News from Thailand – November 10, 2013

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News from Thailand – November 10, 2013

Star Demonstration against amnesty News from Thailand November 10, 2013

Even celebrities opposed to the Democracy Monument to the amnesty proposal. Links the lead singer of Rockestra, right actress and Miss Thailand 1989 Jarinya Hannarong.

Three anti-government groups to expand their protest against the Yingluck government. That government call them â € ~ in a statement the government of Thaksin by Thaksin and Thaksinâ € ™ and there is no word in Spanish. The three groups want to overthrow the government and they demand the departure of the presidents of both parliamentary chambers.

coalition parties (except the largest Pheu Thai which consists of three small parties, but the newspaper writes rarely) yesterday signed an agreement in which they promise to withdraw the controversial amnesty proposal when the morning as expected by the Senate rejected. The signing was a suggestion of rectors and staff of universities.

For the three anti-government groups is not enough. Those three are the Peopleâ € ™ s Democratic Force to Overthrow Thaksinism (demonstrated earlier in Lumphini opposite the Government House), the Dhamma Army (demonstrated earlier in Uruphong and is now perched at the Phan Fa Bridge on Ratchadamnoen Avenue) and citizen groups from 77 provinces. They call the people to come to the bridge and strengthen the protest.

afternoon put the red shirts counterattacked with a rally at the Muang Thong United football stadium in Nonthaburi (Bangkok) and next week rallyâ € ™ s invested in the country. Red Shirt leader Anuwat Thinnarat, chairman of the UDD network in the Northeast, expect a rise of 100,000 men in Bangkok. He has network leaders in twenty northeastern provinces called to mobilize their members. According to him standing in Nakhon Ratchasima forty buses and minibuses twenty ready to perform.

the troops

aim of the rally is to protect red. democracy and the Pheu Thai government Anuwat criticizes the demonstrators from the other camp, which is now not only oppose the amnesty proposal, but also the government to expel. The red shirts remain at the stadium and do not penetrate into the city to fight the anti-government protesters, a robbertje ensures Anuwat. At the end of the day they go back home.

Nakharin Mektrairat, vice-rector of Thammasat University, believes that dissolution of the House of Representatives is the best way to avoid. political violence But the political conflict is therefore not resolved, he said yesterday at a seminar. â € ~ The government should realize that its majority in parliament is not a license to doen.â € ™

its own way

Thawee Prachuaplarp, ​​head Appeal Court Region 9, will dissolve the House the best option. â € ~ Give the mandate back to the people. Then there is nothing more that a protest rechtvaardigt.â € ™

Phayao Akkahad, the mother of a nurse who was shot on May 19, 2010 called the amnesty proposal an insult to the people. She said to be willing to go to the streets and protesting against it.

The widow of a shot in 2010 General lashed out at the government because they are not trying to establish the facts. They demanded the departure of Tarit Pengdith, head of the Department of Special Investigation, which carries a witch hunt against the army and former Prime Minister Abhisit and his right Suthep Thaugsuban.

Both women are afraid of possible clashes between supporters and opponents. They called both camps doenâ € ™.

a step back to â € ~

– Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (my favorite princess) yesterday hospitalized. She is treated to kidney stones and get painkillers and antibiotics. The doctors have advised her to go.

no obligations during her recovery

– On October 19th marksman Jakkrit Panichpatikum behind the wheel of his Porsche and killed Friday, police arrested the alleged shooter (homepage photo). Against two accomplices who are called by the suspect during interrogation are arrest warrants. The widow of Jakkrit is summoned for questioning. Police are still looking for the mastermind behind the execution.

The suspect, Jirasak Klinkhlai (33), declared by the lawyer Santi Thongsem be hired to murder. Jakkrit Jirasai hired another to control, from which he fired the fatal shots. Motorcycle For the job he got 200,000 baht, which he gave half to the driver.

Jirasak said he needed the money for his ailing electronics store in Chon Buri. According to him, he is not a professional assassin. He said on Jakkrit to have fired the last was fake. Six bullets After the attack he fled to Chon Buri and resumed his normal work. Jirasak may now be thinking about sin in prison because the judge has refused to release.

him on bail

– The Lawyers Council of Thailand, the approximately four hundred small fishermen help in Rayong, who are duped by the oil spill of July. Fishermen demand greater compensation than what culprit PTT Global Chemical has offered. Ten fishermen pro bono lawyers will assist you.

– Forty families who live along the river in Pran Buri Prachuap Khiri Khan, are isolated yesterday «evacuated when water flowed over the banks and put their houses white. The flooding was caused by additional water was discharged. Pran Buri from the upstream reservoir This was necessary because the reservoir was nearly full.

heavy rain and flooding in Hua Hin have claimed the lives of à © à © n person, while three others are missing.

Kanchanaburi flooded waters of the Tanaosi mountain homes in six villages in the district Dan Makhamtei. The continuous rain caused by the typhoon Haiyan.

– A double-decker bus yesterday tilted in the bend of a mountain road in Phuket. 38 students of the Asian Institute of Technology were injured. EA © n is in danger. The bus was carrying 50 students from India, Nepal, Myanmar and Malaysia «studying at the AIT. Three other buses with students had no problem with the climb.

– The crew of three trawlers missing after their ships were wrecked in the rough seas off the coast of Sattahip (Chon Buri). Meanwhile, twelve crew members were rescued, but for the life of the remaining twelve to be feared. The rescued sailors had clung to ten hours barrels.


– Sumati Sivasiapham, editor of the Friday naughty sister Guru of Bangkok Post, draws heavily from leather in her Editora € ™ s note . Referring to an illegal roadblock by 200 minivans, she writes in capitals (which I omitted). Some law-breaking idiots came out to break the law to intimidate Authorities to continuously letting them break the law

But it can be even crazier. The Director General of the Land Transport Department spoke with the hoodlums and promised that it will bring about. Their demands to the competent authorities Sumati, again in capitals: Instead of any sort of penalty, officials gift into the unreasonable threats by offering an Equally unreasonable settlement


Maybe it was a trick to let you leave, the vans suggests Sumati, but that’s another question for the President of the Federation of From Thailand threatened that they will return when nothing happens. Sumati asks desperately: How We Have Reached the point where we Essentially let criminals / thugs / morons get away Which whatever because they


Economic news

– The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has now turned against the controversial amnesty proposal, with the reservation only when it comes to corruption cases. Monday failed all the noses à © à © to get. N side The FTI and the Thai Bankersâ € ™ Association (TBA) then said they had not consulted their members. Yet The TBA has still not determined its position.

After a board meeting Friday FTI chairman Payungsak Chartsuttipol said she is against all forms of corruption only, other offenses, such as politically motivated or offenses committed in the heat of battle, are a matter for the government. The private sector, he said that the crisis will end as soon as possible, because it is harmful to the business confidence. Payungsak called on all parties to restore order to avoid.

harmful effects on the economy of the rest

The Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (where the FTI is a member), the Businessmen Democracy Club and Green Silom Business Group stated earlier this week against the amnesty proposal and made no reservation, as the FTI. ACT Chairman Pramon Sutivong confirmed Friday again preparing the ACT.

â € ~ We want the government to the people is honest and keeps its promise to withdraw the proposal. The crisis is a matter of trust. If the government can not restore the confidence of the people I’m afraid of a bad afloop.â € ™

Monday presents the ACT a letter to the EU delegation to Thailand. In it she writes that it will fight corruption. Previously passed a similar letter to the UN and embassies. The ACT emphasizes that they are not out to disrupt.

government to overthrow or attempted reconciliation

– Concerns about a large increase of seeds, when the Thai-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA), currently under negotiation, force, are exaggerated, says Ananta Dalodom, President of the Horticultural Science Society of Thailand. Critics are concerned, he says.

Opponents of the FTA, including the BioThai Foundation, say that seeds three times because patents will be extended from the current 12 to 20 years so expensive by Thai law to 20 to 25 years according to the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants.

Ananta, former Director General of the Agricultural Department, dismisses the criticism. â € ~ The fear that the new law is a form of monopoly which means that farmers have to pay more for their seeds is an extreme position. There currently circulating many extreme positions, such as the protests against the Mae Wong dam.â € ™ Ananta says that farmers have to accept that hybrid seeds are more expensive because they have a higher yield.

The private sector does not mention it only natural that companies are protected if they develop seeds with higher yields. â € ~ If there is good protection, this means that we increase our prices? NEEA € ™ says Joost Pekelharing, President of East-West Seed. â € ~ This is an unjustified fear, people are on the wrong track gezet.â € ™ Pekelharing points out that the cost of seeds only a small part of the total costs, ZOA € ™ s 5 percent.

Thailand exported 18,380 tons of 37 types of controlled seeds worth 3.9 billion baht excluding rice and palm oil last year. The highest value was corn with 1.36 billion baht. The copy «ing of seeds is not common except seeds with a high value as corn. Difficult is not. Pirates get to see if they are still in the testing phase and sometimes they reach the market for the introduction by the company.

chance seeds

– With effect from 1 December have transit passengers on international flights AirAsia no longer Don Mueang by Immigration and they do not pick up their luggage and check in again. AA introduces the Fly-Thru service, a service at major airports is normal but the last two years failed to Don Mueang. The service is made possible by a change in policy, which Don Mueang now officially Bangkokà € ™ s second airport and no longer operate an airport only point-to-point domestic flights by budget airlines can.

Fly-Thru service is also available to other companies. Lion Air, the largest airline of Indonesia “, the service also offer when she starts to fly. Starting next month with her new daughter Thai Lion Air to and from Don Mueang For transit passengers is on the first floor is a special place with security and counters for visa-on-arrival and Immigration â € “Source:. Bangkok Post

Submitted communication

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