News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown) – February 25, 2014

25th of February 2014 0

News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown) – February 25, 2014


Father Tanakorn Yos UBOL News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown) February 25, 2014

Bangkok Post today on the front page picture of a 4.5 column Tanakorn Yos-UBOL, the father who has lost two children Sunday in the grenade attack on Big C Super Centre.

â € ~ I hope this is the last tragedy of the loss of political violence Isâ € ™ he says. â € ~ I wish I â € œI have vergevenâ € you can say to those who committed this violence. But I do not know who zijn.â € ™ family, the bodies of the children picked up yesterday in Ramathibodi hospital for the funeral rites at Wat Phromwongsaram Din Daeng.

The children were with their aunt and her son to Big C and had been eaten at KFC. When she got into a tuk-tuk, a grenade exploded. The two children did not survive the attack’s son was seriously injured. He is unconscious and is in the ICU. One of the children died Sunday night from severe brain injuries and internal bleeding, the other yesterday morning to brain damage and a ruptured liver.

Father Nipon Promma News from Thailand (including Bangkok Shutdown) February 25, 2014

– On page 2 a father. Nipon Promma touches the head of his 5-year-old daughter sat in Trat was killed in a grenade attack and bombardment on an anti-government protest rally. The girl was playing at a noodle stall that was under fire.

â € ~ What did my daughter do wrong? Why was she slain? I condemn the perpetrators and wish that they suffer the same fate as my kinda € ™ he says. Family of seven people were injured. They were not part of the rally, but sold on the market noodles. The Rights and Liberties Protection Department has given the father a provisional allowance of 100,000 baht.

Another girl was hit in the same attack, is still in a coma. She is in hospital in Rayong on a ventilator. Her brain is swollen and no longer function, and her blood pressure is lowered. Police have no suspects in the attack in the visor.

– Army Commander Prayuth Chan-ocha on Monday in a televised address on 10 minutes an urgent appeal to all parties done through discussions to resolve the political crisis. Calls are needed to prevent further violence. Violence that will cause serious damage to the country

General reiterated once again that the army does not intend to intervene. â € ~ The military option is not a solution to the crisis. This would actually increase the violence and the constitution aborted. When we use the wrong means, or military deployment, how can we be sure that the situation ends peacefully? Â € ™

– Prime Minister Yingluck is Monday during a visit to the OTOP complex in Phu Khae (Saraburi) PdRC harassed by protesters. From a distance they fired over loudspeakers asking the Prime Minister down, such as why they â € ~ on vakantieâ € ™ is while in the capital, people are slain. Yingluck was also treated to a flute concert.

The mayor of Phu Khae not managed to relocate the protesters. Later, the police came with a hundred men. After a half hour, the Prime Minister left again. Other agreements were subsequently canceled.

One Tambon One Product OTOP means. It’s a set up by Thaksin to Japanese example programs to villages on à © à © to specialize. A product Yingluck today lives in Bangkok a meeting of the Defence Council at.

– The Electoral Council has objected to the trips that Yingluck is, they disguised electioneering, making abuse of public funds is made. The Electoral Council has so far officials at three isolated informed about details of Yingluckâ € ™ s visit to the country, but they kept their mouth shut. The Electoral Council now has to sue.

– Six tourists injured Sunday in a collision between two speedboats. About 1 kilometer from the coast of Krabi she popped together. In one boat 28 passengers were in the other 10. Two injured are in critical condition.

– The Army has agreed to a compensation of 6.5 million baht to the family of a conscript who was severely beaten during his training in June 2011 and died as a result thereof. In addition, the commander failed to take timely. Him to the hospital The recruit was beaten by his coaches because he did not follow orders and the military base in Narathiwat had fled.

– The Student Loan Fund should students who do not repay their student loans, are more behind the pants, you Kasem Watthanachai, a member of the Privy Council. The SLF could use that money for in the budget for 2014 has been cut. Kasem made this plea yesterday during a seminar with administrators of educational institutions.

SLF has about 16.8 billion baht this year, although 23.5 billion baht was requested. Kasem assumes that the discount was a punishment because the fund is too lax. Loans is 72 billion, 38 billion baht arrears (53 pc)


Common abbreviations

UDD: United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (red shirts)
Capo: Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (body responsible for implementation of the ISA)
CMPO: Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (responsible body for the State of Emergency since January 22 applies)
ISA: Internal Security Act (emergency law that gives police certain powers, in whole Bangkok force, less stringent than the Emergency Decree – Emergency Ordinance)
DSI: Department of Special Investigation (FBI Thai)
PdRC: People’s Democratic Reform Committee (headed by Suthep Thaugsuban, ex-MP of the opposition party Democrats)
NSPRT: Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand (radical protest group)
Pefot: Â Peopleâ € ™ s Force to Overthrow Thaksinism (ditto)
PAERN: Peopleâ € ™ s Army and Energy Reform Network (action group against monopoly power)

Bangkok Shutdown and related news

– The Thai Health Network is tomorrow â € ~ acitivitiesâ € ™ to keep pressure on the government to resign and thus take responsibility for the recent wave of violence is the responsibility with the aim of pressure. From which â € ~ € ™ activiteitenâ exist, wild Narong Sahametapat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, said yesterday during a press briefing.

THN consists of 46 clubs, associations and organizations in the field of public health. It is collecting signatures for an appeal to Yingluck to resign. THN members yesterday were dressed in black at the briefing and names of silence to commemorate the victims. The attacks in Bangkok and Trat

the Council of University Presidents of Thailand called on the government to resign. following the weekend violence

– According to a military source has army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha Prime Minister Yingluck prompted by the UDD red shirts to insist not to drum to the capital to raise. Sunday red shirt leaders gathered in Nakhon Ratchasima about plans to support the government. No concrete proposals. Newspaper reported Monday incidentally

Today quotes the newspaper or red shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan, who says that the UDD are â € ~ biggest MOVEA € ™ is next month, when the National Anti-Corruption Commission should decide to take action because of its role in legal action against Yingluck the mortgage system for rice. NACC would impeachment process can begin. Against Yingluck

– The opening article of Bangkok Post is speculated to be an armed confrontation between â € ~ one at feared blacka € ™. â € ~ It is not burgeroorlogâ € ™, allows the newspaper â € ~ â € ~ security sources say, â € ~ but men in black from the red shirts will come to unleash a guerrilla war with the â € œpopcorn warriorsâ € the PDRC.â € ™

The rest of the article I will mention, because it includes assumptions, accusations, inferences and open doors, as saying that Prime Minister Yingluck has given the police to trace. the perpetrators of the attacks in Bangkok and Trat command Seems like a pretty redundant command, unless the Thai police collects bribes rather than going. Crooks hunt

– Action Leader Suthep Thaugsuban yesterday Prime Minister Yingluck accused her condemnation of the grenade attack on protesters in Bangkok and Trat â € ~ onoprechtâ was € ™. Suthep which bases this complaint, is a mystery to me because she has condemned the violence and has expressed its condolences to the bereaved. Had they may have burst? Into tears

Suthep also said Yingluck was referring to the army, when she said that a â € ~ third partija € ™ was responsible for the attacks. [He even said much more, but dear readers, do you read all this nonsense? I’ll pass.]

– Another grenade attack, this time aimed at the headquarters of the opposition party Democrats in Phaya Thai (Bangkok), but instead hit the grenade the adjacent house. Two autoâ € ™ s were damaged. Wounded have not fallen. The attack, which took place Monday at half past eight, the second at the head office. On January 13, the building was under attack. The coffee shop located on the front side, was thereby damaged. Even when were no injuries.

 passing police have submitted the relatives of two civilians, on Tuesday in clashes between police and protesters at the Phan Fah to have died, bridge a murder charge in the Criminal Court. The police were passed because they are not confident that they will handle the case properly.

Indicted his prime minister Yingluck, Chalerm Yubamrung CMPO director, chief Adul Saengsingkaew and two others. The indictment states that some agents carried firearms and had explosives. The defendants did have to realize that cops would shoot. Sharply with The court is considering whether the complaint can be dealt with, now is not the police have made the case.

– A second police officer has become the victim of the fighting last Tuesday at the Phan Fah bridge in Bangkok. He’s at the hospital deceased Monday of his injuries. This brings the death toll to six: four civilians and two policemen. The fighting 69 people were injured. Since late November, the 20 lives isolated protests «ist and 718 people were injured, according to data from the municipal Erawan Centre.

– Luang Pu Buddha Issara has got his way. After a siege of Voice TV, internet and satellite TV company owned by Thaksinâ € ™ s three children, the company has apologized for the assertion of a presenter that the protesting farmers not real farmers.

Issara, farmers and protesters gathered Monday morning at the office of Voice TV Vibhavadi-Rangsit road to. They kept neatly out of the gate, and promised to stay until they could have their say. There After the company had made his apology in a broadcast and the accusation was withdrawn, the besiegers left.

Another group yesterday besieged the office of M Link Asian Corporation Plc, which would be owned by a cousin of Thaksin. The vice-president tried to placate the offer to sell. Three handsets at a discount price of 10,000 baht them The protesters rejected the offer out of hand. They come back today to buy a thousand handsets at that price and if they have not, they do report to the police.

– Today draw protesters to various companies of the Shinawatra family. According action leader Suthep Thaugsuban the family owns 45 companies with a total capital of 52 billion baht. The company’s biggest property developer SC Asset Plc. Also, the Rama IX hospital is owned by the Shinawatraâ € ™ s, but that is as educational untouched. Suthep threatens to go.

the other bankrupt

– The Criminal Court has refused to issue arrest warrants against 13 out PdRC leaders. The DSI had asked for the arrest warrants because they have transgressed. Emergency regulation But the criminal court, referring to the judgment of the Civil Court last week, was of the opinion that the regulation can not be used because they demonstrate peacefully and unarmed.

PdRC against protesters

Thursday bends the Criminal Court to determine the application of the PdRC to withdraw. arrest warrants against Suthep and eighteen other leaders

CMPO has not appealed against the decision of the civil court. Who left the emergency decree in tact, but deleted the measures taken, such as the ban on assembly.


– Since November, nineteen people slain and 717 wounded, of whom 32 are still in the hospital. The police have not even given a chance à © à © hold for the attacks. N some suspect Oddly enough, the police have managed to keep. Quickly to the suspects in an attack on red shirt leader Kwanchai Praipana in Udon Thani

this wry observation does Veera Prateepchaikul in a column on the website of Bangkok Post. But not only that, he brings out how a red shirt leader from Chon Buri said Sunday at a meeting of the UDD in Nakhon Ratchasima â € ~ € ™ News good to have. â € ~ The PdRC members Suthep in Khao Saming (Trat) received a deserved reception from local residents. Five people were slain and more than thirty gewond.â € ™

His words were received by many in the audience with cheers and raised fists. But before he could continue, UDD chair Tida Tawornseth deprived him the word. â € ~ The red shirt movement applauds violence not toe.â € ™ PT Former Member of Parliament Hema Worachai then escorted the man from the stage. Veera has only à © à © n word about:. Disgusting â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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Bangkok Shutdown and elections in image and sound:

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