News from Thailand – March 20, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 20, 2013


Yingluck 300x280 News from Thailand 20 March 2013 Will there be an end to the political career of Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailandâ € ™ s first female prime minister ? Her position now staggers the National Anti-Corruption Commission investigation into her. She would be a loan of 30 million baht to the company, which her husband is a shareholder, have concealed. If she is found guilty, the NACC her nomination for dismissal.

Yingluck said the matter to the NACC have explained. Her husband said that Yingluck is honest and has done nothing wrong. But Yingluck apparently sees the storm coming, because she said yesterday: â € ~ Please give me another chance. The voters have given me the opportunity to be Prime Minister and I am only now just over a year. Please let me work until the end of my zittingsduur.â € ™ Asked if she thinks the NACC research to survive, she said: â € ~ I can only on justice hopen.â € ™

Should Yingluck being sacrificed, that is her sister Yaowapa tipped as successor, although not all Pheu Thai members are excited about. Sister Yaowapa is some not very popular because they are in the North dictates. In 2006, upon the dissolution of Thaksinâ € ™ s Thai Rak Thai she got with 110 others politieke ban imposed of 5 years.

Yaowapa by Pheu Thai nominated as a candidate in the interim elections in Chiang Mai. The parliamentary seat for Chiang Mai has become vacant following the departure of Kasem Nimmonrat, allegedly because of health problems. He says he would focus on local problems, but political observers believe he has given up his seat to make room for Yaowapa. Yaowapa would in this way be prepared for the post of Prime Minister. Yaowapa had already once MP for Chiang Mai.

– The gross domestic product comes with 1 percent per year up, in addition to the estimated annual economic growth of 5-6 percent, and there are 500,000 jobs. Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) counts are already rich now the government allowed the parliament’s request to borrow 2 trillion baht for infrastructural works.

But the debt, he says, will not exceed 50 percent of gross domestic product to rise, which is an acceptable level. The two trillion baht is over a period of 50 years repaid, with the first 10 years only interest is paid. According Kittiratt this method of financing is the only possible because the annual budget does not accommodate the mega projects to finance projects that are desperately needed because Thailand for many years in infrastructure has not isolated invested.

Opposition leader Abhisit indicates that Pheu Thai Party government during her election campaign promised not to borrow â € ~ and now she does exactly the omgekeerdeâ € ™. â € ~ The loan imposes a heavy burden on the public debt of the land.â € ™ Abhisit provides negative consequences for domestic funds, because the 2 trillion in the domestic market is borrowed. â € ~ That means competition for loans with other parties. If there is a high demand for loans, the interest omhoog.â € ™


Kittifratt see it not so pessimistic: the domestic money market has more than two trillion baht in cash and the government borrows over a period of seven years each year only 300 billion baht.

– A discussion of the monarchy is not appropriate at a time when political conflicts remain sharp, says army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha following the discussion program Tob Jote , the last episode, scheduled for Friday, by television station PBS was abruptly canceled, but still after protests Monday’s broadcast. According to the General, there are more pressing problems, such as fights between students of vocational and drug use by young people.

The program was discussion about whether the monarchy should be legally protected against treason. The relevant statutory provision provides a gevangenistraf of three to fifteen years. According to the General, the monarchy part of â € ™ country’s history and prestige, and they should therefore be protected. â € ~ When people disagree, they need to live somewhere else. If you know you are persecuted, when the monarchy defames, then you should not doen.â € ™

– The Pheu Thai party headquarters of government is an exhibition, which alleged irregularities in projects of the previous  (Democratic) government are discussed. The exhibition is a response to criticism from Democrats on the plan of the government to borrow 2 trillion baht for infrastructural works.

The exhibition focuses on the so-called Thai Khem Khaeng (Thailand: Investing from Strength to Strength) program at a cost of 800 billion baht was involved. These funds were earmarked for the construction of 396 new police stations, dust-free roads, a community sustainability project and medical facilities for the Department of Health.

– A geeldhemdgevangene, sentenced to 34 years in prison for attempted murder of police, has the support of two prisoners red shirt with his application for bail. Preecha Treecharoon (56) does a good chance because he à © à © n eye is blind and feels vulnerable in prison.

He lost his eye by a bullet when police in October 2008 at the parliament protesters dispersed with tear gas. When his car drove away, he got some agents. The two red shirts who Preecha support, the agents do not think he deliberately touched, because he with à © à © n eye could see.

– The Royal Thai Navy Taskforce inhabitants of Ban Duku Surao in Bacho district (Narathiwat) medical examination, has serviced motorcycles and educational materials and supplies were distributed. The action was aimed goodwill after the attack of militants last month on a Marines base in Bacho, with sixteen militants were killed. One of them was Maroso Chantrawadee, who had lived in the village. The Navy also funded the construction of the Building Tadika, that religious studies will be used.

– An assistant chief of Ban Jurea Bongo (Pattani) yesterday shot dead while on his motorcycle on his way to his daughter. He was the pillion passenger on a motorcycle under fire. The man tried to flee, but he was the murderer in his head. On Monday was already an assistant chief shot.

– Seven days, residents of Mae Hong Son is already suffering from a suffocating smoke caused by forest fires and burning crop residues. The Pollution Control Department (PCD) has PM10 levels of 142 to 219 ug / cu m measured. [= PM10 dust particles smaller than 10 microns; ug / cu m = micrograms per cubic meter] The safety level is 129 ug / cu m

The PCD has advised residents outside a mask to wear. Children, the elderly and asthmatics should stay indoors. The PCD has asked local authorities to actively fight fires and farmers to prohibit their crop residue burning.

The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation says that across the country over the past six months 1,682 forest fires have raged, with 17,000 rai of forest has been lost. Last year in the same period 27,000 rai lost.

– From 1 April to 30 June, passengers outside the rush hour underground subway, walk down. The escalators are between 9 and 16 hours off. BMCL operator responds to the call of the government to save energy. It is about 80 escalators in 18 stations. The BMCL is 1,000,000 baht per day lost to the escalators to roll.

Politics news

– Former Prime Minister Thaksin coalition and party Chartthaipattana support the initiaitief of sixty senators who wish to submit three bills to several articles in the Constitution to change. Thaksin has that Skype announced yesterday, said a source at Pheu Thai Party government.

Thaksin-article finds a change in the constitution realistic than change the whole constitution, because that would lead to legal problems with the Constitutional Court could result. The coalition parties would also run the risk of dissolution and the government could fall.

See also Politics news News from Thailand Tuesday, March 19.

Economic News

– The mortgage system for rice destroys the cultivation of organic rice and rice mills and dupeert common coà ¶ operatives, writes Prapas Pintobtaeng, assistant professor of political science at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok Post . These mills closing one by one because they can not afford to buy the rice at the same price that the government provides.

mills and coà ¶ operatives are then supported by the government set up the problem of fluctuating price of rice to overcome. They are also a means of bargaining power of farmers towards brokering strengthening. The mortgage system has undermined that position.

Prapas gives in his article the example of Kud Chum community mill in Yasothon, specializing in organic rice. The hulling mill has a capacity of 60 tons per day. There were 600 farmers member of that organic rice cultivated, still 379. The rest is switched to chemically grow and sell rice to the government.

Farmers in isolated areas rrigeerde have switched to growing rice varieties in order to increase their harvest. It makes them no matter what types of rice they grow. It also makes them no matter how poor the quality is, because they get the same price anyway.

The rice quality is important, says Prapas. The past 20 to 30 years, governments encouraged farmers to improve rice quality. The cultivation of organic rice was mentioned in numerous development plans. Unfortunately the rice quality has never been a concern of this government.

– Mega Projects should first go to the National Economic and Social Development Board to be sent before the Cabinet to note bends. This allows the NESDB in a Monday to the government report.

Each public-private project that more than 1 billion baht, must also comply with the Public-Private Partner Ship  Act. The project management is required an environmental impact assessment to be carried out and only projects that are approved should continue.

its recommendations is the NESDB forward the plans of the government to 2.2 trillion baht to invest in infrastructure, particularly railways and roads. It involves a total of ZOA € ™ s 100 projects over a period of 7 years are smeared. On 27 and / or 28 March bends the parliament on the bill to borrow 2.2 trillion baht.

– Airline AirAsia X (AAX) wants its wings to Thailand gibberish. She has asked for flights between Bangkok and South Korea and Japan, beginning in October. On both routes is highly competitive due to high demand and growth potential. AAX is planning two aircraft of type Airbus 330-300 with 377 seats during.

Thai Airways International will not be very happy with the arrival of the AAX because it has all years resisting the advent of in Malaysia «based society. AAX looks since 2007 with greedy eyes to Thailand. When AAX succeed Thailand to penetrate, the position of the AirAsia Group significantly strengthened.

AAX was founded in 2007 and made its maiden flight to Gold Coast in Australia “. The fleet consists of nine A330-300s and two A340-300 aircraft. The rates are 20-30 percent lower than scheduled. – Source: Bangkok Post

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