News from Thailand – January 27, 2013

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News from Thailand – January 27, 2013

ASTV cars shot 300x204 News from Thailand January 27, 2013 Four parked vans from newspaper and television station ASTV Manager last night by an unknown man shot. In each car exceeded the reporters the next morning à © à © n bullet hole on. The army, which recently was at odds with the newspaper, hastens to explain nothing to do with the shooting to be hebben.Â

ASTV Manager columnist Parnthep Pourpongpan, also spokesman of the Peopleâ € ™ s Alliance for Democracy (PAD yellow shirts), thinks that the attack was intended as a threat, because the shooter â € ™ has shot at night with no apparent purpose for someone to hit. â € ~ We have been several times before been the target, but this was the first time during the reign of the current regering.â € ™

The shooting could be related to a war of words between the newspaper and army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha. The newspaper criticized before the General because of his attitude in the Preah Vihear case. He was not strong enough for the interests of Thailand in the battle for the disputed 4.6 square kilometers at the temple. The newspaper also criticized his strategy in the South.

Prayuth responded by ASTV Manager a â € ~ € ™ lousy newspaperâ to mention, when the newspaper hit back by saying that the General â € ~ a woman in her maandstondeâ € seemed ™. On January 11 and 12 soldiers held a spontaneous protest demonstration outside the office of the krant. Prayuth gave it ordered them to stop and apologized. He would â € ~ € ™ humeurigâ been when he attacked the newspaper.

shots tonight were noticed by a company guard, but thought the noise came from further afield. The gunman was captured on camera images. Police are now looking for him.

ASTV Manager is a staunch opponent of the current government and former prime minister Thaksin. The newspaper was founded by Sondhi Limthongkul, one of the key leaders of the PAD. In 2009 he was the target of an assassination attempt. There were 100 bullets fired at him with an AK47 and M16, but miraculously he survived the attack. The perpetrators were never held.

– And again Rohingya refugees intercepted. Friday struck the police water in a boat to the island of Ra (Phangnga) 96 persons. It was the third group of Rohingya in Phangnga been arrested, bringing the total in the province is on 387.

now held group consists of 62 men, 6 women and 28 children. They were since 1 January and wanted to move from Thailand to Malaysia “trips, where their well-paid jobs held out to them.

– The Assumption College in Bang Rak (Bangkok) resumed on Monday the lessons and not on 1 February, as announced. The closure was in response to a demonstration by teachers, students and former students Friday against the planned merger of the primary and secondary school. In addition, they demanded the resignation of the director. He was the reputation of the school have been damaged, and a promised salary increase would not have gone.

[The newspaper yesterday gave another lecture: the teachers were afraid that their salaries would be reduced after the merger. In today’s post is reported that the teachers were afraid of layoffs, something the newspaper yesterday not mentioned.]

– With the demolition of the former women’s prison in Chiang Mai yesterday commenced. At the beginning of the afternoon was a small ceremony. Members of the Rak Chiang Mai 51 group helped workers to remove stones from the prison walls and buildings. At the site of the prison is called a Buddhamonthon , a religious park, landscaped. The new women’s prison located on the outskirts of the city.

– The Pollution Control Department (PCD) seems to pay little heed to the instructions of the administrative court to the lead-contaminated Klity Creek urgently to clean. The department still chooses to â € ~ natural rehabilitationâ € ™, which according to residents and environmentalists amounts to nothing.

The PCD is a team to the creek in Kanchanaburi send the lead concentrations in water and sediment to measure. Then they determine a final position. According to the head of the PCD is natural rehabilitation â € ~ a optieâ € ™. However, immediately started cleaning up 1,200 of the 3,000 tonnes of lead used in the creek lies. The rest will be removed next year.

residents have a 9-year legal battle over the lead pollution conducted. Two weeks ago they had the right to compensation of 4 million baht to.

[The message states that the â € ~ lead processing houseâ € ™ that was responsible for the contamination, lead can still flow in the creek. But the plant was still closed in 1998?]

– The decision of the prosecutor to police lieutenant Theerayuth Ketmangmee not to prosecute because the hunting of protected animals, and are joined by eight others have, a storm of criticism called. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation is a legal team on the case set.

Theerayuth and the others were on 11 November at the Kaeng Krachan National Park arrested. They had weapons on them, a dead mouse and a hundred Asian giant river frogs. According to the police, there was not enough evidence to prosecute Theerayuth too. The legal team will help the park main evidence against the police officer to collect.

Theerayuth is head of an interrogation unit at the police station in Pran Buri Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

– ZOA € ™ s five hundred cyclists yesterday to the two main candidates for governor in Bangkok a proposal about cycling. They ask them to work for the promotion of cycling as the most convenient mode of transport in Bangkok.

The proposal also calls for public transport and the infrastructure for commuters to improve because the traffic situation in the city has worsened. There should be a safe network of cycle paths are pedestrian zones for pedestrians and more parks.

The action was part of the campaign â € ~ 2013â € ™ Vote Bike of the Green World Foundation, Bangkok City Campaign and the Thai Cycling for Health Association. According Saranarat Kanjanavanit, Secretary-General of the Green World Foundation, no candidate has a clear vision and commitment for the city.

Sukhumbhand Paribatra (Democrats) said yesterday that he as governor 28 routes with a total length of 200 km was created «erd. He also had 650 sewer manhole covers replaced, which yielded a hazard to cyclists. He promised another 30 routes to be constructed, on March 3 when he is chosen. And every new road gets a bike path. His main rival, Pongsapat Pongcharoen (Pheu Thai), promised to promote cycling, when he wins the race.

– 66 percent of respondents in a poll of Nida believes that the subsidy for buyers of a first car is the major cause of traffic congestion in Bangkok. People who last year bought their first car, get the tax paid back. The scheme was a great success: 1,250,000 persons were entitled to the scheme.

Nida interviewed 1,500 people aged 18 and older in all 50 districts of Bangkok. 19 percent of them wrote to traffic congestion, 7 percent to an inadequate public transportation, 3 percent to mismanagement of municipal and police and 3 percent to the expansion of the city and the increased population.

Nida also asked for solutions. Better public transport, said 43 percent; stricter control of traffic, said 34 percent and 8 percent chose higher taxes on autoâ € ™ s.

– Residents of tambon Tha Sawan (Surin) for their homes red shirts hung, not as a sign that they are supporters of the red shirt movement, but a ghost to scare. Since December namely in the village ten apparently healthy men deceased, and according to a medium that work pee mae mai (widow ghost). Of this spirit is known to be responsible for the â € ~ sudden unexpected death syndromeâ € ™. Those red shirts to help her scare. Doctors have also another explanation, according to them, the men deceased from respiratory problems.

Economic News

– The flag is from the Thai automotive industry: Thailand â € ™ s world’s tenth car manufacturer with the production of 2.45 million vehicles last year, 68 percent more than in the previous year and the highest number since 51 years . There were 957,623 cars produced (39 percent), 582 buses of over 10 tons and 1.49 million trucks.
The production of motorcycles was in the elevator, although not as spectacular, with 3,140,000 pcs: 6,57 percent more than in 2011.

The domestic car sales in 2012 amounted to 1.43 million vehicles (plus 80.9 per cent) and 2.13 million motorcycles (plus 6.11 pc).

– The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is that the Bank of Thailand to intervene in the stronger baht to the impact on the private sector to soften. The next week the FTI talks with the central bank. The FTI indicates that the baht since 21 December by 3.13 percent against the dollar has risen, making it the strongest currency in Asia “after the Japanese yen. The proposals of the FTI I leave unmentioned, because they are very technical.

The FTI also calls on the Board of Investment. Diemoet with more incentives to companies to move abroad to invest. The Government is urged to speed up the mega-infrastructure projects. The increased capital outflows can stabilize the Thai currency.

President of the Siam Cement Group expects the upward trend of the baht over the next two months continues, because huge amounts of capital in the world to the growing economies «n of Asia« keep flowing. SCG feels like net exporter the impact of the stronger baht.

– The two months ago isolated ntroduceerde new cola brand â € ~ € ™ ESTA claims the Big Cola and Pepsi already has overtaken and after Coca Cola (market share 55 pc) a market share of 19 percent has. Approximately 80 percent of the first restaurants that Pepsi sold, has defected to Sermsuk, the producer of est, a strong distribution network of 200,000 points.

Sermsuk now has four new flavors isolated introduced: orange, strawberry, cream soda and lemon lime. Sermsuk positions the four new flavors as a fashionable soft drink. The company focuses on dynamic teenagers with an online lifestyle that the trendsetters in their age group follow. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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