News from Thailand – March 31, 2013

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News from Thailand – March 31, 2013

News from Narathiwat bombing Thailand March 31, 2013

Bomb attack Narathiwat.

A day after Narathiwat an army captain was killed in an ambush and fourteen members of his patrol unit were wounded, were yesterday in a bomb attack in Pattani two military rangers were killed and four others wounded.

The rangers patrolled in a pickup truck on a road in Ban Thao Khaek. When they passed a parked pickup truck exploded the bomb was hidden in a motorcycle that was in the car. The pickup truck of the rangers was severely damaged, a car of the Mayo District Hospital who rode behind, ran also damaged, but the occupants were not injured. After the bomb was detonated, the insurgents took rangers under fire and there was a brief firefight of 5 minutes.

In Yala province, police in a rubber plantation arrested a man wanted for at least five attacks in the district Than To between 2005 and 2009. The police were tipped off that he was hiding there.

– A proper cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects that the government intends to finance a loan of 2 trillion baht, is missing. â € ~ Such investments are huge risicoâ € ™ s connected. The government should revise its priorities and whether the construction of a high speed line is urgent is.â € ™ said this Pairoj Wongwipanant, former Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, yesterday during a forum in Bangkok.

Other criticisms could be heard, was the lack of participation by the population. Sangsit Piriyarangsan, dean of the College of Social Innovation of Rangsit University, said the public should have the opportunity to examine how the funds are spent. If the government fails the selection of executing companies in a transparent way to proceed, she sits in the â € ~ hot seatâ € ™. Sangsit also questioned the high-speed lines to Nakhon Ratchasima and Hua Hin productivity of the country will increase substantially.

course sounded too anxious words about corruption. Tortrakul Yomnak, head for Thai Engineers, said that the amount of bribes sometimes â € ~ € ™ staggeringâ can be.

Thursday and Friday debated the House of Representatives in the first term on the proposal. Once a committee has studied (it there for 30 days before), the following second and third term, but that will only in May, because on 20 April, the parliament is in recess.

– If we are not on the quality of the arguments can win, we’ll try it on the quantity. Thailand has a defense of 1,300 pagea € ™ s established in the Preah Vihear case. Cambodia does more modest with 300 pagea € ™ s. From April 15 to 19 are the two countries before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague for an oral presentation.

Cambodia has stepped to the Court, requesting his verdict from 1962, in which the temple to Cambodia was assigned to reinterpret. The Court wants to elicit a ruling on the two countries claimed 4.6 square kilometers at the temple. According Veerachai Palasai, Thailandâ € ™ s ambassador in The Hague and delegation, the Court has no jurisdiction to give a ruling. The disputed land is a different issue and has nothing to do with the statement from 1962. Let’s hope that the Court also thinks so, but academic Srisak Wallipodom doubts. â € ~ I think Thailand loses. Residents of both countries will suffer the consequences and Thais will most lijden.â € ™

– For the second harvest of the rice season 2012-2013 the government draws a budget of 74.2 billion baht from. It is expected that 7 of the 9 million tonnes harvested rice is offered for the mortgage system for rice. Farmers received 15,000 baht a tonne of white points and 20,000 baht a tonne of Hom Mali (jasmine rice). The total expenditure for the two harvests come at 224.2 billion baht.

gulp it can be earned, is conjecture. The government pays 40 percent more than the market price, so will the bought rice only able to sell at a loss. The mortgage system is pre-financed by the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives. Farmers complain that they have very long to wait for their money.

– in Bang Bua Thong (Nonthaburi) yesterday in a black plastic bag a stillborn baby with umbilical cord found. Presumably the baby died two days earlier. A witness has seen a car â € ™ at night for 3 hours at the place where the baby was found, stopped and two men a bag behind. When she received the witness is watching, she hurriedly took the legs.

– A 13-year-old boy in Photharam (Ratchaburi) is deceased after he had a knife in his neck was stabbed. The boy saw another chance to ask for help in a store, but after admission to the hospital he died. The police assumes that the boy knew his attacker and that took him to a remote place has lured him to attack.

– In a collision yesterday in Si Maha Phot (Prachin Buri) between a minivan and a truck driver and three passengers were killed and five wounded passengers. The van, which was en route from Bangkok to Khao Soi Dao (Chanthaburi), drove at high speed into the truck stalled right.

– Bad luck for the thieves who wanted an ATM unloaded after they had been able to open the back with a blow torch . The alarm of Krung Thai Bank in Pathum Thani went off and the police took a look. Bank Staff noted that nothing was stolen.

– Police Chachoengsao is looking for a couple that has managed ten people to lift by mirroring them that they could be rich with gold trading. The father of the man who sought, owns a gold shop. Two men who say one million baht to have lost, did return.

Politics news

– Pheu Thai MPs, the next three months, no foreign trip, because the motto is: all hands on deck. Every voice is needed, when the House of Representatives to look into the proposals to change the Constitution. And the proposal to two trillion baht lending for infrastructure projects is still in two installments in parliament.

From tomorrow until Wednesday debating parliament on three proposals to four articles in the Constitution to change. Point by point:

  • Article 68 now gives the public the opportunity to submit a complaint to the Constitutional Court on issues that are harmful to the constitutional monarchy. This possibility should be deleted, the authors found.
  • Article 117 stipulates that half the Senate is appointed. All choose the proposal.
  • Article 190 provides that all international contracts, agreements etc. require the approval of parliament. Time consuming, so adjust.
  • Article 237 deals with the abolition of political parties. When a single party member commits electoral fraud, the party in the fall dragged. Unreasonable, therefore change.

Economic News

– As of today, Hong Kong Airlines adds fourth flight per week to add to the route Bangkok-Hong Kong. On the daily route Hong Kong-Phuket is a larger unit deployed, an A330-200 with 140 seats in economy class and 8 in business. Also, as of today, the increased frequency on the routes to Taipei, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunming, Fuzhou, Haikou and Sanya. On the route will be flown to Bangkok with the A330-200 (259/24 seats) and A330-300 (260/32 seats) wide-body jets.

Approximately three quarters of passengers who fly to Bangkok and Phuket are Chinese, the rest mostly Thais. The route to Bangkok is additionally served by Thai Airways International and Cathay Pacific with five and six flights per day. – Source: Bangkok Post

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