News from Thailand – March 28, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 28, 2013

Dock thein cam kaew parrot flower Impatiens psittacina News from Thailand 28 March 2013

A special day, so a special photo with the Dock thein cam kaew (parrot flower , Impatiens psittacina).

Today is a special day, because the parliament is debating the bill to two trillion baht should be allocated to infrastructure projects and Kuala Lumpur is the first peace talk between Thailand and southern rebels.

2 trillion baht, over a period of seven years is borrowed, is for improvements to rail and ports and the construction of new roads. Priority, the construction of new light rail in Greater Bangkok and roads that connect Laos and Cambodia via Thailand with Myanmar.

The opposition (though toothless) criticizes the method of financing. According to Korn Chatikavanij (Democrats), former Minister of Finance «n, the financing proposal in conflict with the Constitution and would undermine economic stability. Korn believes that the annual budgets sufficient space for the necessary funds. The special law, if adopted, turn the parliament offside.

Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong (Finance «n) and Chad Chat Sittipunt (Transport) to see it not so pessimistic. Each project must be approved by the National Economic and Social Development Board, there EIAs should be done and the public can follow the progress. Moreover, many projects are not new, but they are many years in the planning stage.

Thailand will also make calls to the Agreement on Government Procurement World Trade Organization WTO to sign. That agreement requires countries to transparency and prohibits discrimination in the purchase of goods and services.

– Today begins a series of peace talks last month agreed between Thailand and rebel group BRN. The first meeting will take place in Kuala Lumpur under the watchful eye of Malaysia “.

Thai Paradorn Pattanatabut delegation, Secretary-General of the National Security Council, says that is not talked about the establishment of a special administrative layer for the South and on the withdrawal of troops. Reports that the rebels that would require, called Paradorn rumors, brought into the world by the parties that the peace talks are against it.

Although the violence in the South is not stopped, it is reduced, finds Paradorn. Chief Negotiator Hassan Taib of the BRN had promised before strong.

– During a firefight between rebels and rangers Tuesday in Cho Airong (Narathiwat) is a militant slain. Two rangers were injured. The rangers were looking for rebels on 13 February Marines base in Ban Yulo attacked. In addition, 16 rebels slain. Against the rebel was killed since 2008 an arrest warrant for murder and attempted murder.

Ban Budon (Pattani) Tuesday night two people were seriously injured when they were under fire. The pair was after visiting family on the way home.

false alarm, but with a warning. In the town of Pattani found bomexperts called a milk pack in a bag. On the package were a watch and wires attached and it contained a large number of nails and razors. Explosives and a detonator were missing. A note was written in Thai â € ~ You are deadâ € ™.

– The Electoral Council (EC), the election of Democrat Sukhumbhand Paribatra Governor of Bangkok, three weeks ago, confirmed. There was a hitch may come when the EC proven that Sukhumbhand has violated the election law. The EC has a year’s time for research.

Sukhumbhand would be involved in the alleged defamation of government Pheu Thai party by a fellow Democrat and a media expert. They had a Photo on Facebook € ™ s placed in the arson on May 19, 2010 (attributed to red shirts) and called not the candidate of Pheu Thai to vote. In total, thirty complaints about the elections to the EC submitted.

– The army can again feel free to breathe and the red shirts are disappointed, but Thanuthat Asawasirimankong is not deceased by a bullet [the army] but by pneumonia and spinal cancer. That the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court on the basis of statements by doctors and an autopsy yesterday determined. Thanuthat was on 14 May 2010 during the red shirt riots hit by a bullet and died 21 months later in hospital.

– Airports of Thailand, the government questions from airport Don Mueang, now only used by budget airlines, airport to an adult. The request was prompted by the overload of Suvarnabhumi, although most budget airlines moved to Don Mueang. The board of AoT think of Don Mueang maximum use should be made. Oneworld, an alliance of six luchtvaartmaaschappijen, would like to move to Don Mueang, said AoT board chairman Sita Divari.

– Hurry up with that 667 million baht for afforestation this year. The Royal Forest Department (RFD), the Office of National Water and Flood Management Policy called hurry. The money is intended to include the planting of 82 million saplings in an area of ​​80,000 rai along the eight catchments in the Central Plains and the lower North. Furthermore, the money goes to the construction of 1,500 semi-permanent check dams. The RFD hopes the money for the start of the rainy season in May to receive.

– How was it again? On 20 August last year Farut Thaised, the son of parliament Thani Chada Thaised, in his Toyota Prado by a passing motorist under fire and also from his car was shot. The court yesterday the shooter to 20 years’ imprisonment and the nephew of Chada, who shot back, to 6 years. Both go against his conviction.

– And what was that again with Supoj Saplom, former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, from whose house in November 2011 a capital money was stolen? Tomorrow designate the court verdict against nine men, suspected of the theft of 18.1 million baht.

Supoj to harshly by the National Anti-Corruption Commission. The NACC has the office of the Attorney General asked 64,700,000 baht from Supoj seize. Established that Supoj no plausible explanation for his â € ~ unusual rijkdomâ € ™ could give.

– Four foreigners, including a Dutchman, and two Thais were arrested yesterday in a house in Bang Na (Bangkok). She ran a telephone company which foreigners were tempted in oil, gold, minerals and jewelry to invest. The police took four computers, four fixed and six mobile phones seized. How much money the men with their scam have earned, the notice shall not. – Source: Bangkok Post

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