News from Thailand – March 25, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 25, 2013

Papua New Guinea News from Thailand 25 March 2013 How can anyone be suspicious? In 2006, former Prime Minister Thaksin discussed in Papua New Guinea plans for the extraction of oil and gas and therefore brings his sister Yingluck is now visiting the island, says Democratic MEP Sirichoke Sopha. And not coincidentally located Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisal of Energy in her entourage.

Pongsak denies that there is a connection between the two visits. He admits that Thaksin the island immediately after the military coup in 2006 and visited trade negotiations held with the head of government. But since then nothing has happened. According to the Minister, the purpose of Yingluckâ € ™ s visit to the diplomatic relations between the two countries. Her trip has nothing to do with the activities of a delegation from the energy sector, which accompanies her.

Pongsak said the government is trying good ties with Port Moresby to forge in the expectation that they may precede future energy deals of the Thai private sector. Papua New Guinea has large reserves of natural gas and coal.

– Officials from the Ministry of Education in Bangkok were involved in the fraud of the exam for teaching assistants in January. They let exam expenses drain so they were sure that their field enough candidates would succeed.

the distrust of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI, the Thai FBI) ​​aroused, was the organizer of the exam on the orders of the officers was changed. Thanin Prempee, head of the DSI-corruption agency, said the DSI case has not yet fully investigate. Wednesday the committee decides special cases of the DSI or fraud as a special case is considered and then the service may come off.

According to the leaked DSI his statements and answers in the four northeastern provinces of Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Yasothon and Nakhon Ratchasima and many candidates had themselves replaced by someone else. Head teachers shared the answers from the candidates and others told how during the exam answers via their mobile phone could receive.

The DSI will now try to follow the money trail, but that research may take bribes because usually in cash are given. The officials in the error went to action of the National Anti-Corruption Commission expect.

– Social critic, as he is commonly called, Sulak Sivaraksa appreciates television station PBS because it has the courage to lead public debate on important issues in the country, especially the là ¨ se Majesta © law.

discussion program Tob Jote that aired earlier this month, he called a good example of the role of the station in encouraging the public to debate on sensitive issues.

The program was recently in the news because it had five episodes devoted to the role of the monarchy. The fifth episode was abruptly canceled, but later broadcast. The police have announced an investigation into the program to do.

Sulak mentions the people who drive have threatened lawsuits and protests against the resumption of the program â € ~ € ™ sillyâ. The station does his duty by airtime available to those who have other ideas. Sulak (80) has in the past repeatedly prosecuted for treason.

The Thai media, he says, are not pro-or anti-Thaksin. They promote consumerism and bring poor entertainment without the viewers about the significant issues of the current generation. For the army, he has little appreciation. â € ~ Thailand has become a police state and the army does nothing but their own people doden.â € ™  [See also the item â € ~ The sunny side of là ¨ se Majesta © , â € ™]

– Has Suriyasai Katasila, coà ¶ Coordinator of the Green Politics Group, looked into a crystal ball? He predicts that the parliament is dissolved and new elections will be issued once the Government has permission from parliament to two trillion baht to borrow for infrastructural works.


Suriyasai has former prime minister Thaksin government instructed the relevant bill through parliament coats. The ruling party during elections can thus make a good impression with the voters, so they have more support when they acquire back to power. This tactic would be necessary because the current policy fails and the future of Prime Minister Yingluck uncertain.

A new poll of Dusit show that most people support the infrastructure plan: 52 percent of the 1,580 respondents, but the margin is small, because 48 percent against. Which mentions the plans risky and prone to corruption.

– 61 percent of respondents in a poll of Abac is afraid that the loan of 30 million baht which Yingluck has concealed, consequences for her role as leader. Yingluck loaned that amount to the company, where her husband is a shareholder, but they failed to report it. The National Anti-Corruption Commission, the case is now under investigation.

– Eight villages in the provinces of Surin and Nakhon Ratchasima are Saturday ravaged by a tropical storm, resulting in six wounded by uprooted trees and damage to fifty houses. The roof of a hospital in Ban Khon Takhian (Surin) went out. The last two weeks were storms in four districts of Nakhon Ratchasima house.

– Sunday is one year ago that a bomb the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in Hat Yai (Songkhla) destroyed. The security measures were tightened in connection therewith. On all roads to Hat Yai are decorated checkpoints. It also sought to seven rebel leaders plotting attacks in the area, and three (stolen) vehicles with explosives can be stuffed.

Grand Miss Thailand beauty pageant contestants in Pattani 300x212 News from Thailand 25 March 2013 – Are not they darlings, these contestants in the Miss Grand Thailand beauty contest? A total of 37 participants, three days in Pattani to participate in competitions [sack race?] And victims of bombings to visit. In the picture they pose for Lim Kor Brand new Goddess Shrine.

– The provinces of Chanthaburi, Trat, Sa Kaeo and Chachoengsao qualify for a â € ~ rice trading zoneâ € ™, which arises from Cambodia for export is processed. The Department of Foreign Trade has yet to decide whether the area in à © à © n province is that all. After the isolated Imported rice is processed, they isolated «exported to the EU. It may benefit from Thailand Generalised System of Preference for Cambodia is because the rice from Cambodia came.

According to Deputy Director-General Tikhumporn Natvaratat must take some Thai farmers are convinced that they do not disadvantage the zone face. Tikhumporn thinks the project smuggling of rice from Cambodia to Thailand may occur. Cambodian rice being smuggled to Thailand to take advantage of the high prices in the mortgage system.

– More on rice. A PR stunt, so called Chukiat Opaswong, honorary president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association, the extension until 2016 of the Memorandum of Understanding with Bangladesh on the supply of parboiled rice. â € ~ Anyone can MoU tekenenâ € ™, he says, noting that Bangladesh mainly Indian rice imports which is much cheaper.

– The police yesterday raided an illegal casino in Klong Tan and two in Bang Na. Klong Tan 425 gamblers were arrested and chips, 4 million baht in cash and equipment seized. In a raid on Bang Na 90 people were arrested. Five senior police officers have been given a punishment transfer because they have nothing against the casinoâ € ™ s had done.

– A 53-year-old woman in Lop Buri has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of her three-day-old grandson. She had the baby dumped in a canal, but she and the 16-year-old mother were noted by witnesses. The grandmother stated that the child was the result of an unwanted pregnancy and that her husband had threatened to kill the child as they would for an illegitimate child care.

The sunny side of là ¨ se Majesta ©

Thailand is making progress in the field of freedom of expression and the Majesta © là ¨ se law. Columnist Voranai Vanijaka late Sunday in his column in Bangkok Post a sound in all discussions underexposed.

an example. On Saturday February 2 dozen students wore a black shirt with the text â € ~ Free Political Prisonersâ € ™. They had flyers and posters at themselves and many wore a mask with the face of Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, the editor in January because of treason imprisonment of 11 years had received. A popular image formed on the social media a picture of the stand where students had rolled a large banner with the text â € ~ Free Somyotâ € ™.

Would the students that 10 years ago, dared, five years ago or even 2?, Voranai asks himself rhetorically.

And so he lets some things pass in review as a comment on lese majeste in the newspaper or on the website write a reaction and recently the 5-part political talk show Tob Jote on TV PBS station, which was devoted to the monarchy.

â € ~ The station had the courage to make the program and it went on the air without the stifled. The station withstood threats and sent the final episode still from [after initially deleted] and formed a legal team in case the accused wordtâ € ™ says Voranai.

He points out that only a handful of people protested at the PBS office, army commander Prayuth Chan-ocha could do nothing more than object and the Royal Thai Police only one study could announce. Ten years ago, five years ago, even two years ago, the show after 10 seconds of the tube are removed.

Times change, writes Voranai, because people’s boundaries, while the media should take the lead. Not because we do not respect the monarchy â € “we do â €” and not because we are not loyal to the monarchy are â € “because we are. But we take the lead because we believe that a healthy, constructive debate is a cornerstone of democracy. Because we believe that an open discussion for Thailand is essential to move forward. – Source: Bangkok Post

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