court banned include the use of force to break up protests.

DSI head and CMPO member Tarit Pengdith worried about the resulting machtsvacuà ¼ m In fact, the CMPO can do nothing against blockades and sieges of buildings. Tarit assumes that the ruling could provoke more conflict because the police left empty-handed when government supporters PdRC protesters challenge or brawling with them.

Demonstration at Police Club 300x210 News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown and Elections) February 22, 2014 – PdRC protesters yesterday at the CMPO office in the Royal Police Club on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road drawn. They called Yingluck and Chalerm Yubamrung CMPO director accountable for the fighting on Tuesday. The protesters approached the office to about 400 meters. After they had gotten that Yingluck was not there to hear them out again.

– In the province of Chon Buri yesterday PdRC thousand demonstrators leaving isolated «ist of the provincial police chief. He was a team of police officers led to the evacuation of the Phan Fah Bridge on Tuesday.

– The glass facade of a branch of the Siam Commercial Bank in Klong Sam Wa and several ATMs are Thursday damaged in a grenade attack


Mortgage System for rice

– On behalf of 12,000 rice farmers, the Lawyers Council of Thailand, both criminal and civil lawsuits filed. There are three different groups of farmers. 1 Farmers from Pichit their rice in 2012 and 2013 have been delivered, but do not have the right papers to claim their money, two farmers awaiting payments from 300,000 to one million baht per person, they do not have the right papers , and three farmers who have the right papers, but still need to receive. 10 billion baht in total

Most farmers come from the Central Plains,. the rest of the provinces in the Northeast and North-down


– The four coalition parties urge the Electoral Council to speed up the electoral process. They fear huge economic losses as the country continues a new government. Long deprived According to the foursome is not necessary for re-election in 28 constituencies in the South, which could not be voted on district candidates on February 2 Royal Decree because protesters were thwarted. Their registration in December

Injured Pheu Thai candidates have filed a complaint with the Electoral Council and urge haste. They accuse the Electoral Council to tighten it with the anti-government movement and the electoral process to stall. Intentionally together The Electoral Council announced earlier to explain. KB-issue to the Constitutional Court The Board believes that ZOA € ™ s KB is required.

– The City of Bangkok fears that the elections for the (half) the Senate on March 30, may encounter the same problems as those on February 2. Yesterday presented the town clerk with the Electoral Council on the Senate election and re-election in Bangkok, which are necessary as could be.

no voting in some polling stations

The meeting was also attended by the directors of the 50 district offices in Bangkok. Some people are intimidated by people who feel they have not done to election. February 2 immaculate enough In some districts they are no longer welcome. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

Editorial statement

Bangkok Breaking News section is void and will not resume when appropriate.

Bangkok Shutdown and elections in image and sound:

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