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News from Thailand – January 30, 2013

Beatrix 300x196 News from Thailand January 30, 2013 Bangkok Post spends on the front in a two-column report with photographs of the American Associated Press attention to the announced abdication of Queen Beatrix. On page 8 picks up the newspaper from an analysis of a half-page, taken from the British news agency Reuters.

Reuters sees a connection between the time when the king announced her abdication and the waning popularity of the PVV, as demonstrated in the last election. The article deals with no word on the relationship between the Netherlands and Thailand, which to me is an indication that there is a some shortcomings in the craftsmanship of the Bangkok Post editors. But maybe ZOA € ™ s story there.

– The government has a tough job. Two sides is the pressure for political offenders amnesty. Yesterday demo prophesied hundreds of red shirts, united in the January 29 for the Release of Political Prisoners Group at the Royal Plaza, and even heavyweight Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung saw no chance to satisfy the protesters.

They threatened to Government House to march to serve their protests to continue, but ultimately did Thawat Boonfueng, Deputy Secretary-General of the Prime Minister, â € ™ evening to end the demonstration with the promise of an amnesty proposal Nitirat, a group of lawyers from the Thammasat University, for advice to the Council of State will be sent, and then treated by government and parliament.

â € ~ But we ask your understanding for the fact that the Council of State needs time to evaluate the proposal. It can not be used within 24 hours gedaanâ € ™ said Thawat. â € ~ I’m sure the Prime Minister will insist on an application as soon as possible. They let those who are in jail, not in the steek.â € ™

The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD red shirts) has long been calling for amnesty, but sees it rather be controlled by a Cabinet decision, because it goes faster. Chalerm has however said that ZOA € ™ s Cabinet decision may crash when the Constitutional Court is asked to intervene.

Nitirat proposal provides for amnesty for all persons since 2006, the year of the military coup, imprisoned for political offenses or put previously indicted. Opposition Democrats Party supports the proposal, provided that it does not apply to crimes and corruption. The party does not want Thaksin amnesty and gets 2 years in prison for abuse of power escapes.

– It’s rush hour with Rohingya who flee Myanmar. Yesterday came a patrol boat of the Navy ZOA € ™ s 5.5 km from the island Phayam (Ranong) on ​​a boat with 140 Rohingya. They received food and water and had to continue their journey.

Also yesterday, police found the water and the navy at the island Ratcha Noi (Phuket) a boat, packed with 200 Rohingya. The boat was Monday already noted by fishermen migrants from food and water were provided. The fishermen had told them to Ratcha Noi to stay because it was uninhabited. What happened to the group of 200 will be done, is not known.

Thailand now offers shelter to 1,700 Rohingya, who at various places in Songkhla and Phangnga been detained. They may in the next six months in the country remain pending repatriation «ring or asylum in a third country.


meet Minister Surapong Tovichatchaikul (Foreign Affairs) and a delegation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation religious leaders and security in the South to talk about the southern violence. The Minister will take the opportunity to ask the delegation which countries are willing to take the Rohingya.

Corrigendum: Yesterday I reported on the authority of Bangkok Post that the National Security Council has proposed detention for Rohingyas in Songkhla and Rayong to set up, but this should Songkhla and Ranong are.

– The king should take it easy. The Royal Household Bureau announced that the prince mild fever, fatigue, and his appetite is reduced. Heart rate and blood pressure are normal, but he gets faster breathing. Furthermore, his knees «n what swollen.

Friday the king deemed a statue of King Chulalongkorn to reveal the Sayamindradhiraj Medical Institute to open and monkeys show to attend. The message does not state whether the king is to be replaced and if so, by whom.

– Two hundred members of the Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) trade union yesterday for the office of the PAT in Khlong Toey’s resignation isolated «ist of the Director-General of the PAT. If not then they stop working overtime.

The union is at odds with the DG as a disciplinary investigation ordered against the union president and some employees because they have stepped into the court. They complain that the compensation for overtime is reduced. In addition, they turned to the State Enterprise Relations Act. The union has 1,200 members.

– Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi denies that he has mixed in the selection of companies that work to carry water. According to a source at the Flood and Water Commission (WFMC) Â the Minister would have delayed the procurement process in favor of a Chinese company.

Today subsommissie selects one of the WFMC the companies that work to perform. Tuesday bends the Cabinet on the list and will be announced on February 7, who can do what. Thereafter, the companies their budget, technical proposals and planning submission. The government borrows 300 billion baht for the work. On the shortlist were eight companies in September.

– Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung says anything to do with the shooting Friday of four wagons of newspaper ASTV Manager . That suggestion is in veiled terms by the Director of the ASTV Manager group. Chalerm said yesterday that he has no ill will on Sondhi Limthongkul yellow shirt leader, founder of the group and the father of the director.

Chalerm promised investigating the perpetrator to continue, which according to him is not easy because the newspaper is involved in numerous conflicts. â € ~ It is a difficult matter, because there are many possible verdachten.â € ™

– The employer and employee contributions to the Social Security Fund with 1 percent down from 5 to 4 percent. The Cabinet on Tuesday decided to support companies who struggle to bring the higher wage. On January 1, the minimum daily wage went up to 300 baht, an increase mainly problems in the labor-intensive SMEs.

The new rate will apply until 31 December. In 2011, the premiums already once reduced due to the floods. Who stopped off late last year.

The Thai Labour Solidarity Committee

opposes the reduction. The pressure on SMEs is not removed and only large companies benefit. The Comita © is also afraid for the future of the fund, which may be unstable due to lower contributions. Employees will be older and more frequently to the fund do.

– A couple is on a road yesterday in Sungai Padi (Narathiwat) in a pool of blood. When the bodies, the police found three bullets. The man (45), in a school janitor, and his wife (36), a cleaner in a hospital, were on the motorcycle on the way home when they were under fire. The gunmen went with the bike off.

Muang district, a man eleven autoâ € ™ s shot, owned by residents and police. Nobody was injured. The alleged perpetrator was recorded camera images. The governor thinks the shooting was the work of a runaway teenager.

district Mayo (Pattani) are Monday four bewakingscameraâ € ™ s bloated. Earlier on Monday, 17 Cameraa € ™ s on fire and seven other districts in three stolen.

– The two winners of the Prince Mahidol Award 2012 today take their award received. In the category of health is Uche Veronica Amazigo distinguished former director of the WHO African Programme for river blindness. Sir Michael David Rawlings, President of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) in the UK, has been awarded in the category of drugs. Nice that he founded in 1999, has published guidelines on how the best results at optimum cost can be reached with the use of drugs.

The Prince Mahidol

Award is an annual award from the Thai royal family for outstanding achievements in the medical field.

– Most workers from Myanmar, the next three years rather than continue working in Thailand to return to Burma, now the country is working to democratize and a freer market gets. This fear has been expressed by companies, but Premjai Wangsiripaisarn of Asian Research Centre for Migration of Chulalongkorn University denies that.

Finding a good job in Myanmar remains difficult, even though this is easy to work and earn enough to get some to send home. For the Government of Myanmar, which transfer a nice source of income, so they will not be so inclined to encourage them to return and help the country to build.

Premjai spoke yesterday at a seminar of the Institute. She said that a poll of the institute showed that 10 percent of migrant workers from Myanmar to return. But most of them are not planning to stay long and quickly return. Of the respondents, 30 percent earn 10,000 baht per month or more, 46 percent from 5000 to 10,000 baht and 24 percent less than 5,000 baht.

– During the visit of the Prime Minister of Thailand on February 4 and 5 are Thailand ask him to recruit French taalgraduates to Thailand to teach French. The intention is that they 7-12 weeks there in the period June to September. Thailand is also a Memorandum of Understanding signed with France on military cooperation. It is the first time since 7 years that a French leader visits Thailand.

– The government agrees that Dong Kaeng Krachan at UNESCO nominated for inclusion on the World Heritage List. The complex covers 2,940,000 rai and consists of four protected forests: Mae Nam Pachi Wildlife Sanctuary, Phrakiat Chalerm Thai Prachan National Park (both in Ratchaburi), Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi and national park Kui Buri Prachuap Khiri Khan. The forests are the habitat of 720 different species, including 460 species of birds. Thailand has five World Heritage sites: three cultural and two natural.

Economic News

– The hatchet seems buried in the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI), but the controversial president resigns Payungsak Chartsutthipol is unlikely. There are committees to look for a solution, agreed by Payungsak and Vice President Tanit Sorat.

Monday arrived opponents of the President when the building of the FTI. They found ZOA € ™ a hundred agents, the door was locked and barricaded with iron gates. The demonstrators tried it again after Payungsak thrice refused with them praten. Two months ago they chose a wild meeting a new president, but soon hung his lyre on the willows.

The dissidents are mainly employers in SMEs. They believe that the president is not hard enough made for deferral of the increase in the minimum daily wage to 300 baht. This increase began on 1 January. SMEs fears the child of the bill to be.

– Sellers of counterfeit goods worth more than 500,000 baht to their chest wet. In the future, these products seized, warns the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry this year determined to violation of intellectual property harder to tackle.

An amendment to the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1999 has been approved by parliament and has only the signature of the king needed. The Intellectual Property Department (IPD) talks next week with landlords of retail and online stores and will ask their cooperation in the fight against IP violations.

Thailand is since 2007 on U.S. Priority Watch List. In April, the revised list. Next month flies the head of the IPD to the U.S. to the authorities there to talk about Thailandâ € ™ s efforts.

Trade Representative of the U.S. to the list of suspicious areas in Thailand eight places added: MBK Center, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Siam Square, Sukhumvit Road, Patpong night market, the Karon and Patong beaches in Phuket, Pattaya and IT City the Rong Klua border market in Aranyaprathet.

For more information: â € ~ Just landed in Bangkok and I want a fake Rolex kopenâ € ™ of 28 January.

– Companies that perform work, financed by the loan of 2.2 trillion baht which the Government intends to conclude, should a â € ~ € ™ pacta integrity to sign that they bind to good governance and transparency. This proposal does the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), one in 2011 by private sector initiative launched. The aim of the group is the public awareness of corruption and its aversion to stimulate its through education, enforcement and transparency.

When the idea of ​​an integrity pact in good ground in the cabinet may have already started along with the implementation of water projects, says President Pramon Sutivong. He believes the government is lax in tackling corruption in the public sector. Thus met the Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission for the first time under the new chairmanship of the current Minister of Finance «n late 2011 and the second meeting was held late 2012.
The ACT also looks with a critical eye to the mortgage system for rice, which in many ways fraud.

2.2 trillion baht which the government wants to borrow is for infrastructural works, the majority goes to the railways. The money is in a period of seven years spent. The water projects are financed by a loan of 350 billion baht, which the government has already approved.

– Since September last year the number NPLA € ™ s (non-performing loans) of loans taken out for the purchase of a car, increased from 1.15 to 1.32 percent of the total number of car loans, thus data from the central bank. Although this is a low percentage, given the total amount of loans of 830 billion baht, there is talk of a trend.

The Thai Hire-Purchase Association is concerned about the impending increase NPLA € ™ s because lenders have relaxed their policies to take advantage of the first car program. According to Chairman Isara Wongrung are the buyers ecowagen the greatest risk.

The down payment is less than 20 percent and the duration is longer than 72 months. Of the 1.2 million cars sold through the program, 96,000 fall under relaxed conditions. The buyers in this segment earn risk generally around 10,000 baht per month, 5,000 baht should be counted down for the payoff. For an installment amount is quite low, says Isara.

The first car program that ended earlier this year, buyers get a first car the tax paid back. That is one year after purchase back up.

– Zesa satellite TV stations have received a warning from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, the TV watchdog Thailand, they can lose their license for misleading advertising of medicines and dietary supplements. The Food and Drug Administration has found that. Last week the NBTC granted 172 licenses.

– Thailand Privilege Card Co. is still looking for a director. Ten people have applied for the position, but it was only à © à © n qualified. The deadline is now postponed from 22 January to 6 February.

The company gives the so-called Thailand Elite Card out, a rather controversial initiative during the Thaksin government taken. It is by the previous government shut down and is now being revived by the Yingluck government to prevent claims from cardholders.

The card makes a comeback in March with the campaign â € ~ Money canâ € ™ t Buya € ™. The membership fee is 2 million baht for 20 years. The company hopes to create 1,300 new members. Now have 2562 people ZOA € ™ s card. What perks card offers, the notice shall not. â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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