News from Thailand – March 26, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 26, 2013

Karen refugee camp buried dead 300x175 News from Thailand 26 March 2013

Karen refugees and soldiers buried the dead from the fire.

Human Rights Watch has urged the government to stocky ready to pour wine on the inferno in the Karen refugee camp last Friday.

Sunai Phasuk, HRW representative in Thailand, said that human rights organizations are very concerned about the tragedy and the large number of deaths. â € ~ The Government can not be the case take its course with the hope that the public will soon forget. The government must respond. â € ~

Meanwhile the rumor mill at full speed. Witnesses say a helicopter to have seen, showing a burning object on the roof of a house had fallen. A police source said that the house where the fire would have started, traces of phosphorus are found. The occupant of the house in question said he was not home when the fire broke out. Only his son two years there was sleeping. He denies a burning stove to left.

The blame games started. The district chief of Khun Yuam yesterday received a punishment transfer. According to the police chief of Mae Hong Son he is negligent, but says he was one of the first people in the camp have been. The man may also not part of the police team that an investigation into the cause of the fire is doing.

– Two red shirts are yesterday by the court acquitted of arson in mega mall Central World on May 19, 2010, the day that the army put an end to the weeks-long occupation by red shirts of the business center of Bangkok. The court found the evidence insufficient, moreover, there were witnesses.

One of the two was a nine months’ imprisonment for violating the emergency decree. As long as he has in custody had been, as he left the court a free man. For arson are four people prosecuted. The other two are last year also acquitted for lack of evidence.

– Local sub-committees are wary to decide whether the results of the exam for teaching assistant invalid. The Office of the Teacher Civil Service and Educational Personnel Commission (OTEPC) has asked them that because research has shown that there is fraud in the exam.

According to the Department of Special Investigation in four northeastern provinces of the examination questions and answers leaked, candidates have someone else in their place the exam using mobiles were made and answers given.

OTEPC is not authorized exam invalid, the local committees do but play the ball back to the OTEPC. Who organized together with another service exam, so must take responsibility, said a committee member in Chaiyaphum.

– Papua New Guinea’s natural gas concessions granted to PTT Exploration and Production Plc, a subsidiary of state oil company PTT Plc. Prime Minister Peter OA € ™ Neill has given the green light during a two-day visit of Prime Minister Yingluck to the island. It was accompanied by representatives of thirty Thai companies. The two leaders also agreed on cooperation in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and tourism. After Australia “is PNG Thailandâ € ™ s second largest rice importer.

– Masae Unseng and Sapaeing Basor, two main rebel leaders, to send representatives to the peace talks between Thailand and rebel group BRN. Representatives of Pulo (Pattani United Liberation Organization) to slide. The first peace meeting takes place on 28 March in Kuala Lumpur. Last month reached Thailand and the Barisan Nasional Revolusi (BRN) about an agreement in principle.

Masae and Sapaeing are leaders of the BRN Coordinate group. They live abroad. At the head of state Sapaeing a bonus of 10 million baht and 3,000,000 baht Masae.

Civil Society Council of Southernmost Thailand has asked the government â € ~ € ™ oprechtheidâ to exercise care when applying the special laws (Emergency Order and Internal Security Act) in the South. The rebel groups have been asked to stop their operations or at least reduce. The council calls on them to take part in the discussions.

– As he rode his motorcycle is a 33 year old man in Khok Pho (Pattani) shot. Police found in the district a few banners with the words â € ~ Peace, Unity, Pattani Stateâ € ™.

– The Ministry of Finance «n is a selection of 30 billion baht in capital reserves do to buyers of a first car the tax refund promised to give. For the first car plan of the Government Finance had «n from own funds only 7 billion baht reserved, but many more people than predicted let themselves be tempted to buy a car, a total of 1.2 million. March 5 has 6.89 billion baht paid to 99,269 buyers of a first car.


diving even messages that autoâ € ™ s to be returned because the buyers do not meet their obligations.

– A fine crop of firearms delivered earlier this month raids on 111 places in the provinces tambons in Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phetchaburi on. Seized guns [the newspaper writes 82.22], eight long barrel guns and ten axes. The raids were a reaction to the discovery of a dead elephant in Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi. That elephant was slain with a gun CZ.22LR.

– Quarrel on a cane between Nok Air and a passenger. Due to a knee injury, the man had a cane with him. With the departure of the aircraft in Hat Yai told the staff that the stick in the luggage compartment should be as â € ~ as a weapon could wordenâ € ™. The man, who wanted to keep the stick at hand, has an open letter to the airline sent and posted on a website. He writes â € ~ bewilderedâ € ™ and â € ~ € ™ dissatisfiedâ be.

Politics news

– Forty MPs from opposition Democrats are in the starting blocks on Thursday and Friday, the government fire after the hard time about her plan to borrow 2 trillion baht for infrastructural investments. The Democrats are not alone in the attack, but they will also defend against accusations of government Pheu Thai Party on the so Thai Kem Kaeng program from the previous (Democratic) government. That economic stimulus would be an appropriate PT regularities have shown.

core of the Democrats is the lack of information. The parliament has just received rough details of the projects with the two trillion baht funded. Opposition leader Abhisit says that the government projects can easily change.

– Index Page © n of the eight amnesty proposals is tomorrow on the agenda of the House of Representatives. The proposal involves the temporary release of all prisoners on remand for offenses during political protests since September 2006 (military coup).

petitioner Niyom Worapanya, MP for Peu Thai, said not with the party and government have talked about the urgency of the proposal. He wondered whether the proposal will be discussed tomorrow. Of the eight, four proposals to parliament, the other four are still being studied by the State Council.

– Three leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD red shirts) today go to Hong Kong with former Prime Minister Thaksin to discuss their strategy. Tomorrow they associate the result back to core members of the UDD. There are two controversial issues: amnesty for political prisoners or persons who are prosecuted for political offenses and amend the constitution.

Economic News

– Singer Thailand Plc, importer of electrical devices such as Tablet € ™ s, washing machines and small appliances from China, benefits from the appreciation of the baht. The retail price of example the Singer portable electric sewing machine is 7,000 baht (when the rate stood at 31) decreased to 5,000 baht (29). The prijverlaging the company no harm, because the sale is the first quarter by 30 percent.

The strong baht requires the company to change its strategy. Increase the use of isolated imported products to distribute in Thailand is an option. In addition, the company seeks to overseas production bases, not only because of the currency but also because some Singer products not in Thailand may be made, such as beverage coolers.

The production of these coolers in Thailand is too small to meet demand requirements. Singer sold last year to 1,000 per month, now 2,500.

– The mortgage system for rice undergoes from the second harvest of the year 2014 an important change: the rice grown in areas unfit, does not qualify for the system because the quality is below par. For other products, such as tapioca, sugar cane, corn, rubber and oil palm, wants the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a zoning system.

Harvest Zoning for farmers the advantage of better quality and volume of their harvest to predict and reduce risicoâ € ™ s fluctuations in price and logistics costs. It is expected that the zoning plan ready in May. The first rice crop of the year 2014 is not yet covered by the plan.

Some farmers and scholars doubt whether the zoning plan ever comes. Nipon Poapongsakorn, former president of the Thailand Development Research Institute, says that ZOA € ™ s plan for 30 years, a dream of the Ministry of Agriculture has been.

Prasit Bonchuey, president of the Thai Farmers Association, expects many protests by farmers because 80 percent of the 3.7 million farmers who grow rice, land rent and not be able to choose a suitable area to grow rice there.

Prasit said the government numerous times to have warned that the policy of each grain of rice to buy, eventually will lead to problems. Well, that’s already happening, because the rice is too expensive bought-unsaleable and financier BAAC has great difficulty farmers timely payment. [BAAC = Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperation]

– When the mortgage system in the following rice season is applied rises to 50 percent and the debt, the credit rating of Thailand in danger, writes Wichit Chantanusornsiri in Bangkok Post .

The fear that the debt through the ceiling of 60 percent of gross domestic product breaks, it is no exaggeration, because the debt is now 44 percent of GDP, while loans of 2 trillion baht (infrastructure) and 350 billion baht (water) coming. Furthermore it cost mortgage system in the coming harvest season 500 billion baht, as budgeted, only 180 billion baht more, says a source at the Ministry of Finance «n.

thereof by selling rice flows back is highly uncertain. The government buys paddy from farmers at prices that are 40 percent above the market prices, and commends itself therefore the market. That should once go wrong. The stocks are piling up and the warehouses and Shiloah € ™ s already bursting at the seams.

Somporn Isvalanonda, fellow at the Knowledge Network Institute of Thailand, expected at the end of this season, the moment of truth strikes. A blessing in disguise is the drought which the government of the second crop rice less need to buy.

– International Rice and Products Co., which has 30 years rice exports, has now changed tack competition on the world market is growing and the cost of chemicals «n increase. In 2011 founded the Medi Foods (Thailand) and began to grow organic rice.

Started with 2,000 rai area grew last year to 7,000 rai and this year is striving 20,000 rai. The land is cultivated by ZOA € ™ a thousand contract farmers, who â € “not least â €” for the rice 1,000 baht per tonne get more than the government pays.

farmers grow Hom Mali (jasmine rice) and Rice Berry, a rijstvarià «ity developed by Kasetsart University. The purple Rice Berry is a cross of Khao Dok Mali 105 and Homnil and rich in nutrients. The harvested rice is quick Liang Charoen dried and peeled, so the nutrients are retained. The rice is certified by the German BCS.

The first harvest, the yield per rai 400 pounds. In the second year already doubled as a result of improved ecosystem. When the 20,000 rai in use, expected Medi Foods on a production of 10,000 tons of paddy ie 6600 tonnes of husked rice to come.

For the foreseeable future, the company’s other products with a high value development, such as organic bran for consumption and processing in food supplements. The expansion of the range, the company offers the possibility organic rice to sell at modest prices, allowing more consumers are attracted.

Thai Visa Forum yesterday placed the following emergency:

Dear all, we need A negative for a 7 year old girl, the hospital has ran out of A negative blood and we need latest tomorrow. Please spread the word and if anyone out there has A negative blood and can come to the hospital (Rama Tipadit Hospital) near Pratunam please get in touch. Call Chris 0805844205 (English) or Pilapon 0819877767.
Thank you all. – Source: Bangkok Post

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