News from Thailand – March 24, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 24, 2013

High Speed ​​132x300 News from Thailand 24 March 2013 In the provinces of Lop Buri and Nakhon Sawan in the coming years land prices go up when began with the construction of the high-speed lines to Chiang Mai and Pattaya. Both provinces are an emerging market for real estate, when she drives.

This prediction does Thitiwat Teerakulthanyaroj, vice president of real estate consultant Century 21 Realty Affiliates (Thailand). Until now, the price of land in those provinces stable.

Land prices in the destinations of the other lines for several years increased and cities have a mature property market, such as Pattaya, Hua Hin, Ayutthaya, Phitsanulok and Nakhon Ratchasima.

– Prime Minister Yingluck yesterday received an honorary doctorate from the Auckland University of Technology. Rector John Maasland hung her ornaments and praised for its outstanding performance as â € ™ Thailandâ € ™ s first woman prime ministerâ € ™. Yingluck said he hoped the award cooperation between Thailand and New Zealand in education will stimulate. Both countries have been working together in this field.

– Opposition Democrat Party has the Future Innovative Thailand Institute established an institute that sustainable development will draw. It is a blueprint letter, which serves as an alternative to the populist policies of the current government. The blueprint will consist of three components: education, economy and corruption. Former ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan will be in charge of the institute.

– On a pier in Koh Loan (Phuket), the police yesterday 120 Rohingya refugees found. They were in a boat from Rakhine State in Myanmar came, but have been forced to leave their boat when it broke down. The Rohingya said to be heading to Sungai Kolok in Narathiwat province.

– A Thai woman of 43 years in Switzerland, a sentence of six and a half years received for its role in a prostitution network. The court sentenced her to the smuggling of fifty Thai women and men who were forced into the sex industry. The network was, according to the court from 2008 until 2011 in six cantons. The woman was in 2011 in Germany arrested and then deported to Switzerland.

– Is there a causal relationship? A post-mortem examination should tell. An 8-year-old boy was Friday, after he had gone to bed, breathing difficulties and died later in hospital. The mother told the boy, who weighed 42 pounds, had practiced with his hula hoop and then a large amount of food inside had worked.

– Five soldiers were in a Humvee, were injured yesterday when the district Waeng (Narathiwat) a bomb exploded. The car was blown off the road and ended up against a tree. Four soldiers on motorcycles behind reason, opened fire on the bushes where they suspected that the militants were. The bomb hit a hole 1 meter deep in the way.

Friday night was a poulterer in the district Mayo shot. He was seriously injured.

The 46-year-old vice-president of the TAO of Talohmaena was Friday in Thung Yandaeng (Pattani) shot. He died in hospital.

Demonstration against Buddha dog movie series 300x195 Disney News Thailand March 24, 2013

Demonstration on Khao San Road last year against Buddha-dog

– The Knowing Buddha in Bangkok group is campaigning against all forms of abuse of Buddha images. A small success was achieved in France where a factory Boeddhaâ € ™ s face on toilet seats had pressed. The plant is stopped, but a French hotel is still on its website advertising the toilet. The group also claimed action against Boels in the Netherlands that a Buddha image on her mobile toilets had put.

At Disney, the group, however, no leg to the ground. In the series Air Buddies remains a dog named Buddha. The U.S. Embassy does not interfere with Disney and leaves nothing to be heard.

The group performs further action against Buddha popcorn from Pennsylvania, underwear and panties Buddha and Buddha Fitness Club in Santa Barbara (California «).

– The loans that the government is close to the planned investments in infrastructure funding will largely from domestic financial «le institutions come, says Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance« n). Tuesday was the Cabinet agreed to the bill to two trillion baht to borrow. Next week the House debated about it.

loans over a period of seven years ended, every year ZOA € ™ s 300 billion baht. According Kittiratt Thailand has sufficient liquidity to the plans of the government to finance. If necessary, an appeal to foreign financial «le sources.

When two trillion baht is borrowed, the debt is not more than 50 percent of gross domestic product, well below the statutory ceiling of 60 percent. But this math is not universally trusted. Democratic parliament Atthawit Suwanphakdi says that the debt amount is based on incorrect assumptions. It is based on an unrealistic forecast economic growth of 7.5 percent for more than 7 years and the expectation that the mortgage system for rice no losses. Suwanphakdi expects the debt at 60 percent.

opposition party Democrats think the bill lacks detail, which may lead to the projects are plagued by corruption. Opposition leader Abhisit is about that next week the government intrusive questioning, when the parliament on the bill bends.

Politics news

– Prime Minister Yingluck and former Prime Minister Thaksin support the amnesty proposal of 42 Pheu Thai MPs red shirt. So then it’s be fine with the proposal to grant amnesty to persons who since the military coup in 2006 for political offenses are arrested. Controversial is the proposal because there were too many people benefit and according to critics, would also Thaksin his prison escape.

The author of the proposal, Worachai Hema said three days ago with Thaksin to have called. Who told him to continue helping people and themselves about him not to worry. [With the help of people referred Thaksin undoubtedly the red shirts who are persecuted or even imprisoned.] Prime Minister Yingluck also supports the proposal.

The proposal has been on the Board agenda and will be discussed next week at a meeting of Pheu Thai Party for the purpose in all noses à © à © n direction to get.

Financial news

– The fall of the Thai stock market last week has nothing to do with the influx of foreign capital, says Prasarn Trairatvorakul, Governor of the Bank of Thailand. The foreign capital entered the last two months to domestic equities, but the stock market. Prasarn think that the fall of the SET index correction is because there are indications of an unusual trade in certain small-cap shares.

Friday pulled the baht has slightly decreased after earlier in the week to have climbed to the highest level since 1997. This raised concerns that the bank would take draconian measures to the rapid rise of the baht to stop. In the currency is a great demand thanks to foreign investment porfolio in Thai bonds and shares. Late Friday, the baht in Bangkok traded for 29.30 against the U.S. dollar. The central bank director eight special measures to decrease the inflow to mute, not necessary.

– A different explanation has Suranand Vejjajiva, Secretary-General of the Office of the Prime Minister. The downturn was caused by reports that Yingluck should resign, a replacement was ready and that a coup was imminent. But those were all rumors, they were not true. According Suranand, the source of these rumors are sought on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Last week, the SET index a fall of 7.46 percent, the biggest week loss since October 2008, but still 6 percent higher than at the beginning of the year. Suranand think that the appreciation of the baht equity instability has caused instability and that the rumors have intensified. â € ~ In April, some developments more rumors about political uncertainty cause the population comes to believe that a violent political conflict ISA € ™ said Suranand, who gave no explanation for this prediction.

– Kavee Chukitkasem, head of research of Kasikorn Securities, said that the show does not suffer from the Cyprus crisis. The recent unrest was caused by internal factors. He expects the SET index next week recovering, but that recovery may be short-lived.

Tuesday meets the fair administration about whether a higher collateral for cash accounts isolated «ist going to be. Possibly it will be raised from 15 to 20 percent. The downturn of last week was partly a result of rumors about the rounds.

On April 3 meets the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank and the question is whether, and if so what measures it will take to the appreciation of the baht to halt. This uncertainty also casts a shadow over the fair, said Kavee.

Economic News

– They trusted the previously not and still do not trust them. The research into a rice deal of the government with China can not convince the critics. There is a bad smell. Something else had Chookiat Ophaswongse, honorary president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association, actually not expected.

â € ~ It would be strange if the report would find something wrong with the deal G2G (Government to Government). But why China is not directly purchased rice from the Thai government instead of GSGS Import and Export Corporation, a China-based company that has nothing to do with rice, to authorize rice for its stock to buy? Â € ™

controversial rice sales in November already discussed during the so censure debate in parliament. Opposition Party Democrats claimed that the government is lying about G2G contracts and an accomplice were in the corresponding rice deal. The party accused the Thai company Siam Indica GSGS it as a cover for themselves to take advantage of the rice mortgage system. The rice should never shipped, but was sold internally.

Vatchari Vimooktayon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, said Friday that the allegation is not true. Studies in eleven departments responsible of any irregularities found nothing. GSGS is a real Chinese state company, located in Guangdong Province.

The Democrats still want to see evidence: the contract between China and Thailand, the letter of credit, the authorization of GSGS by China, a letter from GSGS that Siam Indica rice deal on its behalf may close and evidence that China This company has authorized to act on its behalf.

– Graduate students of higher education systems have the largest salary increases received after April last year (seven provinces) and early this year (the rest of the country) the minimum daily wage was increased. According to a study by the Federation of Thai Industries and the Sripatum university. After last April, they received an average of 28.5 percent more salary. Graduates of vocational high schools scored 21.4 percent and 4.55 percent undergraduates.

to persons with technical training in industry is a big question, which raises the interesting states.

During the investigation from April to June last year among 363 companies in 23 industries, the minimum salary of the three groups respectively averaged 8,934, 9,718 and 12,863 baht. Graduates with a master’s degree earned 18,560 baht and graduates with a doctorate 28,468 baht per month.

Yet some figures on the average daily wage in the region (in U.S. dollars): 61.7 Singapore, Philippines, 9.70, 9.60 Thailand, Malaysia «8.40; Indonesia« 5; Laos 3, 2,50 and Vietnam Cambodia 2.

– Thailand must improve logistics wants to remain competitive and foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction amid an increase in activity in the neighboring countries, says Angkana Meeploy, corporate vice president Asia «Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Logistics has always been one of Thailandâ € ™ s strengths, but now stands Thailand in terms of logistics costs in second place after Vietnam. The government plannnen to 2 trillion baht in infrastructure investment, will Thailandâ € ™ s position as the logistics hub of the region secure.

Between 2003 and 2012, Thailand received requests FDI worth U.S. $ 119 billion, most of Japanese investors. After the floods of 2011, Japanese investors base their investment extended to the CLMV countries and GMS. [CLMV = Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, GMS = Greater Mekong Subregion] But Thailand remains an important base for Japanese companies due to its economic growth, infrastructure investment and skilled labor.

– The proposed by the previous government and passed by Parliament National Savings Fund is wrung its neck. The fund, which would provide a pension to workers in the informal sector who do not benefit from the Social Security Fund (SSF), according to Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) is not necessary.

Kittiratt says that 1.7 million of the 30 million workers in the informal sector are members of the SSF. They pay 70 baht per month where the government does or 30 baht to 130 baht to 50 baht from the government. The Cabinet will decide next month on a third option with higher benefits.

According to former Minister of Finance «n Korn Chatikavanij (Democrats) can not be deleted because the savings fund Kittiratt parliament approved it. – Source: Bangkok Post

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