News from Thailand – March 29, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 29, 2013

Yingluck budget treatment 300x207 News from Thailand 29 March 2013 Bangkok Post cleans up almost the entire front page of the debate yesterday in Parliament on the proposal for two trillion baht lending for infrastructure projects (some 3 trillion baht in interest costs).

Tino Cleaners watched the debate on television and made a summary of the criticism of opposition leader Abhisit. He calls Abhisitâ € ™ s argument â € ~ quiet and to the pointâ € ™. Because I could not match let alone improve, here are summary.

  • Too little control capabilities by parliament and people, not democratic, not proongsai , transparent (since he has a point).
  • yet no planning, environmental reporting, agreement with China (by drawing lines).
  • Would

  • economic development along the new railway projects, but what development?
  • Price ticket as expensive as a plane ticket.
  • much borrowing imposes a heavy burden on (small) children.
  • Too many opportunities for corruption.
  • The government remained in default when spending funds prevent flooding.

concludes our special correspondent from Chiang Mai. The government’s position I have mentioned numerous times in my News from Thailand. In summary: The gross domestic product goes up by 1 percent, there are 500,000 new jobs created «erd, the loan over a period of 7 years and 50 years included prepaid, Thailandâ € ™ s infrastructure has for years neglected, the debt remains below the ceiling of 60 percent of GDP.

Today the parliament continues with the so-called â € ~ first readingâ € ™. Then a committee put to work and follow a second and third term in parliament.

– The first peace talks between Thailand and southern rebels yesterday in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia “), a true war of attrition have been because it took 12 hours. Delegation leader Hassan Taib of the rebel group BRN put four requirements on the table: withdrawal of arrest warrants against suspected insurgents, release for non violent prisoners; pending cases against suspected insurgents stop and withdrawal of a black list with the names of suspects.

The Thai delegation, Paradorn Pattanatabut, Secretary-General of the National Security Council, wiped the requirement for release of prisoners from the table and promised the other points with the Ministry of Justice and other departments concerned to discuss. Paradorn called on the rebels to stop attacks on civilian targets.

Taib supports the request, but says that it is difficult rebel groups opposed to the peace talks, to persuade their seizures. On April 29 there is further talk.

While in Kuala Lumpur was talking, exploded in Ban John Kroh (Narathiwat) a bomb when twelve paramilitary rangers on a foot patrol passed. Three rangers were killed and five were wounded.

– Thousands of fish in the Mun River in Nakhon Ratchasima have largely disappeared. Over a distance of 3 kilometers they drive with their belly up in the water. And not only that, they also spread an unpleasant smell.

District Chief Pittaya Wongkraisrithong of Phimai suspect the fish succumbed to lack of oxygen, either because of drought or because of water pollution from factories. The authorities have banned the population to eat the fish. Water samples were taken to determine the cause of the sudden death to determine.

– 92 dogs in Nong Khai on the way to the slaughterhouse, by personnel of a naval unit rescued. The animals were in two trucks, which at half past four in the morning â € ™ thanks to a tip could be stopped. At the slaughterhouse, the police found another 12 dogs in cages. The owner of the slaughterhouse has declared six years dogs to slaughter. The meat is bought by local villagers and people from Laos.

– It’ll probably cost a fortune and the media were in full force to make report to do. Yesterday came DTAC-founder and millionaire Boonchai Bencharongkul (58) in marriage to actress Bongkot â € ~ € ™ taka Khongmalai (27), now three months pregnant. The marriage was solemnized at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

– A seller of CDA € ™ s up to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment and a fine of 66,000 baht convicted because he copies «n had sold a controversial« le Australian documentary about the royal family.

The man was an undercover operation in March 2011 arrested. He was not only in possession of the vcdâ € ™ s an episode of Foreign Correspondent , but also of WikiLeaks documents. The lawyer says to appeal the verdict and also to submit to the Constitutional Court. According to the lawyer, Article 112 of the Criminal Code (treason) contrary to the article on freedom of expression in the constitution.

– A former senator and nine others have been given suspended prison in December 2007 because they were trespassing. She then climbed with ZOA € ™ s hundred demonstrators on the gates of the parliament site and loved it  a sit-down demonstration in protest against legislation by the National Legislative Assembly, by the coup leaders were installed.

Economic News

– Songkran this year a milk cow for hotels, restaurants and airlines. The party is at least 59.2 billion baht in revenue generation, says the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The Association of Thai Travel Agents expects the Songkranvakantie 100 charter flights arrive in Thailand. The Thai Hotels Association (THA) says that the hotels in Phuket for almost all booked, Pattaya and Chiang Mai for 70 percent to 80-90 percent.

Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association expects to Songkran 700-800000000 baht cash drawers in various flows. Especially Chinese seem crazy to Chiang Mai because of the blockbuster Lost in Thailand . Â That film was a huge success in China.

During the first two months of the year were 4.56 million international tourists arrived in Thailand, an increase of 18.8 percent. The increase also has a downside because hotels facing a shortage of staff, especially front desk staff, cleaning and waiting staff. THA president Surapong Techaruvichit think that 4 – and 5-star hotels will have committed proceed to the salary of the cleaning and service staff to pull from 9,000 baht to 10,000 baht per month.

– Seven real estate developers have the right to make promises to buyers because they have not been fulfilled. The Consumer Protection Board makes the step to the right as promised delivery dates are not met or houses timely transfer.

Secretary-General Jirachai Moontongroy find that companies should not hide behind the labor shortage. â € ~ They can not claim that those delays inevitably zijn.â € ™ Â Through the judge hopes the CPB there compensation for aggrieved buyers from dragging.

The seven are Woraluk Property Co., Piam Baan Suk (2 owners), Two Ananda Development Co., Nirandorn Land and House 1994 Co., Property Home Expert Co., Niran Property Co. – Source: Bangkok Post

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