News from Thailand – March 22, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 22, 2013

Departure 2011 Somboon Hormtientong 300x157 News from Thailand 22 March 2013

Departure (2011)

paintings, sculptures, drawings, comics and installations of the Thai artist Somboon Hormtientong (64), one of the pioneers of abstract Thai coast, have until May 12 to see in Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre.

For the exhibition Raj Loesuang And The Boy Somboon Hormtientong has Somboon work since the beginning of his career in 1965 chosen so that a clear picture is painted of his artistic development. Furthermore, the exhibition Somboonâ € ™ s latest project in collaboration with the Thai cartoonist Loesang Raj, who he admired as a boy.

Departure (see photo), an installation from 2011, consists of a herd teak elephants with labels containing the names of famous cities are written. The installation is an implicit criticism of the sale of cheap wooden elephant figurines to tourists, something Somboon saw during a visit to Northern Thailand. The elephants stand for the gate of an international airport.

– The public television channel PBS has a legal team formed to any criminal proceedings to challenge, now the police started an investigation into the content of the discussion program Tob Jote. The program fell into disrepute after five episodes of the monarchy. Under pressure from protests canceled the station the fifth episode on Friday, but that still sent out Monday.

PBS head Suwanban Somchai is confident that the station can defend against possible prosecution. â € ~ No part of the program was defamatory against the monarchy or constituted a threat to national security. I have the program every time viewed. The presenter and the speakers [scholars] were carefully and made the episodes in balance waren.â € ™

cancellation on Friday did fear for the safety of personnel, after a group of royalists had come to headquarters and staff intimidated. According Somchai there is no third party exerted pressure on the station to broadcast the deletion. The decision to issue still Monday broadcast, was taken on the advice of the public complaints committee .

Tuesday criticized army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha the program yesterday and said Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung that the presenter and guests will be prosecuted, if it appears that they have violated the law. Adul Saengsingkaew, head of the Royal Thai Police, has said that he is personally in charge of a team of fifty [sic] people that will do the research. They come from the Legal Affairs Office, Metropolitan Police Bureau and the Special Branch Office.

Chalerm has Adul asked him the script of the program to send, so that he can investigate itself and its legal advisors can enable. â € ~ If they’ve done nothing wrong, there is nothing to worry about. But they had other reasons besides criticizing the monarchy? Rights beperkingenâ € ™ says Chalerm [threateningly?].

Police said that comments made in the fourth and fifth episode may be a violation of the Code of Criminal yield. Police spokesman Piya Uthayo has warned the population passages from the program not to post, because that they risk breaking the law.

– Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium “and his charming wife Mathilde, currently on a visit to Thailand, yesterday attended the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Belgian-Thai Friendship Bridge (see the paper The Belgian â € ~ bridge over troubled roadsâ € ™). They also unveiled a plaque with the new logo of the bridge at Lumpini Park.

– A bomb blast yesterday afternoon for an ice cream shop in the town of Pattani is a 9-year-old boy was killed and fourteen people were injured. The bomb of 5 pounds was hidden in a motorcycle that the shop was. The mother of the boy was injured and the owner of the shop. The shop, twelve motorcycles and three autoâ € ™ s were damaged and windows of ten buildings in the area broke through the force of the explosion. When the bomb exploded, were merchants doing their booth to set up.

The paper explains a further connection with the peace talks between rebel group BRN and Thailand, which start next week. Paradorn Patanatabut, Secretary-General of the National Security Council last month an agreement in principle with the BRN signed, says that the bombing may have been committed by militants who oppose the work of militants who would gladly talk.

â € ~ There is nothing unusual about violence during the negotiation process. This happens in many places where parties to a conflict, with peace talks beginnenâ € ™ says Paradorn.

– As if the poor man something he could do, but second spokesman Jirayu Huangsap of Pheu Thai Party government has got the sack because during the campaign had boasted that the candidate of Pheu Thai Bangkok governor election would win. That remark would have led to the defeat. Also another party spokesperson is giving way, but who has been appointed spokesman for the office of the Prime Minister.

According Jirayu

this message would have said Pheu Thai could win even when an electricity pole would run for office, but earlier reports attributed this comment to Thaksin. Jirayu himself thinks he should exist only because he is a friend of Sudarat Keyuraphan, the woman at PT-ers in Bangkok’s favorite candidate, but needed to be replaced Pongsapat Pongcharoen, the preferred candidate of the party. Jirayu has never made it a secret that he preferred Sudarat gave.

– A witness testified that on 19 May 2010 from the first floor of Wat Pathum Wanaram (where red shirts to add fled when the army Ratchaprasong intersection wiped clean) shot at soldiers proposition had taken the [increased] BTS track for the temple.

The court is currently investigating the death of six persons, that day in the temple. Red Shirts insist they deliberately shot dead by soldiers, but when this witness does not lie, the soldiers returned fire in self-defense have. The men on the first floor, the witness indicated with â € ~ armed menâ € ™. He seemed reluctant when he was questioned by the prosecutor and nervous when the lawyers of the victims him the paces.

French photojournalist Olivier Rotrou arrived yesterday not to speak. He was called as a witness by the army. Rotrou told earlier this week in the newspaper that on May 19 the day the Kinga € ™ s Guard had followed. That unity was not anything to do with the six dead in the temple. The next meeting is on 28 April.

– The water management projects, for which the Government an amount of 350 billion baht has allocated, run the same risk as the 396 police stations that are not finished. That said Suwat Chaopreecha, president of the Engineering Instiute of Thailand, yesterday at a seminar. He argued that the plans to revise the composition of the management change.

Komsan Maleesee, vice-dean of the Faculty of Engineering King Mongkutâ € ™ s Institute of Technology, kapittelde the Government for the requirement that contractors with a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to come. Although the GMP is intended to prevent budget overruns, works in practice not. The contractor tries to maximize profits and spend the least money to work. Furthermore Komsan believes that the program of requirements to certain contractors far written.

Pramote Maiklad, former Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, thinks ZOA € ™ s haste is made with the water program to Japan to show that Thailand has money to invest.

– Deputy Minister Nattawut Saikuar (Trade) admits that the mortgage system for rice burdened by debt. But he continues to support the system because it stimulates the economy. The Deputy Minister got it yesterday for his choice during a parliament session. Democrat Yuparat Bua-set in the frontal attack on him.

Nattawut declined to say how high the losses. Only at the end of the year he has the exact figures. According Nattawut the VAT revenues thanks to the system increased by 100 billion baht.

– No major cabinet reshuffle . According to an analysis in Bangkok Post Thaksin would have conceded to the demands of his two sisters Yaowapa Yingluck and the government not to change . The government wants to focus on the planned infrastructural investment of 2 trillion baht. Only the post of Minister of Tourism and Sports is filled. That was in January vacant following the death of Silpa-archa Chumpol.

– In Salakpra wildlife sanctuary in Kanchanaburi yesterday a dead elephant of 1 year found. The animal was not injured. Veterinarians have organs removed for research into the cause of death. The carcass is then burnt.

– For the occupation of Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airports in 2008, another fourteen core members of the Peopleâ € ™ s Alliance for Democracy (PAD yellow shirts) in indictments. They were released on bail. A total of 114 persons indicted. The first court hearing on 29 April.

Finance News

– Anurat Khokasai, head operations and marketing by fishing company Prantalay Marketing Co., said the annual food exports of 970 billion baht in danger, if the government does not quickly the appreciation of the baht to stand brings . The shrimp exports, accounting for 80 billion, has suffered from the weaker yen and a smaller supply due to the early mortality syndrome .

exports to Japan declined by 25 percent and by the disease are the costs by 40 percent. Â’Wanneer the government wants the Thai exports remain competitive, they must intervene in the baht. Otherwise, the export value drastically inzakken “said Anurat.

But apparently the one his death and another man, because of Barclay Capital analysts indicate that the weak yen correct positive for the Thai economy. The price increase of more than 20 percent against the yen is favorable, given the fact that imports from Japan 7 percent of gross domestic product. In particular the automotive industry benefits from it, when they re-exports. See also: Price Increase baht: Bank and Finance «n keep a cool head.

– Every percentage point that the baht against the dollar rises, reduces this year’s gross domestic product by 0.1 to 0.3 percent, the Kasikorn Research Centre computed. â € ~ The stronger baht has a major impact on the Thai economy since the economic structure largely depends on the domestic productiebasisâ € ™, the researchers said. They expect that the increase in the coming months it will continue.

The researchers have three scenarioâ € ™ s studied with different assumptions of the baht / dolar rate and its economic growth and export growth calculated. Kangana Chockpisansin, head of macroeconomic research, considers it unlikely that the baht strengthened to the level of 27.90 (as in one of the three scenarioâ € ™ s). The research center eight in the first half of the year, 29.50 and 29 baht probably later this year.

But when policymakers take measures to limit the appreciation, is not that kite. Such measures distort the market mechanism and make it difficult to predict the psychological influence. Measures can take two forms: requirements regarding reservations in the inflow of short-term capital or a â € ~ € ™ Tobina tax on capital outflows.

Wednesday baht reached a new high since the fixed dollar-baht exchange rate in July 1997 was released. The currency ended at the end of the day at 29.09 against the dollar.

– dog owners that their dog like to sip on a delicious snack, since August can visit Coffee & Puppy to Chaeng Wattana Road. The hondencafà ​​© has a special menu for dogs with ten â € ~ € ™ gerechtenâ and of course a man card. At each table is a wooden box to the familiar into it with a fence around it so the animal is not going to walk.

hondencafà ​​© is an initiative of two Thais who previously had a modeling agency. In Seoul there are already some hondencafà ​​© s, so when they saw one of their trips, they thought, that must also be in Bangkok. Initially it was not storm â € “unknown, unloved – but since they have been on TV, is the cafà © packed every weekend.

At the end of the month started a consulting service by a veterinarian. No clinic, but a Q & A (Question and Answer) session. In the near future, the owners are two hondencafà ​​© s open. They will introduce their own brand. Day and night care is already possible. Cost 300-550 baht, excluding food. – Source: Bangkok Post

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