News from Thailand – March 27, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 27, 2013

Karen refugee camp shelter with family 300x159 News from Thailand 27 March 2013

The fire hit homeless refugees found shelter with relatives.

The district police chief of Khun Yuam, after the fire in the Karen refugee camp has received a punishment transfer, feels the proverbial Barbertje that must depend, as the expression in Dutch reads.

He says that the fire was not an accident but that the camp has begun. â € ~ I have witnesses questioned extensively and I do not believe that the fire was an accident Wasa € ™ says Nitinart Wittayawuthikul. According to him, he punished because he refuses to say that the fire was an accident, but according to the provincial chief of police is Nitinart transferred because he would have been negligent. The authorities have so far not explain the cause of the fire data.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation The Department is currently working in collaboration with the Provincial Administration Department of preventive fire measures in refugee camps. Director-General Chatchai Promlert says that in the nine camps in the province will be held fire drills. Extinguishers are also installed and residents are isolated nstrueerd how fire prevention and fighting.

The district of Khun Yuam says there is great need for shoes, underwear, milk powder, soap and toothpaste. The bevoking has called these items to donate. Thaicom Plc has vehicles to the area, so that telephone and internet possible. The other phone is by the NBTC asked to send vehicles.

– Prime Minister Yingluck is a little person who liked to travel. So far she has visited thirty countries and this year she hopes another ten to visit. The program includes visits to Mongolia «, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Russia. The government also plans the Government of Great Britannia “, India and Germany to invite to visit Thailand. Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul (Foreign Affairs) said that in 28 new countries embassies or consulates to be opened. Which employ ZOA € ™ s five hundred people.

– As announced, rural doctors and â € “dentists yesterday at the Government House to protest against the halving of their discomfort allowance and the introduction of an incentive. ZOA € ™ s thousand doctors from across the country came to trot out their displeasure. They require that the measure be undone and they want the Minister and Permanent Secretary of Health resignation.


Minister Pradit Sintawanarong (Health) holds his leg stiff. Yesterday, the Cabinet approved a budget of  3 billion baht for the incentive. The Minister has the evil doctors invited for an interview on Friday. The doctors say every Tuesday they will protest until they get their way. In their workshop they dressed in black mourning clothes.

– King Bhumibol has put his signature under the interim military reshuffle. which contains à © à © n surprising promotion: that of Lieutenant General Walit Rojanapakdi, currently Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics , commander of the First Corps, which the expectation that in October he moves to First Army Commander. Walit was seriously injured in 2010 in the distribution of red shirt protesters. Last October, he was beaten in the promotion round.

– Former Prime Minister Thaksin interferes again against it. He has the Pheu Thai MPs called [read: ordered] all parliamentary meetings on the 2 trillion baht for infrastructural works and the constitutional amendments to attend. Thaksin expects the political tension on the two cases will increase. Pheu Thai, he said Skype, must ensure that the debates are not disturbed.

Tomorrow and Friday debating the House of Representatives on the plan of the government to borrow 2 trillion baht for investment primarily railways. Opposition sharpens knives, but may have little effect because the government parties a comfortable majority in parliament.

– Fifteen representatives of nine rebel groups in the south tomorrow take part in the first of a series of peace talks. Thailand also sends fifteen delegates to Kuala Lumpur. Last month signed Thailand and the rebel group BRN an agreement in principle for peace talks to begin. Note: calls, no negotiations. It seems like a word game, but it is not given the sensitivities in Thailand, where successive governments have said never to negotiate with perpetrators of violence.

– Like the day before yesterday, also in Pattani and Narathiwat banners found with the text â € ~ Peace, Unity, Pattani Stateâ € ™. Furthermore, the violence continued. In both provinces were murders committed, with the head of a TAO (council) and former member of TAO were injured. Both survived an attempt on their lives, but were injured.

– The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the gas pipeline between Thailand and Malaysia «could not be approved, the Supreme Administrative Court yesterday sentenced. But the permit is not withdrawn, isolated as «ist eighteen residents of Chana (Songkhla), who say their lives through the pipeline is negatively influenced. Ustad Nasori, one of the complainants, commends the establishment of the court, because it is established that the EIA in conflict with the law is approved.

– The Supreme Court has nine judges appointed, who will consider a complaint by the National Anti-Corruption Commission against former Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama. Noppadon would have been guilty of neglect of duty when he communiquà © 2008 jointly signed with Cambodia to support Cambodjaâ € ™ s request to UNESCO to Hindu temple Preah Vihear on the World Heritage List [Whatever happened].

Noppadon had permission from parliament to ask, something that one month after conclusion was adopted by the Constitutional Court. Following that ruling had Noppadon then resign. The NACC on 19 March this year her complaint to the Supreme Court.

– A 58-year-old Frenchman was found dead yesterday afternoon in the bathroom of his hotel in Chiang Mai. He had hanged himself in a towel. A doctor who examined the victim on the spot, has declared no traces have been found which could indicate murder. The Frenchman had checked in Saturday and Monday would leave.

– In reporting on air pollution in the north of Thailand as a safety limit for PM10 120 micrograms per cubic meter (average per day). In a letter to Bangkok Post the author points out that in the West as frontier 50 ug / cu m is used, whatever the orientation of the WHO. The writer asks: Do Thai special skill in a polluted environment to breathe?

Financial news

– Actually, it’s old news, because it was already announced: the collateral requirement for equity transactions over cash accounts will increase from 15 to 20 percent. The decision of the scholarship board is welcomed by traders because risicoâ € ™ s are thus reduced. According Therdsak Thaveeteeratham, Head of Research Asia Plus Securities, with the measure two birds à © beaten and hit â € ~ It will help reduce speculation in small-and mid-cap shares, brokers and safeguard amid high volatility in the stock market.â € ™

Analysts do not expect the measure of turbulence on the stock market will lead, as last week. Last week, the SET index tumbled to a completely different reason. The SET is a research into the downturn, but that is standard with every 1 percent that the market falls.

Economic News

– The number of passengers that the six major airports of Airports of Thailand in the first two months of this year passed, with 15.7 percent increased from 13.01 million passengers in the same period last year to 15.06 million.

Suvarnabhumi was an outsider because it took the passenger volume actually fell by 9.8 percent year on year. Thailandâ € ™ s flagship processed 8,820,000 passengers: 1.57 million domestic passengers (minus 46.8 per cent) and 7.24 million international passengers (plus 6.4 pc).

frequencies on the big six, both departing and arriving, also increased the number of flights increased by 13.3 percent to 52,480 and the number of domestic flights to 41,653 (up 18.3 pc). – Source: Bangkok Post


file is a section with information on topics that are regularly in the news or have worked. File provides background information, based on articles INA Bangkok Post. Â section will not appear every day, but now i have some time ahead of the subjects I over the years of data I collected. I hope the blog readers where necessary to correct errors and / or add information.

khlongs Bangkok
Bangkok once called the Venice “of the East. Bangkok had used 64 channels, 31 channels Thonburi (Source: Canal Protection Act, 1941). At that time the boat was the main means of transport. Meanwhile numerous channels muted to make room for roads or they are blocked or built up with houses. Still many people live along the canals and a tour by longtail boat is a popular holiday attraction for tourists.

Some figures on Bangkok
Per person, Bangkok has 3.9 square feet of green, the lowest amount in the world. Paris has more than doubled, New York has 21.6 square meters and London 33.4, so 10 times as much.
Each day the inhabitants 8,900 tonnes of waste every month there autoâ 52.000 € ™ s at and to estimate, the population per day with ZOA € ™ s 1,000.
17 percent of the population lives in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR). The BMR accounts for 44 percent of gross domestic product. The average monthly income per household is 42,000 baht, almost double the national average.

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