Assumption college bangrak investigation - News from Thailand – January 29, 2013

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News from Thailand – January 29, 2013

Rohingya News from Thailand January 29, 2013 And again a group of Rohingya refugees by sea to Thailand come. 108 men, women and children swimming off the coast of Surin Tai reached, after their boat 1 kilometer from the island had sunk. Friday, police stopped the water in a group of 96 Rohingya to the island of Ra.

The National Security Council (NSC) has proposed three detention centers in the provinces of Songkhla and Rayong to build, where the â € ~ illegal immigrantenâ € ™, as the government considers them, up to six months are housed. Then they are repatriated to Myanmar or they go to a third country. Thailand will stay longer because it does not allow a magnetic effect on other Rohingya would have thought the NSC.

â € ~ We now need to contact the countries that want to help the Rohingya and ask them if they are willing them to nemenâ € ™, says Lieutenant General Paradon Patta Natha Boat, Secretary-General of the NSC. â € ~ I have the ambassadors of many countries already met. They have asked Thailand to help. I told them that we are willing to do that, but these countries must also themselves Rohingya toelaten.â € ™

the Rohingya, Thailand is not the end, because they want to a Muslim country, preferably Malaysia «or Indonesia«. Thailand is also the USA, Australia «European countries and ask them directly. The Government will consider the Rohingya as illegal immigrants and not as a victim of trafficking, because in that case it would be difficult to point them out, said Paradon.

– The consumer magazine Chalard Sue warns slimming drinks based on coffee. The magazine refers to a study in Germany showing that from Thailand isolated Imported drinks forbidden sibutramine. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the nine in Germany tested beverages are not in Thailand, but they are smuggled into Thailand and then to Europe isolated «exported.

– The police suspect that the employee, that Sunday in the fire in the Grand Tower Inn was killed, the fire has been lit. The man worked as a waiter in the hotel restaurant and was at odds with management. Witnesses saw him two days before the fire hear promise that he would die away. Arson seems likely because the fire almost simultaneously at nine different locations broke.

– The St Gabriel Foundation, supervisor of Assumption College and thirteen other Catholic schools, is Director Anat Prichavudhi of Assumption College suspended pending an investigation into financial mismanagement. Friday protested ZOA € ™ s three hundred teachers and (former) students against the proposed merger of the primary school to secondary school and Sathon Road in Bang Rak (Bangkok).

– Jittanart Limthongkul, director of the ASTV-Manager Group, thinks that the shelling of the four vans from newspaper ASTV Manager be the work of â € ~ a close associate of a political figure Affecting the politiekorpsâ € ™.

According to the head of the municipal police is investigating the perpetrator good progress. Three people have already heard a taxi driver, a passer and a motorcyclist. She denied any involvement. There are two guards of the company interviewed.

Friday night fired a stranger on the wagons, each car once. The newspaper, founded by yellow shirt leader Sondhi, father of Jittanart, was recently in a clash with the army. But it is denied. â € ~ Such forms of violence, I support not because they are against the law zijnâ € ™, says army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha. According to him, a soldier fired.

– The National Police has ordered a new investigation into a police officer along with eight others arrested because they had been hunting in Kaeng Krachan National Park (Phetchaburi). The eight are persecuted, not the policeman although he was transferred to an inactive post. Against him too little evidence.

– Veera Somkwamkid, the co-ordinator of the militant ¶ Thai Patriots Network, which is trapped in Cambodia, is held in solitary confinement and can not read and write, says Senator Jet Siratranont, who has sought him on Friday. He has asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Veera help.

Veera is a prison sentence of eight years for illegal entry into Cambodian territory and espionage in December 2010. He recently received a reduced sentence of six months. Possibly he shall qualify for an exchange of prisoners.

His secretary, who had been six years, will be released Friday. She has been pardoned.

– Half of the teaching staff of the school in Narathiwat Tanyong Ban has asked for a transfer, after having Wednesday lunchtime a teacher was murdered in cold blood by insurgents. Yesterday went the 378 schools in the province open again, after following the murder protest the doors had closed. Only seven of the fourteen teachers of Ban Tanyongschool came yesterday showed.

The murdered teacher is the 158th teacher who since 2004 has been slain. Thursday, two suspects were arrested and murdered yesterday, the police raided tambon Tai Ba Rae (Bacho district) seeking four other suspects. The mastermind behind the murder was able to escape.

Army Commander Prayuth Chan-ocha visited Narathiwat yesterday where he was briefed by commanders on the security for teachers.

Pattani are 17 bewakingscameraâ € ™ s on fire and in Nam Dam, a bomb exploded near a bridge. There were no injuries.

– The operators of quarries in the district Chalerm Prakiat (Saraburi) pollute the air â € ™ s night with dust and therefore the Pollution Control Department of the provincial authorities ordered an end to it. The highest concentrations of particles are between 16 and 8 hours.

The vice-governor has the 27 operators invited for an interview, but he does not have legal options to have the working limit. â € ~ I can only cooperate vragen.â € ™ In 2004, the respective district classified as â € ~ € ™ zoneâ pollution control.

This month is over 24 days a hazardous substance level measured. The residents are warned between 16 and 8 hours to stay indoors. According to one of the operators is only a few quarries â € ™ night work.

– Next month, the so-called â € ~ € ™ fairies medical service of public hospitals with an average of 5 to 10 percent. The rate applies to services where complex technology is used, such as radiology. In contrast, other rates down again, because the required technology is more readily available.

The increase should be applied by the three health coverage that Thailand has. Only foreigners and some Thai patients’ affected by the increase because they do not fall under that insurance.

– Mid March a crossing by ferry from the Chao Phraya Express Boat Co. 2 baht more expensive. The rates vary “then run from 12 to 22 baht.

– Police in Nakhon Ratchasima has hundreds of street racers motorcycles seized. It is suspected that some with stolen parts are staged. The police seized motorcycles and riders at a checkpoint on the highway in Pho Klang.

– Three hundred meters from a concrete dike along the Pa Sak river in Ahyutthaya has the sun gone. The dike that a temple is located, has collapsed because the water subsided and the heavy traffic on the water.

Politics news

– Suharit Siamwalla, DJ, music producer, businessman and now independent candidate for the post of governor in Bangkok, run a different campaign. He does not use banners and billboards, but performs only campaign through social media. He will focus on young voters and those who are tired of politics.

Suharitâ € ™ s Facebook is already used by 2 million voters, his Twitter account has 60,800 followers. In comparison, the Twitter account of the Pheu Thai candidate has 3,324 followers, who Sukhumbhand Paribatra 114.00, but it has already been four years in the air since he was four years ago, was elected governor.

Suharit also shows an abnormal sound. â € ~ The people of Bangkok should not vote based on their loyalty to political parties but on the basis of policy. I want to show them that they can choose a governor by freeing itself from political influenced ¯ nvloeding.â € ™


Suharit the city has a comfortable and extensive public transport system is needed to get people out of their car. The bus for short distances, the monorail for longer distances. He also argues for the recycling of 9,000 tons of waste that the city produces daily. With the proceeds green areas should be constructed.

Saturday gives Suharit ongoing launches his campaign. He goes â € ~ 1000000 stappenâ € ™ do move problems photographing and uploading to social media. On 3 March the residents of Bangkok to the polls.

Economic News

– Thailand could exploit in Asean Economic Community, which in 2016 takes effect, by coins for other countries need to store. When the AEC has entered into force, taking labor, trade, finance «le flow and transport in Thailand and the region, and consequently increases Ooka demand for coins and banknotes, expected Tassanee Ponglamai, Deputy Director- General of the Treasury Department. She points out that already established along the border with Cambodia and Laos, the Thai currency.

The Royal Thai Mint produced in 2012 1.64 billion coins this year and expects 1870000000 striking coins. The Mint also has the capacity to store coins for other countries.

– From April, the monthly price of LPG by 50 satang up from the current 18.13 baht per kilogram to 24.82 baht. Then comes an end to a period of more than 20 years, which was subsidized LPG.

In 2008, Thailand was a net importer of LPG when the world price of oil a record high of $ 140 per barrel reached. Since then, many drivers switched from petrol to LPG. LPG was also smuggled to neighboring countries where it is more expensive. A study by the Energy Policy and Planning Agency has shown that the demand for LPG for domestic use by an average of 10 percent per annum rising by 3-4 percent for other fuels.

To protest against the increase to prevent street food vendors and low-income households that are less than 90 kilowatts / hour using compensated. The price of LPG for industrial use has been increased and now stands at 30 baht per kilogram, in the transport sector, the prize for the first four months of last year up to 21.38 baht, but further price increases after protests deleted. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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