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News from Thailand – November 12, 2013

Demonstration Democracy Monument 11 11 2013 News from Thailand November 12, 2013

Joyful faces yesterday in The Hague, Bangkok and Cambodia after the ruling of the International Court of Justice. The core of the statement, the surroundings of the temple is Cambodian territory, but that does not extend to the whole, disputed by both countries area of ​​4.6 square kilometers


Preah Vihear key points 300x190 News from Thailand November 12, 2013 The Court, located in the Peace Palace, defined the environment as the â € ~ promontoryâ € ™ (cape, promontory, nipple) on which the temple stands. The boundaries, the Court has indicated in broad terms, the precise limit should be determined by both countries on request. Thailand should withdraw from this area.

its troops

Virachai Plasai, Ambassador of Thailand in the Netherlands and leader of the Thai legal team, expressed yesterday welcomed at a press conference that was broadcast live on TV. â € ~ To determine whether the judgment is positive or negative for Thailand, you should look at what we have asked and whether we have gotten. Cambodia got many things had not asked. They have not the area of ​​4.6 square kilometers gekregen.â € ™

Alina Miron, one of the four lawyers who defended the case for Thailand [which must have cost a pretty penny], said the Court had clearly defined. Around the temple â € ~ The Court has stressed that the â € œA small portion or territoryâ € is. How far the â € ~ € ™ promontoryâ exactly stretching, both countries said the Court â € œin good faithâ € bepalen.â € ™

Premier Yingluck said the decision last night in a TV speech â € ~ favouring Thailandâ € ™ [which is only partially correct]. She said the Thai legal team will thoroughly study.

the ICJ judgment

Like Thailand, Cambodia is pleased with the ruling. â € ~ We can not say that the verdict 100 percent meet our goal, but we are happy. The judgment has the most completed what we willenâ € ™, says Minister Hor Namhong (Foreign Affairs).


itemized some Preah Vihear news:

  • Three anti-government groups marched yesterday morning at the Ministry of Defence. They demanded that Thailand judgment, regardless of content, would reject. In a letter to the prime minister and the army they ask the Ministry of Defence and the army to protect. Thai territory â € ~ The nation must not lose territory, not even a square inch.â € ™
  • The commander of the 2nd Army Region, the soldiers in the border ordered to remain in place. â € ~ We have to wait for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will determine whether we should withdraw soldiers. So we can not troop withdrawal praten.â € ™
  • at the moment

  • According to a military source, the 2nd Army Region sent prior to the ruling of the ICJ four thousand soldiers to the border. According to the source, Thailand to withdraw troops from the area assigned. Cambodia He expects that to happen next year.
  • Suwit Theerasasawat, professor of history at the University of Khon Kaen, said the judgment was better than expected. â € ~ No country won or lost 100 procent.â € ™ Suwit is concerned that the verdict politicized, when the government opposes. â € ~ Governments should give the administration the space to do their job when it comes to territorial boundaries professionally. As in calls is a matter of give and take for the sake of solving bilateral ruzies.â € ™
  • See also: Â Salomoâ € ™ s judgment on Preah Vihear temple. [The title has been changed to: Solomonic judgment on Preah Vihear temple.]

– After 12 hours of debate, the Senate’s controversial «le amnesty proposal yesterday referred to the trash with 140 votes against 0. But Democrats opposition party is still not satisfied, because the government can resurrect the proposal after 180 days of new life. The party suggests a legal trick: when the proposal is considered to be a financial “le law by the Senate, it goes right to the Prime Minister that it may withdraw


Regeringswhips * Â have proposed that to talk about. resolve the current political crisis, a joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives tomorrow The Democrats had isolated «ist that the amnesty proposal would be withdrawn yesterday at 18 hours but that has not happened because the Senate was still debating when.

– Member Suthep Thaugsuban, also rally leader on Ratchadamnoen Avenue, and eight other Democratic MPs leave the House of Representatives in protest against the (blank) amnesty proposal. [But I think to avoid legal consequences because they are outside the parliament campaigning.]

Suthep yesterday called for civil disobedience: work stoppages tomorrow and Friday, deferral of taxes and three days no education in schools and universities. He also asked companies to stabbing the flag and he asked people with flag and whistle to the streets to go. According Suthep is the number of protesters on Ratchadamnoen Avenue grown to 100,000, but reporters Bangkok Post keep it at 50,000. They occupy the broad avenue between the Victory Monument, the Phan Fa Bridge and Makkhawan Rangsan bridge.

Except on Ratchadamnoen Avenue was protested yesterday in Bangkok in Silom (5,000 demonstrators), Asok (4000), Soi Ari (2000) and Ratchadaphisek (700). At 12.34 pm a flute concert took place again and then left the demonstrators to Ratchadamnoen Avenue, â € ~ Get out, get outa € ™ calling.

Secretary and red shirt leader Nattawut Saikuar fears that the continued protest of the Democrats could lead to a military coup. They might even want to besiege.’s Government House He wrote this on his Facebook page. Nattawut calls the Democrats against a possible coup to pronounce and their street protests Bea «terminate. â € ~ The parliament is the place to be talking about solutions, the Democrats undermine parliamentary stelsel.â € ™

Opposition leader Abhisit denies that his party is on the fall of the government. â € ~ The Democratic MPs on Ratchadamnoen Avenue use their constitutional right. That’s their decision. The party supports this democratic way of vechten.â € ™ Suthep denies that Democrats plan to besiege. Government House


also stirring the red shirts again. Today it holds a UDD rally in the 700th Anniversary Stadium in Chiang Mai. In other provinces rallyâ € ™ s invested. Yesterday gathered ZOA € ™ s two thousand members of women’s groups, residents and community leaders at the Provincial House of Lampang to express to the amnesty proposal and the Yingluck government.

their support

Nakhon Si Thammarat 10,000 protesters did the opposite and from Surat Thani attracted three thousand people per bus, mini bus and train to the rally of the Democrats in Bangkok. Furthermore, the paper calls anti-amnesty initiatives Pichit, Branch and Trang.

In Nakhon Sawan, the police checkpoints furnished. Vehicles with protesters are being checked for weapons.

– The 70-year-old mother of murdered Olympic marksman Jakkrit Panichpatikum (the man who was shot dead in his Porsche) has announced that it has given the order to murder him. If statement gave the woman that Jakkrit despite repeated apologies Nitiwadee regularly abused his wife during their marriage of six years. Her daughter was not involved in the murder, according Surang Duangjinda. â € ~ I did it because I love my daughter and because I was resentful about the numerous attacks on my dochter.â € ™

Surang said Jakkrit had also threatened her with a gun and once in her presence had offended her daughter. According Surang was the miscarriage of her daughter due to Jakkritâ € ™ s attacks. Jakkrit was after the threat of his own mother and wife while imprisoned, but was released on bail. As he continued his attacks, Surang drew the conclusion that he would never change.

Nitiwadee denied yesterday that she had committed adultery or had tried to steal, as some media have reported. Jakkritâ € ™ s ability The violent behavior of Jakkrit she wrote to his drug use.

Police do not believe that the widow was not aware of the plans of her mother. Both are persecuted by the police. After they had paid 500,000 baht each deposit as they were released. (Photo homepage: Mother and daughter)

– Three districts of Phetchaburi province have been declared disaster area. They are the hardest hit by the heavy rain that began on November 8. As a result, the Phetchaburi river flooded and many houses were flooded. When it stops raining, the water outflow from the reduced Phet dam in Tha Yang district. Previously had extra water discharged, causing the three districts plus the District Muang flooded.

* A whip is a person prior to a vote in parliament to ensure that the members of his own party are present and voting at the right vote. The term is used in the British, American and Canadian politics. In the Netherlands, such a function does not exist, if only because it would be illegal. In the Dutch Constitution established that MPs vote without interference or consultation. (Source: Wikipedia)

Economic news

– Farmers whose paddy outside the mortgage system for rice sales, get only 6,500 Ã 8,000 baht a tonne. Manat Kitprasert, president of the Thai Rice Mills Association, cites two reasons: The farmers have to wait long for their money when they sell their rice to the government and the maximum is reduced to an amount paddy worth

Typically, rice millers glad when they can buy, paddy cheap but it is not there because the price of husked rice also dropped.

As previously reported since early last month, when the new rice season went, 2 million tonnes of paddy handed, but farmers are still waiting for payment of the guaranteed price of 15,000 baht per tonne of white rice. The problem is that the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, the system for financing, has no money to pay the farmers. The wait is on rice sales by the government, but do not shoot because Thai rice is too expensive.

Meanwhile, the price of Thai rice exports dropped sharply and the gap with Vietnamese rice minimal. Earlier, Thai rice $ 100 more expensive. The price could still go further down, because foreign buyers know that the Government has a huge stock and that the system is actually bankrupt. So they wait until the government forced the price further lowering [causing loss to the costly system continues to rise].

expected domestic price falls even further, because there is a huge amount of Hom Mali, a total of 6 million tons, is demonstrated by a recent poll.

– The Minister of Finance «n suggests that the Bank of Thailand to take over the supervision of eight Sfia € ™ s (Specialised financial institutions). Some are plagued by bad loans, worth a total of 5.11 trillion baht, while the percentage MPLA € ™ s (non-performing loans) 3.76 percent of total outstanding loans amounted ie 192 billion baht. If the central bank takes over the control, the Sfia € ™ s intensified and they can also be punished.

The eight are the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand, Islamic Bank of Thailand, Government Savings Bank, Government Housing Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (known in the mortgage system for rice), Secondary Mortgage Corporation, Export- Import Bank of Thailand and the Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation.

– The Federation of Thai Capital Markets (Fetco) distances itself further from the protests because they are now directed against the government. The Fetco welcomes the commitment of the government that they will not breathe.’s Controversial «le amnesty proposal new life President Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn says his organization has said from the beginning only to oppose Article 3 of the proposal, because corruption cases covered by these objections. Against the rest of the proposal Fetco no objection.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce notes that the statement of Prime Minister Yingluck has not brought. tempers calmed â € ~ The people trust the government not langerâ € ™, says vice chairman Vichai Assarasakorn. â € ~ That’s because she was not telling the truth earlier. If the government wants to regain the trust of the people they should listen to them and be honest about the proposal to voorkomen.â € ™

possible violence

Fresh Air Festival Concert Organizer Co. says the festivities that would take place in Bangkok in the coming months are shifted. to early next year This has been a loss of 40 to 50 million baht yielded spent on preparatory work. ( Bangkok Mail , November 11) â € “Source: Bangkok Post

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