- News from Thailand – June 27, 2013

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News from Thailand – June 27, 2013

Abhisit at OAG 300x171 News from Thailand June 27, 2013 The hunt for former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, now opposition leader, and Suthep Thaugsuban, former Deputy Prime Minister, is the next phase.

After the court of three people has finally determined that they were killed by army fire in 2010, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI, the Thai FBI) ​​the OM now asked both to sue for wrongful death.

Deputy Director General Wanna Pong Kotcharag the DSI and his research team accompanied Abhisit and Suthep yesterday to the office of the Attorney General, where she reported on Winai Damrongmongkolkul, Director General Special lawsuits. Who said he had formed to evaluate the request. DSI of a working group of five staff members On August 26 allows the PG to know whether both will be prosecuted.

DSI, who investigate the deaths and injuries does cases during the red shirt riots, eight Abhisit and Suthep responsible for the precipitation of the protests, so a taxi driver, a boy and the driver of a van were killed . Of these three is proven to be slain.

by soldiers

DSI will therefore let them continue. Abhisit was then Prime Minister Suthep director of the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation, which was responsible for the enforcement of emergency. The CRES the army had given permission to shoot sharp.

Abhisit and Suthep believe that the DSI has no jurisdiction to inquire. their role They have filed a complaint in April at the Criminal Court against the DSI and DSI Director of Staff. The court bends over there on July 8.

Photo: Abhisit (left) and Suthep (right) are proving popular with staff of the office of the Attorney General


– There go a lot of heads rolling in the Cabinet, says Bangkok Post to know based on anonymous sources in government Pheu Thai party. Minister Boon Song Teriyapirom (Trade), responsible for the controversial “le rice mortgage system, should be packing. He is succeeded by the current Minister of Finance «one or two ministers of the office of the Prime Minister.

Speculations assume that the strongman of the government, Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung, moves to the post of Minister of Labour. Chalerm is currently responsible for the failure of security in the South. The rains further speculation, but let me just omitted.

called reshuffle , the third (?) again since the Yingluck government took office, has implications for ten people and nearly two cabinet posts. In recent days, candidates for the new government their qualifications submitted to the Government House and the SC Park Hotel. Within a week, the new composition of the Cabinet and announced that  submitted to the king for confirmation. The changes aim to boost.

the waning popularity of the government

Premier Yingluck was rather reluctant to change. cabinet soon She wanted to wait until August, when parliament returns from recess. But she bends now anyway for her big brother Thaksin, who had advised a rapid change â € “say ordered. Thaksin would be unhappy with the performance of the government in the rice mortgage system, water and flood management and he is worried about the rise of the white masks movement.

– Four executives of rice hulling mill L-Gold Manufacture Co. in Pichit suspected of purloin of 12,000 tons of rice, submitted by farmers under the mortgage system. Many of them have not seen a penny. Against three is an arrest warrant, Ã © Ã © n has already volunteered.

Governor Chakkarin Plianwong the aggrieved farmers to submit questions. a complaint against the company in Two hundred farmers have their rice at the company handed, of whom 96 have been duped by the scandal. Seventy farmers have complained until now. Many farmers do not dare to whistle.

fear permanently to their money

– Three hundred farmers from the southern provinces of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung and Songkhla have demonstrated yesterday in front of Wat Bo Lor Chiang Yai. They call on the government in a petition to maintain the guaranteed price of 15,000 baht a tonne for paddy and the current (second) crop to continue to 30 november. the mortgage system, the government has decided to reduce the price 12,000 baht.

– The government makes all 2,506 stores in 50 provinces, which mortgaged rice is stored and inspect. When more than 5 percent of hulled rice or 10 percent of paddy (brown rice) is missing, the legal action taken against the managers.

– Businessman Akeyuth Anchanbutr is the victim of a robbery and he is not killed for political motives, says Khamronwit Thoopkrajang, head of the municipal police of Bangkok. â € ~ Every piece of evidence points to robbery and murder. But police welcomes new information which might be useful zijn.â € ™ The police for three weeks investigating the matter and has interviewed 51 witnesses. The valuables of Akeyuth who went missing during his abduction and murder were not found.

Lawyer Suwat Apaipak questioned said at the conclusion of the police. â € ~ There is more to the case than meets the eye.â € ™ He has a list of thirteen questions submitted. Before the police shut her research, should be answered that he likes but according Khamronwit they are already answered.

billionaire Akeyuth was murdered by his driver during a trip to the South. He conspired with four others. They stole 5 million baht. The driver was according to police aggressive and compulsive gamblers.

– The South Korean company Korea Water Resources Corp. (K-Water) is unable waterways and storage areas to build, two works that are part of the water management projects, which the government has earmarked 350 billion baht. A South Korean environmental activist says that the company is solvent and environmental damage caused by projects in South Korea.

Minister Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisa (PMA € ™ s Office) takes no notice of the accusation. The government has the qualifications of the company and found in order. â € ~ Let the man say what he wil.â € ™

The director of the company says that his company is very well able to perform. the two works of 160 billion baht Financial «le problems are not there because the South Korean government is the largest shareholder of the company. And environmental damage in South Korea would be no question.

Democratic MEP Ong-art Klampaibul wants Prime Minister Yingluck pays attention to the matter to ensure that the projects are transparent and the public benefit.

– The honorary doctorate from the University of Thammasat Nguyen Phu Trong (69), General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, was shot at human rights activists in the region and Europe in the wrong way. In an open letter they suggest that Nguyen is jointly responsible for hunting dissidents in recent years. Peaceful demonstrations are beaten down, and people are being arbitrarily detained dissidents and human rights activists get severe punishment, according to the letter.

– One of the six luxury cars, which in Nakhon Ratchasima during transport caught fire, turns out to be a scam to circumvent import duties on another used car. The Ferrari was introduced in parts, assembled in Thailand, converted to LPG, then later a request was made to go to petrol and the owner claimed he the car registration book was lost.


Researchers from the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) have discovered that the engine number one plate was attached with a fake number, presumably in order to apply. newly licensed The DSI suspects that the other five vehicles, would be used.

for the same purpose

– The proposal of a panel of the Ministry of Education to the science courses and technology and mathematics to add to à © together , à © n box, did not fall down well with two teachers of Chulalongkorn University. The quality of the merged subject would therefore deteriorate. Sathon Vijarnwannaluk the faculty sciences of Chula says ZOA € ™ s combination in no other country figures. He also pointed out that Thai students already weak in both boxes.

The panel, which was formed in October, for the eight core subjects to bring back into the national curriculum she wants to reduce the number of contact 700 Ã 800 per year to 600 hours. zes.Verder to The number of self-hours should go from 200 to 400 hours per year.


Pawit Thongroj, advisor to the minister, denies that the quality of the courses deteriorates when reduces the number of contact hours. â € ™ Teachers should understand that learning is not only in the classroom plaatsvindt.â € ™ The new curriculum is ready. 80 percent When first introduced in the three thousand schools.

– Ridiculous: as judged many YouTube users a video clip, in which Deputy Minister Nattawut Saikuar (Trade) and others sing the praises of traditional groceries and a dance to it. The critical viewers and listeners found the clip a waste of time and overheidsfinancià «n. Some thought that the song it seemed very Black Superman . The video, which until yesterday morning had drawn 50,600 pageviews was hurriedly removed.

– The meetings of the white masks can be contrary to Article 63 of the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceful gatherings. The rallyâ € ™ s can easily degenerate into violence because most protesters wearing white masks and can remain anonymous. This said, a law lecturer of Thammasat University yesterday at a seminar.

Although Thailand in contrast to Germany does not prohibit the wearing of a mask he considers the likelihood of violence present, making the Constitution is violated article.

According to another teacher right seems the people confused about her right to free speech in public space. As a protest against a pipeline project in the South to violence by the authorities against the demonstrators. Resulted The protesters have sued the police for misconduct. That case is currently before the courts.

– The son of former Prime Minister Thaksin appears to have put the two a Photo € ™ s on his father’s Instagram account. The a Photo € ™ s called speculation as would have visited Thailand Thaksin.

– The Thai Railways (SRT) will purchase new locomotives and fifty old locomotives, some of which do half a century service, send retired. The locomotives cost 6.5 billion baht. The first twenty are made in China. Then an e-auction held. China’s machinery will pull freight trains to and from the port of Laem Chabang.

Economic news

– A warning of the dangers of smoking, which is 85 percent of the size of a cigarette pack covers: this is an illogical requirement. This new requirement has no effect and punishes only trade. There remains little room for the cigarette brand. The Thai Tobacco Trade Association (TTTA), who says, goes next week the Ministry of Health to court to get.

the requirement of tableCigarette packs

existence since 2005, half of a warning fearsome picture. On the percentage of smokers, the warning had little effect: 19 percent of the population smoked in 2005, 18.4 percent in 2011. According to a study by the WHO, 97 percent of smokers aware of the riska € ™ s.

TTTA director Vara Porn Namatra says the new rule will result due to higher operating costs and because smokers are switching to cheaper tobacco. problems for retail That bag is no warning, which is strange because half of all tobacco sales in Thailand consists of the sale of loose tobacco.

When the 85-percent requirement continues, Thailand has the biggest warning after Australia «where 82.5 percent of the surface consists of a warning.

Minister Pradit Sintawanarong (Health) denies the TTTA and the companies do not have the right to sue the Ministry but they would not have to walk to court. The Ministry is prepared to defend.’s Decision in court â € ~ I am aware that increasing the warning has implications for the sale of cigarettes, but the companies need to understand that they make money at the expense of the health of mensen.â € ™

– Thailand as a production base for Muslim fashion: this is not a commercially attractive idea, because there are 1.62 billion Muslims, including 320 million in Asia «live? Moreover, the Muslims in the Middle East a great purchasing power.

The Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP), in collaboration with the producers of Srinakharinwirot University Muslim clothing in the world by introducing them to assist in improving quality, design and organization. The DIP strives to ensure that Thai producers have the largest market share, when the Asean Economic Community takes effect in 2016.

– Sales of personal computers in the first quarter decreased by 20 percent year on year, but the good news is that sales of tablets and smartphones has increased. In the first quarter were 800,000 PCa € ™ s over the counter. It is the first time that the market shows a negative growth rate. Although the consumer is lame, the demand for PCs in large private organizations and public services, particularly in the finance remains «n, telecommunications and healthcare sectors. Experts expect the PC market the rest of the year remains weak. â € “Source: Bangkok Post


File is a section with information on topics in the news regularly or have been. File provides background, based in Bangkok Post .  It’s been a while since appeared on items since the last episode. On 10 April it was about P Move (Peopleâ € ™ s Movement for a Just Society â € “long time not heard) and traffic in Bangkok (the city had 7 million cars last year). Today city parks in Bangkok.

city parks Bangkok 175x300 News from Thailand June 27, 2013

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