News from Thailand – January 25, 2013

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News from Thailand – January 25, 2013

Somyot Pruekskasemsuk 200x200 News from Thailand January 25, 2013 The critique of imprisonment of 10 years Somyot Prueksakasemsuk due treason has received, the irritation aroused by the court. Tribunal President Thawee Prachuablarb calls the criticism unbalanced. The punishment is reasonable and is halfway between the minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 years.

Thawee responds to criticism from the European Union who declared â € ~ deeply concernedâ € ™ to the decision of the court. The court sentenced Somyot based on two articles in his magazine The Voice of Taksin , which were written by someone else. For each article he got 5 years. Other organizations, such as Amnesty International and Freedom House have criticized the court ruling, citing freedom of expression.

The presiding judge points out that those items were not scientific treatises about the monarchy as of Nitirat, a group of teachers right at the Thammasat University. â € ~ The articles were essentially offensive and caused damage to the koning.â € ™

also warns the president critics believe â € ~ in good faith and without vooroordelenâ € ™ to give, if not, they risk being prosecuted for contempt of court. â € ~ The staff of the court following the case, especially on websitesâ € ™ he said.

– [Read Post] The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, the prison yesterday for Somyot a setback for human rights and called undermine freedom of expression. They expressed deep concern about the punishment of 10 years, the long pre-trial detention, the repeated refusal to release him on bail and his bondage during various court hearings.

Benedict Anderson, professor emeritus of history, says shocked when he heard not the author of the articles, but the editor of the magazine punished. Anderson believes that the issue must be tackled during the election campaign for the governor post in Bangkok.

People Rech Activists are planning a protest today to incinerate codes for the Criminal Court on Ratchadaphisek Road. Wednesday came red shirts with a clock tower in Chiang Mai together. They lit candles and sent eleven lanterns into the sky.

– Many small and medium enterprises about seven months into trouble, unless the government meets them with aid. A poll of Economic and Business Forecast Centre of the Thai Chamber of Commerce University among 600 SCBA € ™ s is shown.

Prime Minister Yingluck said yesterday that help is. She has the National Economic and Social Development Board and the Ministries of Finance «n and Commerce ordered into action. These bodies will soon be with the private sector to the table in order to discuss possible measures. As always, the Prime Minister spoke again soothing words: â € ~ We keep a close eye on the situation and think about steps to reduce risicoâ € ™ s. But there is no reason to be worried. We’ll find a oplossing.â € ™

– Dimming, Prime Minister Yingluck freely translated against opposition leader Abhisit said because of his criticism of the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen. According to the prime minister can criticize the bilateral relations between the two countries at risk.

Abhisit defended himself earlier this week against Hun Sen’s remarks. Who had said that Abhisit no evidence argues for his claim that former prime minister Thaksin benefits from gas and oil deals in the Gulf of Thailand. Yingluck has no objection to that Abhisit on this issue argues with Hun Sen, provided that the relationship between the two countries is not damaged. Yingluck thinks Abhisit now proceed to shut up.

– One of the three suspects, where the police is looking for in connection with the smuggling of Rohingya, has voluntarily reported to the police. He is accused of smuggling and hiding a group of 157 Rohingya refugees. The Rohingya, during a raid on his house in Padang Besar (Songkhla) found. According to the accused he received 5,000 baht a man from Myanmar when his houses as shelter available to them.

In the province of Narathiwat, police in two places in a dense forest sought Rohingya, who, according to local residents would hide. Rohingyas were not found, traces that they should have been.

– The cold-blooded murder Wednesday on a teacher, who oversaw a school canteen, the government and security authorities shocked. Prime Minister Yingluck has ordered an investigation. The Internal Security Operations Command says that the (Islamic) schools was not considered as a risk.

Twenty schools in Narathiwat province have closed down in protest. The police have a list with the names of four suspects released. The teacher was under the eye of 292 students and 15 collegaâ € ™ s shot. Because the school is not as risky book, she is protected by village volunteers.

– Three doctors in remote areas, have yesterday the Outstanding Rural Doctor Award 2012 received. The doctors have distinguished themselves because they provide excellent health, although their budget is limited and there is a shortage of staff.

– In September begins the bidding process for the construction of the high speed train Bangkok-Chiang Mai. When that which is laid, takes a ride 3 hours. For the work is interest from foreign companies. The 680 km long tracà © cost 387 billion baht. The construction will start probably early next year. A ticket costs expected to be up to 2,000 baht.

– Princess Bajrakitiyabha was appointed Ambassador of Slovakia. Currently she is ambassador of Austria. The ambassador of Slovakia moved to Germany.

Bangkok Post spends a second message to the mobile toilets for hire Boels. This time, the newspaper writes correctly (unlike yesterday) that the company apologized. Also, now that the two Thai Facebook users mentioned that the matter brought into the open. Well, as you can notice rectify without â € ~ € ™ Rectificatieâ top turn.

Politics news

– A poll of Nida gave the Democratic candidate for governor of Bangkok rather ahead Pongsapat Pongcharoen of Pheu Thai Party government: 24 percent against 17.55. But now Abac throws a spanner in the poll Pongsapat 41.8 percent of the votes, and Sukhumbhand 37.6 percent.

The question of which candidate the most attractive and appealing personality behavior yielded specific percentages: Pongsapat 43.6 percent, 36.3 percent Sukhumbhand. The poll was from door to door among 1,766 voters held.

also the question of the most competent and well-informed candidate isolated Pongsapat scored better than Sukhumbhand. And if it can not: Pongsapat also carries the best campaign and his policy would be best for the rising costs in the capital and the traffic congestion.

– Ex-Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra Bangkok and candidate for the elections in March shrugs about Abac poll of which he is overtaken by his great rival Pheu Thai Party government, Pongsapat Pongcharoen.

Sukhumbhand say that the election race has barely begun and the balance in his favor may eventually end. He hopes on March 3 1,000,000 votes to score. Bangkok has 4,330,000 voters inhabitants, of whom probably 55 percent of them will vote. The poll showed that most of Nida voters their choice had not yet determined.


Sukhumbhand the election slogan of his opponent unconvincing. Which reads â € ~ working with the government seamlesslyâ € ™. Sukhumbhand: â € ~ with ZOA € ™ s policy, the governor under the rule of the central government. A candidate who is too dependent on the central government sees the specific needs of the local population over the head. Why waste money on an election, if we have a â € ~ € ™ naadlozeâ governor want? Â € ™

Economic News

– The fiscal policy of the government is a failure. PROGRAMS € ™ s like the mortgage system for rice, cost the government capitals. Korn Chatikavanij, Minister of Finance «n in the Abhisit government and now vice-leader of the Democrats, has nothing good to say about the financial« le Yingluck government policies. He made yesterday at a seminar of economists of his heart on his sleeve.

Yet Korn no pessimist, because Thailand has a great potential for the next twenty years to great heights to grow economically, provided policymakers discipline in public spending, corruption and addressing the imbalance in income distribution deal. Korn estimates that the economy over the next twenty years may be increased fivefold to 50 trillion baht, assuming that the average annual growth 5 percent and 3 percent inflation.


Korn have until now only the rich benefited from the policy of the Government Yingluck. The reduction of the business tax benefit only large companies and changes in the income tax will benefit the rich. What Korn also irritates is that the government plans to finance passing of the budget.

Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n), also present at the seminar, saw it all is not so bleak. The core objectives of the current government are sustainable growth, price stability and a fair distribution of income. Now the economies «n the U.S., Europe and Japan are weak, Thailand must build its domestic market and increase the purchasing power to reduce dependence on exports.


Kittiratt is one of the strengths of Thailand’s relatively low ratio between debt and gross domestic product. â € ~ So we can afford to make new debts which investments can be gefinancierd.â € ™ â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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